One responds through the form already known

With the knowledge which one presented at birth to the world, thus one truly will be known or one will be confirmed to life as the same as to the world and once one was known or one was confirmed to life as the same as to the world thus will one be heard as also one will be responded or granted to.

In the moment that one responds or that one calls contrary to what one presented, thus one will not be responded to because responds or the call does not agree to the very knowledge or to the very form which one presented with and by that very knowledge or by that very form or identity of one, one truly was known or truly was confirmed with.

Thus, to respond or to call away from the knowledge of one or away from the form of one or away from the identity of one already known will not only bring chaos but also will bring lack of identity of one when that identity already was but because of responding or calling contrary to that identity, that identity was lost!

Now, he that had no identity or he hat has lost his identity thus some lack he truly feels and if he truly feels it thus he truly has it and he will only feel comfort and feel part of something and he that comforts or that other part also feels lack because of also having lack of identity.

But he that truly becomes beloved not only he has truly achieved another identity or he truly has achieved another form but also if he had lack of identity or if he had some lack thus he no longer feels it even though his new identity as beloved is not complete and because of that identity of beloved not being complete thus he also feels very afflicted because he lacks the consul or the knowledge to complete that new identity or that new form of beloved. And if he is called thus he will not respond because he knows not who is calling because of not knowing the voice because of not having knowledge or because of not seeing the form before so that through her respond and since he did not respond thus he will not be called again, even though he knew afterward who was calling him, until his form or his identity of beloved truly is complete.

But that form or that identity of beloved will only and truly be completed by knowledge granted by he that took him for his beloved but that knowledge will only be granted if for that knowledge is requested for so that it can be granted.

When to want is not to know

Even though the whole world can be rich, abundant or can truly be in true peace, there will always be one that does not want to be rich, that does not want to be abundant or even that does not want to be in true peace!  But many times to not want is truly not to know or is not to have the true confidence to truly do for more and for more truly become.

Every being that lives, was born not only of abundance and peace and through the peace was formed but also every being that lives, added to the world with his birth alive.  And the great abundance, the peace, the birth and the form were made possible by true knowledge.  Without true knowledge there is no existence, but only will be lack, a lack that will not be known that it exists and that it will be useless because there will be nothing to remove it with!

Thus there are many living beings that truly prefer lack or that prefer vanity even though they are beings born of peace and of abundance.  They use all their efforts to not learn or to not achieve the true knowledge and the true abundance that not only they will truly benefit but also the very world will truly benefit.  Furthermore, they also will have a life filled with gladness and with joy that if they truly do for gladness and for joy thus they truly will be renewed or refreshed daily in all abundance.

But he that does not do to surpass or to overcome is because some pleasure he has or he takes out from what he does not have or from what he denies himself even though that pleasure is not true or is not real.  And if he is asked to do something beneficial to himself, thus he protests or even fights as part of his false or his vain pleasure.  And if he is accustomed to receiving everything, thus nothing he will do because for doing nothing he has, even though very little.

Interestingly, that all of existence not only is based in knowledge and in true abundance but also existence is based in true gladness and in true joy and existence also is constantly renewing as part of surpassing or overcoming because existence has no choice but to exist or existence cannot stop existing but it surpasses or overcomes to become for new and never for the same or for less.

And just as existence is thus also is and even much more the living being or is the conscious being!  But even though existence can truly continue without renewing or with surpassing, the living being or the conscious being cannot continue because the living being or the conscious being will die if the living being or the conscious being truly does not do for that first renovation or for that first rebirth in life to surpass or to overcome and thus to continue in life with double abundance.


Through the naked skin

God truly with all knowledge and with all gladness and with all joy of God as good and as loving Creator and as much more than God and as much more than Creator perfected the human body through nakedness, but man sees nakedness through lack but through the lack of man.  To truly be able to see the perfection that is, one must truly become naked and look at oneself and do not feel ashamed because to feel ashamed through nakedness truly is for lack of knowledge.

