The Grace and the Glory

Element Onei17The Grace and the Glory, the presentation and the illumination, the drawing near and the illumination or the consul or the comfort, the birth and the confirmation, the rebirth and the reconfirmation or the consul or the comfort, the peace and the knowledge, the knowledge and the acknowledgement or zero plus one or ( 0 + 1) or more like 0 + 118, which is 01, the request and the grant, the praise and the grace, the question is the answer and one will always be the answer as long as one is or as long as one makes the question because to make the question is confirmation by one that yes there truly is much more of what can be seen.Thus, physical existence presents or draws near to the existence which is not seen but which truly is greater and if the existence which is not seen confirms the presentation or the drawing near of the physical or minor existence thus there truly will be illumination or grace and glory of the greater existence toward the minor but the greater will become for much more as well as the minor will become for much more.


The answer is as good as the question

The question is only as good as the point of view and as good as the true anticipation of the answer.  Q = the reality at hand plus point of view minus the irrational or the reality unseen.

Or simply put, Q = plus zero minus, where plus equals reality; zero equals point of view; and minus equals the reality not seen.

Thus, the greater the irrational in one or the greater the exaggeration or the greater the lack of knowledge of unseen reality, thus the less the point of view, and therefore, the less the reality!

Interestingly, even though knowledge be lacking, getting interested or excited about the answer really improves point of view and may actually lead to a truth or a real answer and therefore to a greater reality!