Father and laughter

What is the role of laughter?  What is the role of the son?  The role of the son is to make the father as the father has done the son.  There cannot really be a father without a son although there can be a son through adoption, and even though the father makes as also names the son, it is the named son that really makes or that really renames the father or retransforms or renews the man in life into the father.

Thus, the father is a new man in life.  The son has given the father a new life, a new hope, a new joy and a new future as promise in abundance, promise because if the father renames or recognizes his son as beloved son or son beloved, thus the father will be as two, as two fathers!

In reality, the son alive has caused a unique and a special laughter in the father; and it is that unique and that special joy or laughter that God as Father wants from or through every man alive as son beloved, from every woman alive as daughter beloved, and from every child alive as sons beloved of God.

That is, God as Father wants joy or laughter but in God as Father and through the sons beloved of God as Father.  And that is but the standard as the flag of God as Father.

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