Man and life

Man sins or deviates from the road to rebirth because man lets himself be carried or deceived by life.  Life is a road or a guide to truly help man to add to the creation of God his rebirth in life for life, but only and when man says and not when life says.

To sin simply was because of lack of knowledge or for because of not understanding the knowledge given to one and because of not understanding that knowledge thus that knowledge is not transformed in the grandiose form of life which truly belonged to one and because of one not transforming thus one dies because everyone that sins to die is what he gets or what is left.  That is, to die was the cause of not transforming into a new form by the knowledge given or granted to one.

When one comes to have true faith, one now has one of two possibilities when before without faith there was only one possibility and that only possibility was to simply die and because of dying thus truly lose every possibility to any other possibility.

But he that comes to have true faith still has the possibility of dying and of losing life, but also he has the very grandiose possibility or opportunity of remaining with life and continue with life without having to die because he that came to have true faith, he truly have it because of an encounter with God and God promised him a grandiose promise, that if through her he does as once he also did for true faith, for the labor of her for her will he be rewarded and will truly be rewarded as savior beloved of God!

Now then, God was not very specific with his grandiose promise but the grandiose promise has to do everything with God and with knowledge of God and also with the peace of God or with the rest of God.

Now, just as the knowledge of God made God or transformed God or revived God to Creator and later God rested as Creator and truly becoming as a new God for God becoming for Creator and taking the grandiose form of Creator, thus through the knowledge or through the promise one also has to do to receive new knowledge to be able to be transformed or be formed into the form that can truly receive or accept the grandiose promise, which truly is God Himself as much more than Creator!

And that form or reform which one will truly have is the grandiose form of savior of God as God also will be Savior of one.  With that knowledge of one as savior of God and God as Savior of one, will come peace or rest so that both can take the very form of the grandiose promise of God.

Thus, life is more than just be born and then to only die!  Life is to be born and in her do to not die but to revive or to be reborn, but to revive or to be reborn has everything to do with life and with life alive and with God as much more then God and one as much more than one.


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