In each and every one of us, there’s the very same emptiness; and according to our own person, we fill that painful void or vastness that is in.  There are those of us, who pass by the world, but constantly crying until death dries our insignificant tears; and there are those of us also, who will crawl inside a liquor bottle; but not before we fill ourselves with the insignificant emptiness that lies in it; and still others, eat and eat until their bodies take another form, the form of the food and blow-up.

There are those of us, with the very same painful emptiness, which are more than able to do the wonders of the heavens, but still sense that something good is missing.  That very painful emptiness, although hurts too much, is so that we know, even though we are not alone or lonely, that we need one another; for man was not made alone.

But there is only one alone who can fill that vast and painful emptiness; and he will fill one with peaceful joy so profound that one will feel lifted from the ground and will sense that nothing will ever be missing in one’s life; and there will never be a drink or a piece of flesh or even a forbidden fruit that will ever surpass that profound and peaceful joy!

And one will be hooked and one will never stop wanting more…Ironically, that profound and peaceful joy that fills that useless vastness and sadness that is emptiness, is free!  The only thing it requires is a bit of search from one’s part.  One does not even need to believe at first because at first one will believe!

The search begins with reading the word.   The book is heavy like a rock and almost as solid, but the book will lighten and lift one’s soul as to the heavens while keeping both one’s feet firm to the ground.


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