Through the skin things are truly seen and once things are truly seen, things are truly known and truly are renowned.  Even the very rocks truly have their skin as the same as the water and the clouds as also the earth, but the night, space or emptiness or even the very heavens truly lack the skin and through their lack thus they will never be known and since they will never be known, thus they will never be seen and since they will never be seen thus in them will never be entered.

Through the naked skin one truly does before one is born and through that fact before of being born, one overcomes and one truly begins to take form also through the naked skin.  And after the form of one is completely formed as one, one also does in complete nakedness and also in complete nakedness one truly is received and one is truly dressed with the very color of gran knowledge, which truly is of white or silver for being victorious!

And through the skin one truly grows and one truly does to be able to see and be able also to know and even recognize to be able to be reborn in a renew skin, a renew skin that truly will renew because it will be the very skin of God and God will truly be seen and also God will be felt through the very skin of one.

And he that has died truly has lost his skin and because of losing his skin, he also lost the very grandiose opportunity of being reborn and of truly recognizing and of truly seeing and even also of truly feeling God in his very own naked skin.

Thinking and believing

Thinking and believing is not the same thing.  Thinking truly is a thought which can be lost in the vacuum which truly can be the conscious mind or the human soul.  Also, thinking can be a thought which can be converted into gladness and into joy and used temporarily to truly revive him that thinks.  Also, a thought can bring much sadness and much weeping until tiring the body and making it rest.  But any thought which is not added to a belief, even though it may be a false belief and for being false be vain, that thought is lose.

And belief truly is to do or to believe truly is to accomplish the grandiose promise that was truly promised to one in life and that already is.  Because in truth, every one alive that believes and that truly believes, one truly is the grandiose promise promised in life!  Belief or what one truly believes thus truly is for one, but when another accepts the belief of one as his very own belief, the other truly converts it into confusion or into chaos because the belief or the faith of one has not as of yet being formed or it has not being transformed into the grandiose promise promised to one for one for what one did.

And that way also in that confusion or in that chaos or in that lack of true knowledge, because confusion or chaos truly is for lack of true knowledge of one, does not allow that one very self as the same as the other enjoy or is transformed into his very own belief or faith or be truly adopted by her or because of her.  Because in truth, true belief or faith truly is to bring up or is form or reform because belief or true faith truly was an adoption of oneself because of the knowledge which brought that belief or that faith because of the grandiose promise promised to one because of the fact or the labor of one and not because of the fact or the labor of another.  And no one truly adopts one so that another brings one up and the promise is achieved through that other, a grandiose promise that the other will never come to complete for being a grandiose promise.

Now then, after one comes to truly believe, the great majority of the thoughts which enter into the mind or into the soul of one have to do with that belief or with the true faith of one because that belief or that true faith of one truly is true knowledge of one and through thought of one is added to the true knowledge of one or to the true faith of one so that one through the faith or through the knowledge of one, one truly begins to transform into the faith of one or into the knowledge of one or into the grandiose promise which is through one.

He that truly comes to have true faith, he also came to enter into another mental or spiritual state and what he lacks in that new state is true knowledge, a true knowledge which cannot be found in the former state but that neither can be found in that new state because one has to do, as it was truly done for true faith, for that true knowledge to be able to truly come out from that state and take the grandiose form of the grandiose promise promised to one.

That is the reason that one must be careful with the thought because the thought which enters can only be true knowledge to be able to come out from that state.  But be very careful because also it can be a thought of oneself that can divert and not take one from that state.

Also, one has to be very careful with beliefs that are not of one very self because beliefs not belonging to oneself or beliefs outside of one can bring down one after one was being completed in the grandiose form of the grandiose promise.

The servant and the will of the Master

Those that say that they are servants also say that they are slaves, but the slaves truly do not know or do not understand the will of the Master even though they do movement of her.  But he that truly understands the will without doing the will thus he is the son beloved and because of being the son beloved also is free.

But because the grandiose love that the son feels for the Father as also the Father feels for the son beloved, the son beloved will not free himself from the Father because the will of the son beloved is the Father beloved as the will of the Father always was the son, the son beloved that truly will come from the servant, the servant beloved.

