Blind love and true love

He that loves blindly, thus for he truly that is a curse!  And because of his curse he will love in vain and to love in vain was never true love.

Now then, true love is that love that cannot be seen, but yes it is a love felt and yes it is also a love that is forever!  The grand majority of the people love or fall in love through what they see and do not love or do not fall in love through what they know.  And if they fall blindly in live before knowing, ay poor of them because knowledge will be of no value!

There truly exist many kinds of loves, such as the love of mother, the love of father, the love of woman, the love of friend and the love of brother and also there exists much, much more.  And all of these loves are loves through sought for being seen first and later through knowing.  And the grand majorities of these loves truly are put into tests, into trials and even also are put into temptations.  And that is because these loves truly were not known before of being seeing.  And even though the feeling was real or was true toward the others, they never felt that reality or never felt that truth in them as one truly felt it in one.

Now then, who truly is happy loving without being loved or even without being wanted by those one loves or one wants?  Truly no one is happy if one is no loved by those that one truly loves or that one truly wants.

But there truly is a love that is first known before of being seeing and that is true love that only God is and that will give it to one when one seeks God to not only one truly know God but also so that God transforms or God takes the form or the reform of the knowledge given to God by one very self.  That is the reason the knowledge given to God by one has to be true knowledge and it will be true knowledge if the search of one was a true search for God.

And if the search of one of God was a true search, thus God will truly let one find God and also God will let one to draw near and one will be illuminated by God!  And in that gran encounter of one with God there will be much gladness and also much joy, both true, which come from God toward one.  And so great is that love that God truly has toward one that one before seeing God, but only know God, one truly feels the grandiose love!  And imagine how that love would truly be when one finally comes to see God…

Now then, after that grand encounter of one with God, thus one truly is beloved of God and God also is beloved of one or God is Master of one.  But the very curious thing of being beloved is that it is not easy being beloved because there was a departing of God from one and one now longs God as also one now longs the love of God.

The most interesting thing about love is that the grand majority of the people that are loved or that are wanted have the bad belief that he that loves is he that has to struggle and that he has to do for them without they truly having to do nothing, but how wrong they are!

Because in truth, once true love is known by one, thus now one has to truly struggle and to truly do for that true love so that that true love transforms into a true form which truly will be one!

Because in truth, true love is one with God but with God as much one than God and one as much more than one!


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