He that is able to enter

No one enters in the presence or no one comes to the presence of God without knowledge of God or without understanding of God. Now then, he that has died he truly has stopped from having knowledge of God or he has stopped from having understanding of God and even of himself.

Interestingly, that if one has achieved understanding of God thus one is as God and as God, one has the knowledge to be reborn or renew and continue with the figure of one without one having to lose that figure of one, because one truly dies because of one losing the figure of one.

Now, one is true knowledge of one as God is true knowledge of God as also everything that exist is true knowledge of everything that exist. And one truly did for the knowledge of one as also God did for the knowledge of God as existence also did for the knowledge of existence. And when one was born to the world, the knowledge of one truly spoke for one and even one was confirmed by the world through that knowledge of one which truly spoke for one. And when God truly created the world, the knowledge of God as Creator spoke for God as Creator.

But now one very self has to truly speak with the very lips of one to request God to grant one knowledge or acknowledgement of God so that one can be able to grant to God also knowledge or acknowledgement so that not only one be for much more than one or for more than creation of God but also that God be much more than Creator so that God as more than Creator grants to one knowledge or acknowledgement and one be formed or one be reformed in that knowledge or in the acknowledgement of God and God also be formed or God also be reformed much more than Creator.

Once one has received that knowledge or that acknowledgement of God, one has entered into the presence of God. That is, one truly has understanding of God.


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