Consider Everything a Lie

Consider everything a lie, but do not forget that you are between everything and that lie. When one was born alive into the world one was born as knowledge and as knowledge one was born as the truth and one acted as the truth until one was able to speak the truth as the truth.

But when one grew up one’s reality or world changed. One entered into consciousness or into self-awareness but that new world or that new reality one knew not thing about and one began to seek those around one but they had the same predicament as one. However, they had ideas and they had beliefs and they had fantasies that even though false they practiced and they even enforced upon one and one accepted because one did not know any better or one had no choice at that time or place. But that acceptance of lies created chaos for one because one as the truth cannot accept lies because that means death and also the disfigurement and the end of the truth.

But as long as one presents oneself to the heavens or to the brain as the truth, the heavens or the brain will confirm with gladness and with joy and also with the grandiose feeling of abundance and they will also reward one in the form of a very grandiose promise. And once that very grandiose promise or that very grandiose reward becomes, one will be completed as the truth and as the truth one will speak or she will speak for one as once she spoke for one even before one had consciousness or even before one was self-aware and the world or reality or the heavens will be as one wants and they will confirm it.


Faith and search

True faith truly is presented or truly comes with search or with struggle or fight so that one can truly know or so that one can truly understand the true things of God. Interestingly, that with that search or with that struggle or fight one begins to feel true peace and true peace one also comes to receive true knowledge in the form of a grandiose promise which one hears with a grandiose voice saying, grandiose because even though one has never heard that voice but one does not fear it because the grandiose voice calms one or is a calming voice. And even though the grandiose voice does not say that it is God or something similar, one believes that it is God and there begins the true faith of one of God.

Also in that grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near of one with God, one feels a true gladness and a true joy every time that one feels true peace and the grandiose voice once again repeats the grandiose promise or gives knowledge of God with that grandiose promise. That is to say, that the promise is the knowledge. And the grandiose voice may repeat that very same knowledge or that very same promise for four or five times before staying silent and one no longer feels the peace and neither feels the gladness nor the joy. But before the departure, one also feels in true abundance, so much abundance that one feels that one does nothing until the feeling of abundance is gone. And also one feels true fear of God and so one truly fears to say or to think something that might offend God.

But once God has departed from one, then everything which one felt from God also departs from one and what truly has remained was the grandiose memory of the grandiose encounter or of the grandiose drawing near and that now one has true faith and that never the things of one will ever be the same because one truly prefers the true things of God.

The curious thing is that one truly does not know where to begin even though with true faith, but the truth is that one has to do another search, another search in where the faith of one of God will be constantly tested or put on trial no only by one very self but also by all of those that one tells of the grandiose encounter or drawing near.

And what once one truly had done without faith, to draw near to God, thus now is practically impossible. But the next grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near truly is as near as the very mouth of one and what comes out from her that has to do with true knowledge of God so that God carries out the knowledge or the grandiose promise with one which truly is God Himself but God Himself as much more than God.

From gladness and from joy

With one truly seeking the true peace of God thus truly will come to one also the true knowledge of God and once the true peace of God is achieved by one thus also the true knowledge of God will be achieved and through the true knowledge of God also will be achieved the true gladness and the true joy of God which truly will give birth to one as beloved of God. And according to what one truly does as beloved of God, thus one truly can come out or one truly can be reborn as son beloved of God, becoming one savior beloved of God as God also becoming savior beloved of one.

Because in truth, from the servant beloved will come out or will arrive the son beloved of the Master beloved. But the servant beloved truly will come out with all gladness and with all joy as son beloved of the Master beloved when the Master beloved calls his servant beloved from his desolation and renames him son beloved of the Master and both will be for much more and there will neither be servant beloved nor Master beloved, but here will be son beloved and Father beloved, both united as if one beloved!

God and knowledge

God is true knowledge and since God is true knowledge, then everything else around God is also true knowledge.  And since God is true knowledge, God is true and since God is true, God can be truly seen by those that God grants the true knowledge of God because only God can see God.  And God truly grants knowledge to all of those that seek God so that God they can know as God and once they know God as God, God will acknowledge them so that they can have knowledge of God and through that knowledge of God they can have a good feel of God because the only way to begin to know God is through the feeling of God. God is truly known through feeling or through the grace of God and once God is known through feeling or through the grace of God, God will acknowledge once again so that God can be seeing this time but only because God has acknowledged one greater or great enough to see God.

