A dead man has no heart

A dead man has no heart and because of his lack in lack the dead man will be because the dead have no life and for the dead having no life thus the dead will not be reborn to have life in double the abundance and because of that double abundance, feels forever new and feels as in the very heavens even though here on the very earth where one is born for more and where one is reborn also for more.

And the double abundance truly consists of five portions for being true abundance and it will truly belong or it will truly be of every man, woman and child that already understands or knows how to say father that is reborn or revived and once reborn or revived, enter and take the five portions of life, the true peace because of his struggle to be able to be reborn or of reviving; the true knowledge or the acknowledgement because truly entering in peace; the true gladness and the true joy because of achieving true knowledge or acknowledgement and the abundance of true salvation.

And no dead will ever have the double abundance because of his lack of life because the double abundance truly is in life to save life or the living that not only desire her but also for her do so that by her be saved and enter as new into the world and that the world because of them also become new and become new forever.


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