When God acts as a child

When one looks upon or knows a child and makes that child smile, that very smile also refreshes one’s very gladness and also refreshes one’s very joy and also refreshes one’s very heart, making one smile with the smile of a child! And the very same thing truly happens with God when one looks upon or when one knows God as Creator and God acts as a child so that one can continue with the adoption of God, because to look upon or to know is to truly adopt, even if that adoption is through the eyes!

But once one has looked upon or once one has known and even once one made smile, one waits for a respond from that which was looked upon by one or was known so that when it calls one, one can respond at once and do not wait and see to see what is calling and leaves because one did not responded at once!

But the only way to know God is to feel God because one is blind to God or God one cannot see until one knows God within and God grants one the knowledge to see God but God grants sight through the one’s ear; so give heed when a voice calls even though one does not know that voice because that voice calls to make one smile and if one answers, one will forever smile as a child!


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