Faith and search

True faith truly is presented or truly comes with search or with struggle or fight so that one can truly know or so that one can truly understand the true things of God. Interestingly, that with that search or with that struggle or fight one begins to feel true peace and true peace one also comes to receive true knowledge in the form of a grandiose promise which one hears with a grandiose voice saying, grandiose because even though one has never heard that voice but one does not fear it because the grandiose voice calms one or is a calming voice. And even though the grandiose voice does not say that it is God or something similar, one believes that it is God and there begins the true faith of one of God.

Also in that grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near of one with God, one feels a true gladness and a true joy every time that one feels true peace and the grandiose voice once again repeats the grandiose promise or gives knowledge of God with that grandiose promise. That is to say, that the promise is the knowledge. And the grandiose voice may repeat that very same knowledge or that very same promise for four or five times before staying silent and one no longer feels the peace and neither feels the gladness nor the joy. But before the departure, one also feels in true abundance, so much abundance that one feels that one does nothing until the feeling of abundance is gone. And also one feels true fear of God and so one truly fears to say or to think something that might offend God.

But once God has departed from one, then everything which one felt from God also departs from one and what truly has remained was the grandiose memory of the grandiose encounter or of the grandiose drawing near and that now one has true faith and that never the things of one will ever be the same because one truly prefers the true things of God.

The curious thing is that one truly does not know where to begin even though with true faith, but the truth is that one has to do another search, another search in where the faith of one of God will be constantly tested or put on trial no only by one very self but also by all of those that one tells of the grandiose encounter or drawing near.

And what once one truly had done without faith, to draw near to God, thus now is practically impossible. But the next grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near truly is as near as the very mouth of one and what comes out from her that has to do with true knowledge of God so that God carries out the knowledge or the grandiose promise with one which truly is God Himself but God Himself as much more than God.


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