Contention and salvation

Salvation is not only to save life and keep life alive but also salvation is to save that life and keep that very life in double the abundance and the double abundance truly are five portions which never finish because they are five portions which forever renew themselves or become as if new for being true portions.

But without contention or without the movement or without the humiliation of presenting oneself alive and presenting oneself alive for much more so that for much more is truly granted to one, thus there will not be life to take the grand form of her and through her thus one be born into the world. But if one is born dead, thus there is no more to do or there is no longer to contend for life because she has stopped from living and because of stopping from living she has lost her grand form and because of losing her grand form, life has stopped existing.

But if one is born with life into the world, for her one does or contends for so that with her one takes the form of one and once one has taken the form of one, seek or do or contend once again in the world for knowledge so that one is able to reborn in the world and through that rebirth of one, remain with life and life now maintain just as she maintained one even though through the very effort of one very self.

Now then, the only way of saving life and of maintaining the grand form of her truly is through rebirth or through reviving. And rebirth or reviving truly is through knowledge or through acknowledgement and once one has that knowledge or that acknowledgement, thus one not only will become forever as if new and the form of one as if a new form but also one will become as if one never had lack or deform and one will also become into a grandiose abundance that forever will also renew as the same as one because one truly has become for double the abundance, which truly are five eternal portions. Thus, one truly will become for five when one truly is reborn or one is granted the knowledge or the acknowledgement of rebirth or of salvation to continue with life in abundance and life also be able to maintain in abundance, in double the abundance.


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