The empty vase and the full vase

The vase which cannot be filled is that vase which is already full or the vase that is believed to be already full even though the vase is not.

Now then, the vase which is truly full is that vase which will never be able to become empty because she keeps filling herself for being truly full.  That vase could truly be man if man would let himself truly be filled with the very truth.  But man believes that he believes or man believes that he is already filled and because man believes that he already believes or man believes that he is already full thus man will never be able to be filled with the truth no matter how empty that man is.

Moreover, even though a vase such as man maybe completely full, forever can be added more to by he himself that makes the vase empty.  And he that made the vase empty thus truly made her to fill her and not to fill her, obviously, with vanity as does man because vanity is a vase without form and forever empty and forever purposeless.

Now, to believe for simply believing or for simply to say that it is believed does not fill or to believe for simply believing is not fact.  To truly believe one truly has to do so that with the fact of doing, one has true knowledge and because of that true knowledge, one takes true form.  In other words, to truly believe or have true faith transforms one or gives the form to one of that belief or of that true faith because true faith is true knowledge.  And if the belief or if the faith of one is vain, thus one will end in vanity.

Once again, man truly is an empty vase of mud which will never fill her very self, but even so, he that made her as an empty vase for his grandiose pleasure cannot touch her until she, yes she because vase she is, so desires it and with her mouth so requests it.  That is, no until the vase says so through humbling for much more, he that made her for much more will not be able to touch her even though she is his!

But no man as empty vase can call the one the that made her without first that man truly knowing the one that made her and even though she may know that she was made and that she was made with a grand purpose, that does not make her know the one that made her and less the one call without knowing.

Now then, by looking one sees and one knows and after knowing thus one understands.  But to have true faith and through her see, thus one has to truly do.  And that doing is to truly seek the one that can truly fill the vase so that she never becomes empty no matter how much comes out of her.  And that search will not be in vain because the gran desire of he that made the vase empty is to let himself be found before it is too late and to fill her completely with his true love and also to dwell in her.

But so that that grandiose desire truly becomes possible, man not only has to truly contend with himself, contend with himself until he has true faith, but also man has to truly contend for the true peace and for the true knowledge of God so that God man can truly see and can truly know for much more than God.


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