Now, without the acknowledgement of God, God cannot be seeing no matter the true knowledge of God that one may have of God. In other words, God cannot be seeing unless God says so and one has the acknowledgement given to one by God. Thus, man knows and is known by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. But God is known through the feeling of God in one and once one begins to feel God, and God is felt with gladness and joy, one begins to hear voices of God and one also begins to see visions of God and one also begins to have dreams of God or dream of things dealing with God or feel peace and abundance and at times all of the above. But in the very moment that one fears one of the above, such as a vision or an unexpected joy or gladness or even a dream, God will stop using that method of communication.

The interesting thing about God is that God truly communicates with one with what one already knows, but sometimes one does not know that one knows and when one sees a vision never seeing before, one may be very frightened because the vision is very real and one does not have the knowledge or the acknowledgement of that vision or the reason for it. And since one was frightened by the vision, no longer the vision method will be used as communication. And so the next best thing is through the ears, but if God calls, and when God calls, God does not say that it is God calling, if one does not respond then one must request for further callings or for knowledge of God so that God can begin again to communicate with one so that one can know God again but God truly is according to the knowledge of God one has of God or one gives to God.

Interestingly, that at this stage or point in time, God is no longer the same God that one knew in the very beginning. And so one has to grant God greater knowledge so that through that greater knowledge, God can acknowledge one as also greater than one… So, therefore, God is truly knowable and since God is truly knowable thus everything else is also knowable. That is, if everything else is true…

One as More

The true purpose of life or of eve or even of being born is so that one can believe through seeing more. And as one believes through seeing more, one also believes as if many because one truly becomes as another while still remaining as one but one in abundance of one.

And just as one did for one to receive life for one and after taking the form of one thus be born as one for one, now in life one also has to do for one to receive rebirth or be renewed to stay forever renewed and as much more than one but for one.

Now then, one is never for another as other is never for one. Whatever one does for birth or for rebirth one does for one and never for another. In the same manner, whatever some other does for birth or for rebirth, that some other does for himself and never for any other. No one comes to understand through the mind of another as no one is born for another or as another. And for one to be more than one or as more as another, one must do to understand or to enter into rebirth or into salvation and only then one is as if another while still remain as one but in the abundance of one which will never end because it is an abundance of one which renews as one renews.

Thus, no one can renew for one except one and only one is the abundance of one when one is truly renewed as one. To pretend to live for another or that it was already done for one so that one can live as another, is not only a waste of good memory and a waste of time but also is to remember another that did not at all because if that other truly had done his true labor, that other would had truly being for more than just a memory and would be in the very memory of himself and not in the fade memory of some other that cannot even do for himself to be more through his rebirth and put end the notion that some other already did for him and that he is already saved with less life every day.

The Army of God

Those men that become annoy or those men that kill for simply killing, those men truly cannot enter ever in the grandiose army of God because the battle or the will of God is done with all gladness and with all joy, all gladness and all joy which bring true peace and bring also true knowledge of God. Thus in truth, nothing good is done in being annoyed. And furthermore, the very annoying is saying no and eye! Now then, those men that kill are not of God because those of God truly are as God and God has not a need of killing or of seeing dying and man kills and man dies because man wants to kill and man wants to die. And furthermore, those men that truly fight or that truly do, those men truly will be called by God and by God those men will be called saviors of God and those men truly will be the army of God which truly saves in life. And those men that do not want to be part of the army of God, thus those men will serve forever death for dead when those men die and lose all opportunity of being saviors and of saving life.

From servant beloved to son beloved

The first step toward rebirth or toward life truly is knowledge. Just as one truly did in the womb of a woman to achieve knowledge thus now also one has to do in the very world to also achieve knowledge or acknowledgement of life. And once that one achieves that knowledge or that one achieves that acknowledgement of life thus take that very form because through her one truly will be called. And when one is called, and called one will be, and if one does not respond thus it is because one is not yet formed in the form of beloved to be able as beloved present oneself and be able to respond!

But once one truly is formed as beloved of God, thus one once more will be called and if one this time responds to that call, one truly will have the grandiose opportunity of being savior of the Master God that to one calls for being beloved of God.

But if one does not respond this second time even though already formed as beloved of God, one will be called until the death of one. But once one is dead, there will no longer be any more calls…