The most important thing in existence

And in conclusion, the most important thing in existence or in the universe is conscious thought.  Conscious thought only exist in conscious living beings.  Conscious thought is not an automatic process as existence is.  Conscious thought is not a natural process and conscious thought really requires effort from the conscious living being.  Even though knowledge simply exists, the conscious living being does not know or does not learn until he makes an effort to think and ask that unnatural question which will bring him knowledge or recollection.

The only beginning in time and existence or the universe is really conscious thought.  The only limits that the conscious living being has are the limits that the conscious living being gives or sets him very self.  So, let’s think or change our beliefs or points of view!  One day, hopefully very very soon, thinking or conscious thought will be the most important commodity or asset a living being will possess or have.  Thinking or conscious thought or conscious effort will one day keep the universes as well as the living conscious beings from collapsing.


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