The reasoning of man is at fault!

If the simple questioning or the simple reasoning of mankind is at fault, then the simple answers, therefore, are also at fault.  Science or scientific knowledge was supposed to really help mankind with reasoning fault, but science also proves the opposite.  Human science proves that human science is useless.  But that does not have to be!

The simple reason that science or scientific knowledge or answers are at fault or are useless is because mankind himself lets a simple tool dictate its use.  It is like saying that the clay or the pottery dictates to the maker or the potter, make me so!  Science, therefore, does not make man, but man makes but science.  Science is but a simple tool to gather knowledge with.  However, if that tool has fault, so will be the knowledge gathered.  If the magnifying glass or the telescope is cracked or impaired as also the eye or the thought, so will be the knowledge gathered.  And cracked or impaired or false knowledge is but useless.  That is, unless chaos has a purpose!

Science has measured infinity and although science cannot actually give a size, science has made mankind actually smaller and thus insignificant or useless.  To limit existence or to limit creation is, therefore, to limit the conscious living being, but only a conscious living being can really limit himself.  To recognize creation is to recognize a higher authority and to recognize a higher authority is to recognize conscious thought.  And to recognize conscious thought is to add to existence, to creation or to infinity!

And so a simple question still remains.  When was the last time a conscious living being added to existence, to creation or to infinity?  Without creating chaos or confusion?  Creating chaos or confusion is limiting creation, existence or infinity and thus limiting the simple thing which really makes creation, existence or infinity greater.

Conscious living beings require conscious knowledge or understanding.  There is not such a thing as free knowledge or free understanding.  Free knowledge is not acknowledgement or is not recognizing or is not understanding and is not even appreciated or even is useless.  Even an apple tree in one’s backyard requires simple effort to gather knowledge to survive.  And a tree survives by simply growing through knowledge the tree gathers.  And that effort was to attract the human arm and the grab of the hand.  But that simple extension of the arm began with a simple interest.  Useless would be the apple in the hand without interest, even if it was aroused by hunger.  However, hunger is lack of matter.  But what is matter if not but knowledge?

Thus, the apple in the stomach is as if understanding.  Conscious living beings need or require knowledge to understand and through understanding thus add to creation, to existence or to infinity, but knowledge already exists!  How difficult can it be?


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