The Army of God

Those men that become annoy or those men that kill for simply killing, those men truly cannot enter ever in the grandiose army of God because the battle or the will of God is done with all gladness and with all joy, all gladness and all joy which bring true peace and bring also true knowledge of God. Thus in truth, nothing good is done in being annoyed. And furthermore, the very annoying is saying no and eye! Now then, those men that kill are not of God because those of God truly are as God and God has not a need of killing or of seeing dying and man kills and man dies because man wants to kill and man wants to die. And furthermore, those men that truly fight or that truly do, those men truly will be called by God and by God those men will be called saviors of God and those men truly will be the army of God which truly saves in life. And those men that do not want to be part of the army of God, thus those men will serve forever death for dead when those men die and lose all opportunity of being saviors and of saving life.


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