One responds through the form already known

With the knowledge which one presented at birth to the world, thus one truly will be known or one will be confirmed to life as the same as to the world and once one was known or one was confirmed to life as the same as to the world thus will one be heard as also one will be responded or granted to.

In the moment that one responds or that one calls contrary to what one presented, thus one will not be responded to because responds or the call does not agree to the very knowledge or to the very form which one presented with and by that very knowledge or by that very form or identity of one, one truly was known or truly was confirmed with.

Thus, to respond or to call away from the knowledge of one or away from the form of one or away from the identity of one already known will not only bring chaos but also will bring lack of identity of one when that identity already was but because of responding or calling contrary to that identity, that identity was lost!

Now, he that had no identity or he hat has lost his identity thus some lack he truly feels and if he truly feels it thus he truly has it and he will only feel comfort and feel part of something and he that comforts or that other part also feels lack because of also having lack of identity.

But he that truly becomes beloved not only he has truly achieved another identity or he truly has achieved another form but also if he had lack of identity or if he had some lack thus he no longer feels it even though his new identity as beloved is not complete and because of that identity of beloved not being complete thus he also feels very afflicted because he lacks the consul or the knowledge to complete that new identity or that new form of beloved. And if he is called thus he will not respond because he knows not who is calling because of not knowing the voice because of not having knowledge or because of not seeing the form before so that through her respond and since he did not respond thus he will not be called again, even though he knew afterward who was calling him, until his form or his identity of beloved truly is complete.

But that form or that identity of beloved will only and truly be completed by knowledge granted by he that took him for his beloved but that knowledge will only be granted if for that knowledge is requested for so that it can be granted.


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