God and adoption

What God adopted and thus renamed is fused into God.  Adoption is no longer part of God, but adoption is God.  Likewise, man is part of God.  That is the reason God does not destroy man completely because that means destroying part of God.

Destroying part of adoption, which is God, is also destroying a part of God.  Destroying a part of God is changing God.  But changing God is impossible.

Although God was still God before adoption and God did not need adoption or creation, God adopted and adoption became God.  Also, God has not adopted since adoption or creation.

The purpose, therefore, of adoption or creation was man.  Nothing else was adopted or renamed after man.  To show that adoption was completed, God rested.

So everything God adopted or commanded cannot be destroyed or cannot be changed because doing so would change adoption and thus change God!  That is the reason that the penalty of death stands for man.

Thus, no matter how holy or no matter how righteous the man, the only thing that man will have is a long and an abundant life and then death becomes the man because death is a command from God.  And only in a new adoption or a new name from God can man be saved alive from the command of death.


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