The Grace and the Glory

Element Onei17The Grace and the Glory, the presentation and the illumination, the drawing near and the illumination or the consul or the comfort, the birth and the confirmation, the rebirth and the reconfirmation or the consul or the comfort, the peace and the knowledge, the knowledge and the acknowledgement or zero plus one or ( 0 + 1) or more like 0 + 118, which is 01, the request and the grant, the praise and the grace, the question is the answer and one will always be the answer as long as one is or as long as one makes the question because to make the question is confirmation by one that yes there truly is much more of what can be seen.Thus, physical existence presents or draws near to the existence which is not seen but which truly is greater and if the existence which is not seen confirms the presentation or the drawing near of the physical or minor existence thus there truly will be illumination or grace and glory of the greater existence toward the minor but the greater will become for much more as well as the minor will become for much more.


God and knowledge

God is true knowledge and since God is true knowledge, then everything else around God is also true knowledge.  And since God is true knowledge, God is true and since God is true, God can be truly seen by those that God grants the true knowledge of God because only God can see God.  And God truly grants knowledge to all of those that seek God so that God they can know as God and once they know God as God, God will acknowledge them so that they can have knowledge of God and through that knowledge of God they can have a good feel of God because the only way to begin to know God is through the feeling of God. God is truly known through feeling or through the grace of God and once God is known through feeling or through the grace of God, God will acknowledge once again so that God can be seeing this time but only because God has acknowledged one greater or great enough to see God.

Now, without the acknowledgement of God, God cannot be seeing no matter the true knowledge of God that one may have of God. In other words, God cannot be seeing unless God says so and one has the acknowledgement given to one by God. Thus, man knows and is known by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. But God is known through the feeling of God in one and once one begins to feel God, and God is felt with gladness and joy, one begins to hear voices of God and one also begins to see visions of God and one also begins to have dreams of God or dream of things dealing with God or feel peace and abundance and at times all of the above. But in the very moment that one fears one of the above, such as a vision or an unexpected joy or gladness or even a dream, God will stop using that method of communication.

The interesting thing about God is that God truly communicates with one with what one already knows, but sometimes one does not know that one knows and when one sees a vision never seeing before, one may be very frightened because the vision is very real and one does not have the knowledge or the acknowledgement of that vision or the reason for it. And since one was frightened by the vision, no longer the vision method will be used as communication. And so the next best thing is through the ears, but if God calls, and when God calls, God does not say that it is God calling, if one does not respond then one must request for further callings or for knowledge of God so that God can begin again to communicate with one so that one can know God again but God truly is according to the knowledge of God one has of God or one gives to God.

Interestingly, that at this stage or point in time, God is no longer the same God that one knew in the very beginning. And so one has to grant God greater knowledge so that through that greater knowledge, God can acknowledge one as also greater than one… So, therefore, God is truly knowable and since God is truly knowable thus everything else is also knowable. That is, if everything else is true…

The lack of God

As long as God lacks in man, man will have lack and for lack man will die and even though man dies, forever man will lack God. Fortunate is every man that truly has come to know God and because of that knowledge of God that man also has come to truly know that here on the very earth is more with God.

Everyone that truly has come to know God, everyone truly came to know God in peace of God and because of that peace of God also everyone had knowledge of God because God presented himself to everyone with a grandiose promise. After listening to the grandiose promise from God, everyone also felt gladness and joy and also felt a grandiose abundance, as if everything everyone was not lacking.

Also, everyone felt the true love of God and if everyone truly had some pain of loneliness or felt alone or useless, thus no longer he had it or he no longer felt it!

Now then, God truly has shown to everyone that had an encounter with God how truly the life of everyone would be with God, a life filled with true peace, so true that also would bring true knowledge, so true that also would bring true gladness and true joy, so true that man would be reborn through them as the same as God also would be reborn through them.

Now, everyone that truly desires to be reborn and take that wonderful life which God truly has for everyone, everyone has to truly do for God so that God truly does for everyone. Thus, everyone for his search of God made God Creator and for that God became compromised with everyone without God truly requesting everyone something from everyone, but if everyone desires the life of God thus everyone has to do for that life and one does for that life of God granting to God all knowledge or acknowledgement as Father beloved so that God as Father beloved grants to one the knowledge of son beloved of God and through that knowledge granted of son beloved of God, one will be savior of God as God will also be savior of one. And once one has received the knowledge of son beloved of God, thus one also has received the wonderful life of God!

