The servant and the will of the Master

Those that say that they are servants also say that they are slaves, but the slaves truly do not know or do not understand the will of the Master even though they do movement of her.  But he that truly understands the will without doing the will thus he is the son beloved and because of being the son beloved also is free.

But because the grandiose love that the son feels for the Father as also the Father feels for the son beloved, the son beloved will not free himself from the Father because the will of the son beloved is the Father beloved as the will of the Father always was the son, the son beloved that truly will come from the servant, the servant beloved.

Now then, the will of God was to be Creator and because of God truly coming to be Creator thus God became into the will of Creator.  But the will of God as Creator was to be Father beloved and that will of Father beloved can only be done or truly granted by a son, a son beloved.  But God truly cannot be Father without a son and even though God may create a son, that son will only see God as his Creator and will not see God as Father no matter how as Father God behaves and no matter how much as Father God makes His love be felt in that son.

Because in truth, when one receives love without doing for that love thus both parts truly do not enjoy that love no matter how true that love is felt because it is an obligated love by he that loves even though the other part does nothing for that love.  And even though that part that is beloved receives or accepts that love, that part that is beloved does not make that part beloved of he that loves because truly to be beloved, it must be done for that title of beloved.  In the very same manner, one has to do to be son and for son be born and with that birth of son thus a man became for father if that son that man came to know that son as son.  And once that son is known as son thus according to what that son does toward his father, thus that son can become son beloved of the father as also the father can become the father beloved of that son beloved of the father and they truly have become the will of the other.

But with the Master Creator things are different because the Master Creator does not desire to impose or to obligate anyone, but the Master Creator truly desires to be Father.  But only a son born and not a son created can make that grandiose desire or that grandiose will truly possible.

But from creation can only be taken out slaves or servants that will not know the grandiose will of the Master Creator.  But if they do the grandiose movement to come to truly know or to truly understand that grandiose will of the Master God, the Master God will draw near and will truly illuminate them as servants beloved of God.  And according to how they now truly do as servants beloved of the Master Creator, the Master Creator one again will draw near and one again will illuminate them as the sons beloved of the Master Creator that now also has become as Father beloved of the servants beloved of the Master Creator.


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