One as More

The true purpose of life or of eve or even of being born is so that one can believe through seeing more. And as one believes through seeing more, one also believes as if many because one truly becomes as another while still remaining as one but one in abundance of one.

And just as one did for one to receive life for one and after taking the form of one thus be born as one for one, now in life one also has to do for one to receive rebirth or be renewed to stay forever renewed and as much more than one but for one.

Now then, one is never for another as other is never for one. Whatever one does for birth or for rebirth one does for one and never for another. In the same manner, whatever some other does for birth or for rebirth, that some other does for himself and never for any other. No one comes to understand through the mind of another as no one is born for another or as another. And for one to be more than one or as more as another, one must do to understand or to enter into rebirth or into salvation and only then one is as if another while still remain as one but in the abundance of one which will never end because it is an abundance of one which renews as one renews.

Thus, no one can renew for one except one and only one is the abundance of one when one is truly renewed as one. To pretend to live for another or that it was already done for one so that one can live as another, is not only a waste of good memory and a waste of time but also is to remember another that did not at all because if that other truly had done his true labor, that other would had truly being for more than just a memory and would be in the very memory of himself and not in the fade memory of some other that cannot even do for himself to be more through his rebirth and put end the notion that some other already did for him and that he is already saved with less life every day.


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