Now then, the will of God was to be Creator and because of God truly coming to be Creator thus God became into the will of Creator.  But the will of God as Creator was to be Father beloved and that will of Father beloved can only be done or truly granted by a son, a son beloved.  But God truly cannot be Father without a son and even though God may create a son, that son will only see God as his Creator and will not see God as Father no matter how as Father God behaves and no matter how much as Father God makes His love be felt in that son.

Because in truth, when one receives love without doing for that love thus both parts truly do not enjoy that love no matter how true that love is felt because it is an obligated love by he that loves even though the other part does nothing for that love.  And even though that part that is beloved receives or accepts that love, that part that is beloved does not make that part beloved of he that loves because truly to be beloved, it must be done for that title of beloved.  In the very same manner, one has to do to be son and for son be born and with that birth of son thus a man became for father if that son that man came to know that son as son.  And once that son is known as son thus according to what that son does toward his father, thus that son can become son beloved of the father as also the father can become the father beloved of that son beloved of the father and they truly have become the will of the other.

But with the Master Creator things are different because the Master Creator does not desire to impose or to obligate anyone, but the Master Creator truly desires to be Father.  But only a son born and not a son created can make that grandiose desire or that grandiose will truly possible.

But from creation can only be taken out slaves or servants that will not know the grandiose will of the Master Creator.  But if they do the grandiose movement to come to truly know or to truly understand that grandiose will of the Master God, the Master God will draw near and will truly illuminate them as servants beloved of God.  And according to how they now truly do as servants beloved of the Master Creator, the Master Creator one again will draw near and one again will illuminate them as the sons beloved of the Master Creator that now also has become as Father beloved of the servants beloved of the Master Creator.

The printed word

It is way much too easier to tell your story and lie a bit more when the story can be printed, because what is printed can be believed as truth no matter the lie.  Even if the only words found was the word lie written many times over, those words would be truth simply because they are printed!

Furthermore, the greater part of believe is the lie after eve or life.  Thus no life no believe and if no believe thus no lie.  But the lie believed is caused by the seen eye because through the eyes things are seeing and then things known and once things are known, things are believed.  It is a bit different through the ears because one does not respond unless one knows who is calling or where the sound is coming from but once one sees who is calling or from where the noise is coming from then it is easy to believe and even get lied to.

But if one is told that the sun has come into the very night, he will deny it even though he has not opened his eyes to look and see.  So, one is lied to because one knows the liar even though one knows not that he is lying.  Also, he that is very trusting is he that can easily be lied to.

Now then, in existence words are not printed as they are printed on a page.  In existence words are represented by symbols and numbers even though one cannot really see the symbols and the numbers.  In existence words are also represented by different colors and different temperatures.

Interestingly, that that is the very pattern that all species, matter and even snowflakes follow, the pattern of numbers or colors!  But those patterns are to catch the eye with and with the eye give those patterns form and once that form is seen or that form is known thus acknowledge it is as reality as one also is reality.  And once those patterns are acknowledged as reality, they can be also acknowledged or recognized through the sound that they make.  But they can only be acknowledged or recognized by those that saw and knew.  No one can ever acknowledge or can ever recognize something not seen or not known.  Even if he hears some noise or some calling out from it, he will not respond until he first sees it!

Now, existence or even God has communicated with the living being through natural symbols and once the living beings has recognized or acknowledged these natural symbols and use them to communicate back with existence or even with God.  But that communication is with the spoken word if the living being has given the natural symbol a name or a sound.  But too often, however, there is a misunderstanding with how the living being understands his very own language, a language which he uses which was developed through the very natural symbols of existence.

Interestingly, when God communicates with man God uses the language of man.  If man has no spoken language, then God uses vision but that vision is according to what man already knows and here is where man gets confused with what he already knows.  When man is given an instruction from God or even promised something, the language used is according to the very language man uses or the language which his parents were born in.  And that instruction from God is in the form of a double meaning and that instruction is really more like a three dimensional word!  For, for example, “you will lack nothing,” are simple words understood even by a child.  But the meaning behind those words is really a meaning very difficult to understand.