Life and knowledge

One gives life or one gives rebirth to knowledge acknowledging that knowledge. One gives life or one truly revives a thought recognizing the thought or making the thought as a new thought. One give life or one gives rebirth to a first born recognizing him or granting him knowledge in life as beloved because from beloved truly will come or will arrive the salvation of not only the son beloved but also will come or will arrive the salvation of the father.

Now then, death to the first born is to truly give death to knowledge or to a belief or to a doubt or to a lack and the knowledge or the belief or the doubt or the lack was not to know how to humble for beloved. And because of not humbling for beloved thus died even though beloved and was forgotten even though beloved because death is not only to forget oneself but also death is to forget God for all the times because with death there no longer is knowledge or life.

Thus in truth, one only forgets or one knows what one already knows or what one already knew as one only do not remember what already is remembered as one only recognize what one already knows. That is, from life truly comes out more life as from birth comes out rebirth and from knowledge comes out acknowledgement and from acknowledgement truly comes out life revived.

Therefore, one has to give knowledge to the known and life also because if not the known and the lived will give death to one for not acknowledging and for not reviving the known…

Gladness and joy

Without gladness and without joy there is no movement so that with the movement be able to seek for true peace and seek for true knowledge so that with true knowledge take the true form while one rests in true peace.  And once completely formed in that true peace, become as if in a very great desolation because that new form once again requires more true knowledge and more true peace.  Thus, one once again is filled with gladness and with joy to be able to enter into the world and into the world enter so that in the world to one is giving or to one is granted peace and knowledge and with that peace and with that knowledge grow with gladness and with joy and with gladness and with joy be reborn into the same world with complete peace and also with complete knowledge or acknowledgement.

Now then, just as gladness and joy are truly essential to move the living being or the conscious being so that the living being or the conscious being seeks knowledge and through that very knowledge takes form to continue with form of life, thus that way also is with existence, is with creation or is with the very universe.  But what existence uses to reform or to renew itself in new knowledge is the attraction or the forces of the magnetic field or what is called negative and positive.  That attraction of the magnetic field or of negative and positive moves existence so that existence can be able to renew and existence renews eternally and never existence is the very same existence.

Now then, every living being and conscious being has the power of attraction in gladness and in joy so that he can multiply and he can continue with life.  But only the conscious being or only the human being can achieve true gladness and true joy by achieving true peace and through true peace, thus achieve true knowledge which will bring him true gladness and true joy, that if the conscious being or the living being does through true gladness and through true joy thus the conscious being or the living being will be reborn through true gladness and through true joy!

Because in truth, only through true gladness and through true joy the conscious being or the human being will be reborn!  That is to say, from true gladness and from true joy will come the true salvation.  Gladness and joy truly give birth or give rebirth to the conscious being or to the human being in double abundance of salvation.

Only through acknowledgement

Only in life and only through acknowledgement given from above can one enter alive into the kingdom of the holy heavens.  It cannot be entered into what is not recognized, not understood or not known and much less without permission as without authority.

But no acknowledgement as understanding will be given without first the giving of knowledge by the one who gives knowledge as acknowledgement from above.

And when in life acknowledgement as understanding is given, thus the understanding or the recognition is the very permission as the authority in life to enter in life into the kingdom of the holy heavens and thus continue in life alive here on the very earth as in the very heavens but in complete or in perfect abundance.

The wisdom of God

The philosophy of man hides behind the skirts of dead wise men, but death is lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of God.  The lack that is death is not to complete the law, the natural law.  The law is fulfilled or is completed through understanding or recognition.  But to recognize or to acknowledge, one has to first know or understand; and one needs to know to understand to recognize or to acknowledge, which is to revive in life or which is illumination or which is complete understanding of God or complete acknowledgement of God.

The science of man has a great inferiority complex of proving that which really is with that which is not.  Science starts right without knowing, but when science gets to understand or learn, science finishes very wrong or badly.  That is to say, the science of man started as a very simple tool for good, but science ends as a tool for wrong; wrong because the science of man will never illuminate mankind or will never make mankind revive in life.

And the religion of man is also not complete.  God the Creator is the Best and the Greatest Philosopher alive that yes exists alive.  And the wisdom of God makes God every time greater and greater, and every moment the wisdom of God makes God more alive in life.  And that is the philosophy alive in life that every conscious being should look for because the wisdom of God simply is, yes, eternal as God; and yes the wisdom of God is illuminating as God.