The printed word

It is way much too easier to tell your story and lie a bit more when the story can be printed, because what is printed can be believed as truth no matter the lie.  Even if the only words found was the word lie written many times over, those words would be truth simply because they are printed!

Furthermore, the greater part of believe is the lie after eve or life.  Thus no life no believe and if no believe thus no lie.  But the lie believed is caused by the seen eye because through the eyes things are seeing and then things known and once things are known, things are believed.  It is a bit different through the ears because one does not respond unless one knows who is calling or where the sound is coming from but once one sees who is calling or from where the noise is coming from then it is easy to believe and even get lied to.

But if one is told that the sun has come into the very night, he will deny it even though he has not opened his eyes to look and see.  So, one is lied to because one knows the liar even though one knows not that he is lying.  Also, he that is very trusting is he that can easily be lied to.

Now then, in existence words are not printed as they are printed on a page.  In existence words are represented by symbols and numbers even though one cannot really see the symbols and the numbers.  In existence words are also represented by different colors and different temperatures.

Interestingly, that that is the very pattern that all species, matter and even snowflakes follow, the pattern of numbers or colors!  But those patterns are to catch the eye with and with the eye give those patterns form and once that form is seen or that form is known thus acknowledge it is as reality as one also is reality.  And once those patterns are acknowledged as reality, they can be also acknowledged or recognized through the sound that they make.  But they can only be acknowledged or recognized by those that saw and knew.  No one can ever acknowledge or can ever recognize something not seen or not known.  Even if he hears some noise or some calling out from it, he will not respond until he first sees it!

Now, existence or even God has communicated with the living being through natural symbols and once the living beings has recognized or acknowledged these natural symbols and use them to communicate back with existence or even with God.  But that communication is with the spoken word if the living being has given the natural symbol a name or a sound.  But too often, however, there is a misunderstanding with how the living being understands his very own language, a language which he uses which was developed through the very natural symbols of existence.

Interestingly, when God communicates with man God uses the language of man.  If man has no spoken language, then God uses vision but that vision is according to what man already knows and here is where man gets confused with what he already knows.  When man is given an instruction from God or even promised something, the language used is according to the very language man uses or the language which his parents were born in.  And that instruction from God is in the form of a double meaning and that instruction is really more like a three dimensional word!  For, for example, “you will lack nothing,” are simple words understood even by a child.  But the meaning behind those words is really a meaning very difficult to understand.

And that is the very reason for one misunderstanding the very word, the very word which one gave meaning too!  Another word which can be very confusing is the word sacrifice because the word sacrifice can mean different things to different people but God will only use the meaning that you have given to that word, such as humble or grant.  And when God said sacrifices to me a goat, the truth is that it is not the goat but the meaning or the symbol behind the goat, the very meaning or the very symbol that one has given to that poor goat!  And when God says that the blood is His and that the blood is not to be eating with the meat and that the blood must be drained and dumped on the ground, God is really saying not to be more joyful through eating than to be more joyful than with God.  Because the truth is that God is true joy and if one seeks joy beyond God then one will never know God and the joy of God and through the joy of God one is truly reborn or saved as savior of God.

Thus, know the true meaning of the words that you already know because in the very day that you seek God, God will really communicate through those very words!  When God asked one to sacrifice Me your laughter, God never requested another’s life!  God was requesting one’s gladness and joy or one’s laughter for God’s gladness and joy or for God’s laugher because through gladness and the joy of God in one thus one is reborn as son and through rebirth as son is the grandiose promised of God.


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