And that is the very reason for one misunderstanding the very word, the very word which one gave meaning too!  Another word which can be very confusing is the word sacrifice because the word sacrifice can mean different things to different people but God will only use the meaning that you have given to that word, such as humble or grant.  And when God said sacrifices to me a goat, the truth is that it is not the goat but the meaning or the symbol behind the goat, the very meaning or the very symbol that one has given to that poor goat!  And when God says that the blood is His and that the blood is not to be eating with the meat and that the blood must be drained and dumped on the ground, God is really saying not to be more joyful through eating than to be more joyful than with God.  Because the truth is that God is true joy and if one seeks joy beyond God then one will never know God and the joy of God and through the joy of God one is truly reborn or saved as savior of God.

Thus, know the true meaning of the words that you already know because in the very day that you seek God, God will really communicate through those very words!  When God asked one to sacrifice Me your laughter, God never requested another’s life!  God was requesting one’s gladness and joy or one’s laughter for God’s gladness and joy or for God’s laugher because through gladness and the joy of God in one thus one is reborn as son and through rebirth as son is the grandiose promised of God.

The humiliation which is the salvation of God

Man gets naked in humiliation and God dresses man with the favorite colors of God, but God as son beloved dresses man from the inside and those colors reflect toward the outside the glory of God, that way also hiding the nakedness which is man.

When a man humbles through shame, God dresses man of skin; because every man that becomes ashamed becomes ashamed in the skin.  But the man that truly humbles to God because that man knows the will of God, God truly will dress that man with the color of the son beloved of God.

But to see nakedness or to see that the skin as naked is because of lack of knowledge and because of lack of knowledge thus there is shame because shame is because of lack, because of lack of true knowledge because true knowledge gives form or reform and the skin is no longer seeing naked or no one is shamed even though the skin is naked.

Now then, the only humiliation that God desires from man is the humiliation for much more or the humiliation for the salvation of God because God truly was for much more for God truly humbling to the creation of God and because of the humbling of God to the creation of God thus God was truly for much more than God for God becoming as Creator.

Now, with every search of man for God, God will dress that man with the favorite color of God so that man does not feel naked, empty or ashamed.  In the first encounter with God, God will dress man firstly with peace and secondly with knowledge, perhaps with a grandiose promise or with an emotional relief and even with a physical relief.  Thirdly also God will dress that very fortunate man with gladness and with joy and fourthly also God will dress that man with the very grandiose feeling of abundance.

Now then, that very fortunate man now truly is dressed with the grandiose colors of beloved of God or now that very fortunate man truly is in the state of beloved or in the skin of beloved and according to how that man does in those grandiose colors of beloved of God or in that state or in that skin of beloved of God, thus that man beloved of God will be again rewarded or will be dressed for the fifth time with the color of the salvation of God and that man now truly will be savior of God and will be in the skin or in life.

The very curious or the very interesting thing about this grandiose dressing of God toward that man beloved of God is that just as God was dressing that man, thus God also was dressing with those very colors!  That is the reason that man with his grandiose encounter with God felt what he felt because God also felt it.  In other words, God practically undressed to dress that man with the favorite colors of God as Creator.

And if God truly did all of the above for the salvation of that man, what man will not do the same for the salvation of God?

Interestingly, God never humbled for less but for much more because every time that the man was dressed with the color of God thus God was also a better being.   For example, when God dressed man as beloved of God thus God also was dressed of beloved and when that man does for the salvation of God and God grants the salvation of God not only God will dress that man beloved of God with the color of savior but also God will dress with that color of savior.

In other words, every time that man is reborn from man to beloved of God thus God also is truly reborn from God to Creator or as beloved of that man.  And when that man beloved of God again is reborn as savior beloved of God thus God also is reborn as savior and the earth for that man as savior of God will be as in the heavens and for God as savior beloved the heavens truly will be as some other heavens and that man as savior beloved of God and God as savior beloved will be as one and as one will be united to the skin or to the living body of that man.