When the sun or the light is born

When the sun or the light is born, things are known; when the sun or the light rests as if in the waters or the grace, the things known now hide, creating chaos in darkness. But when the sun or the light is refreshed or reborn and exit the waters or the grace, things are recognized and most are recognized as if new and the chaos that was as if it never was.


One cannot see without first knowing

One cannot see without first knowing or believing. When one was in the womb of a man one was in harmony and one was in harmony because one felt it and that feeling was how one new that one was in harmony even though one knew not were one was.

When one exited the womb of that man and one entered the womb if a woman one did so with gladness and with joy and with the feeling of abundance. And when one overcame in that womb one rested in abundance and one began to take shape or form in harmony until one’s shape or form was complete and thus ready to receive the other five portions of abundance.

When one was complete one once again was filled with gladness and with joy and did the movement to exit the womb and enter into the womb of the world. The womb of the world also received one with gladness and with joy and with abundance and the chaos that one created by breaking the waters and causing also physical pain as if it never had happened. But as one grew and with growth one achieved conscious thought the world no longer was a harmony because the truth is that one was born a contender when one was born a conscious being and now one has to not only contend against the earth or against man but also one has to contend against the heavens or against God as one once had contended in the womb of a woman to thus feel the harmony that one once had felt in the womb of a man. But the difference here is that one is conscious and one knows where one is. But when one overcomes the heavens by presenting the heavens for more for more the heavens will do the movement to transform one into one’s harmony.

Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained

Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained. And sometimes the greater gain was what was lost. Life can be the greater lost gained if one knows not how to keep or maintain life beyond food, water and shelter. Man seeks action or adventure or pleasure away from himself because he does not know any better. He fantasizes about death or about life beyond because it is easier or practically effortless. But man is a conscious being and as a conscious being man is a contender and should contend for conscious knowledge just as he contends for food, water and shelter. In fact, food, water and shelter are all knowledge but knowledge to maintain the body long enough so that the conscious being can gather the conscious knowledge needed to keep life going in abundance and without ever having to know end or death.

Dust and female knew not that they were naked

Dust and female knew not that they were naked for they had no knowledge or the understanding or they had not the need to know of being naked. But when they came into a higher consciousness their body did not react with brilliance and thus not covering their natural nakedness. And instead of Dust and female both becoming a vase of pleasure thus they both became a vase of shame.

The earth swallows the smart

The earth swallows the smart or the wise man to make room for the humble; but the humble eventually die no matter what the doctrine is, turning death into a further lie to entice the living to do nothing and accept death as their savior. But the truth is that he that does in life for life thus receives more life or salvation as savior beloved and he receives that identity as savior beloved with all the power and with all the authority and all the riches of the heavens.

But he received that identity because he truly humbled alive to life and life granted or rewarded him with more life as savior beloved. And he will receive even more life but according to how he truly does as savior beloved with all the power and with all the authority and with all the riches of the heavens to make the earth as if in the heavens. And because of that very act of making the earth as in the heavens, the heavens once again will reward him with even more life and he will be the plenitude of the earth as he has become the plenitude of the heavens.

Creation was inspiration

Creation was inspiration. Creation was truly inspired by a yet unborn son, although already predestinated to be reborn if born alive. Once born alive, that son was destined to be beloved of the father if that son did the will of the father. And once that son truly did or was completed as the will of the father, that son would become savior beloved of the father as the father was already the savior beloved of the son and they both are now as if one, but both in complete or perfect harmony as one was one with one’s father before one’s birth.

Ignorance is the worst of diseases

Ignorance is the worst of diseases, for ignorance kills more than death until one finally dies. Death is no reward. Death is the end of life and the end of any other possibility which came with life. Death was the failure of one not reaching rebirth and with rebirth one having a greater or a higher or a taller opportunity to new life and the greater or the higher or the taller abundance which comes with that new life.

Now, new life has to do with knowledge, knowledge from above from the heavens. One cannot go up to heaven but one can make the heavens come down or one can make the heavens humble to one through praise or through request or by simply presenting the heavens as more and the heavens will come down and humble to one with a great or high or tall reward, which is truly the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities not only for one but also the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities for the heavens.