When one cannot do

He that opens his mouth saying everything of everything of what he does or what he will do, he truly has stopped from doing and much less he will do because all of his effort truly has already gone out through is mouth or was truly used by his mouth.

Now, only God can truly do through the mouth because God truly came to do as Creator to come to be Creator to become Creator and once Creator, through the mouth God truly creates but truly creates for being Creator.

Man also has that very same ability of creating or of doing through the mouth but not until man does the effort of the Creator or the will of God so as Creator or as God also become and be able to create or do through the mouth.

Now then, the effort or the will of God is that man be reborn or revives as savior of God and once man is reborn or is recognized as savior of God, man will be able to open his mouth and his words will truly do or will truly create as the words of God truly do or truly create.


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