Pride and vanity

When a person begins to show pride when before there was none, thus that person not only stops from loving herself but also that person has stopped from loving other persons.  And if that person shows any love for another person, obviously that love is not a true love but a false or a trap to truly be able to take out more from that person since from the pride it cannot be taken out.

Pride truly is a fault and even though one may have abundance of riches, one truly does not enjoy those riches because those riches are also part of that pride that only from pride those riches came and because those riches came out of pride or came out from the fault thus those riches are not true riches because true riches are multiplied and truly make one happier and even much richer.

But even though the proud may not be rich or does not live in abundance, the proud because of the pride cannot overcome because his happiness, even though false happiness, is in the pride, in the pride which truly is fault.  And many people prefer to be in lack than truly force themselves and thus be not only in true happiness because of the true joy that they will find, but also because truly forcing themselves thus have abundance which truly renews itself.

Pride is a test that if one allows her to defeat one, thus one truly will never know what truly is true gladness and true joy because the pride has trapped one in a false gladness and in a false joy or has trapped one in a false y vain happiness or has trapped one in a feeling that being proud is to be better.

Now then, without true effort to better the situation of oneself because the situation of oneself makes one feel good, thus one will never have the true knowledge of that effort to truly be able to better oneself and because of one not having the true knowledge thus neither one will have the true gladness and the true joy to truly be able to live in true abundance or to truly be able to feel the true abundance before of entering into her.  And because of one living in true gladness and in true joy and in true abundance thus it will be much easier for one to be reborn or revive through that true gladness and through that true joy and become one in double abundance, because the abundance of one before one being reborn or of before one reviving has become double for also becoming as new through the knowledge or through the reviving of one.  And all of this becomes very possible true knowledge.  And a proud person or a person with pride will never have or will never receive true knowledge because his very pride truly prevents him.

Thus, he that is proud or feels pleasure in pride thus he truly lives in vanity no matter how much he may have!  Because in truth, to have pride is thus to have nothing because pride truly takes to vanity and vanity truly takes to death and death truly is the greater vanity that one can achieve.


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