The servant of vanity

He that is in affliction or afflicts himself to serve or to pretend to serve some image of some god of the earth, he truly is serving the god of obligation and the god of obligation is a god of vanity or a god of nothing. And there is tomb in obligation and to die is obligation and once dead for dead the dead is forever obligated to death and death is vanity because he that dies, dies for vanity and for vanity he becomes.

But where truly is the spirit or the contention for the truth of God, thus soon there will truly be the peace of God and also the knowledge of God and so that through the peace of God and also through the knowledge of God one enters into the loving grace of God and one knows that there is God and the only obligation that exists of God is of God where God desires to do for one if one does for God.

But one is not obligated by God to do for God nor to do for oneself, but to not do is to do for vanity and for vanity die.

But if one wants to do for God even though one is not obligated, thus God will depart from one so that one can do for God! But that departure from God from one truly will bring to one much affliction because one will no longer be in the loving grace or the presence of God. And even though that affliction truly is not on purpose, it is a true affliction because of the separation or because of the departure of God from one!

Now then, where the true affliction is thus also there is true contention and because of the true affliction will come the true peace of God and also the true knowledge of God which God Himself will truly grant by the request of the afflicted so that the afflicted with true affliction no longer is afflicted and enters a greater state in where he will not be obligated to anything because the obligation truly will be of God.


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