The word is multi-dimensional

The word of God is not only ever present as God is ever present in the past, ever present in the present and ever present in the future at the very same time, but also the word of God is multi-dimensional.  Not only is the word image, sound, sensation and tastes good, but the word also penetrates the deepest of the hardest of rocks.

When God commanded the light to be seen, the word became three-dimensional.  The word made possible there, which is also here, so that light would be possible!

Once God had spoken, it was.  And once it was, it cannot be destroyed, perhaps changed or renewed or renamed, but not destroyed.

In other words, what God had spoken, God cannot or refuses to destroy completely.  God can destroy or can change more than half or up to a third, but not completely for the word of God is God’s joy and happiness.

Nothing new has been adopted or renamed by God since creation or adoption.  That is, nothing new has been created or adopted by God since the adoption of man!  That which came after adoption or creation simply came from the old adoption or that already created.

The flood that flooded the earth came from the very same waters that already were, the very first waters that once covered the earth before the flood!

The wood which the ark or the coffin of burden was made from is the very same wood that already was and was alive.

The living flesh and the living bone that Eve or life became, came from the living man that was of dust or mud.

The new inhabitants of the refreshed or the renewed or the  renamed earth were the very same inhabitants before the flood as the new earth was the same earth just before the earth got wet, for the second time, because the earth was once under the very same waters that the earth was separated before!


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