The pleasure of one’s father

The pleasure of one’s father brought one forth into life, but not before one’s mother was one’s father’s pleasure. Thus, without pleasure or without attraction or without contention there is no making or taking the form of life to be able to continue with life. And once in life if there is no pleasure or gladness or joy or there is no contention for life or to continue alive thus there is no salvation to continue with life but continue with life in abundance. Thus, as contention in the womb brought one life to keep one alive and thus be born with form thus one also must contend while alive for rebirth so that one can be reborn with reform or as if with another form but an incorruptible form or reform.


To be happy was to have understood

To be happy truly was, thus, to have truly understood! And to have truly understood truly was, thus, to have entered into the grandiose tent of God and to have taken the position offered by God even though a minor position or a position on the left side of God as savior of God.

Now then, not all the victories or fights or contentions take one to the salvation of God, because certain victories or fights or contentions are to learn how to truly humble and with that very humbleness thus come to understand, which truly was to enter or be reborn as savior of God and accept or deny but accept or deny because one has understood or one has entered.

Thus, without understanding there will not be salvation and without salvation there will not be happiness because true happiness truly is with God and as savior of God.

Contention and salvation

Salvation is not only to save life and keep life alive but also salvation is to save that life and keep that very life in double the abundance and the double abundance truly are five portions which never finish because they are five portions which forever renew themselves or become as if new for being true portions.

But without contention or without the movement or without the humiliation of presenting oneself alive and presenting oneself alive for much more so that for much more is truly granted to one, thus there will not be life to take the grand form of her and through her thus one be born into the world. But if one is born dead, thus there is no more to do or there is no longer to contend for life because she has stopped from living and because of stopping from living she has lost her grand form and because of losing her grand form, life has stopped existing.

But if one is born with life into the world, for her one does or contends for so that with her one takes the form of one and once one has taken the form of one, seek or do or contend once again in the world for knowledge so that one is able to reborn in the world and through that rebirth of one, remain with life and life now maintain just as she maintained one even though through the very effort of one very self.

Now then, the only way of saving life and of maintaining the grand form of her truly is through rebirth or through reviving. And rebirth or reviving truly is through knowledge or through acknowledgement and once one has that knowledge or that acknowledgement, thus one not only will become forever as if new and the form of one as if a new form but also one will become as if one never had lack or deform and one will also become into a grandiose abundance that forever will also renew as the same as one because one truly has become for double the abundance, which truly are five eternal portions. Thus, one truly will become for five when one truly is reborn or one is granted the knowledge or the acknowledgement of rebirth or of salvation to continue with life in abundance and life also be able to maintain in abundance, in double the abundance.


Without contention or without struggle or without movement one truly cannot achieve peace and through the peace achieve knowledge to be able to overcome and enter into understanding so that once in understanding thus to be formed in peace into the very knowledge done for or achieved for and once completely formed, present oneself with form so that that form be truly confirmed by those that wait for one. But one will only be truly confirmed according to how one presented oneself. If one presents oneself dead after birth, then one will be confirmed dead and forgotten as dead for dead. And if one is born alive, then one will be confirmed alive and remembered as a contender that will content for life to life have.

All of existence truly is a great contention that not only contents against herself but also all of existence contents with emptiness or with space or with lack to overcome and through emptiness or through space become for more or contents to be able to renew to be able forever continue for more, because if all existence does not do for more in emptiness or in lack or in space, thus all of existence will not be able to renew and forever all of existence truly will become for less and the lack or emptiness or space truly would be for more when it could be for less but a less greater for space allowing itself to be overcome or humbling for greater.

And space also makes contention to maintain as space or as emptiness or as lack, and every time that something enters into the vacuum of space, space contends to make it into nothing and that something be as nothing or as if lesser in the vacuum of space or in lack.

But when light enters into the vacuum of space, light contends with the vacuum of space so that the light truly becomes for more and because of the light truly becoming for more, the light truly overcomes and for more the light truly becomes, so much the light becomes that not only the light has become forever new but also the vacuum of space or the lack that was has become lesser but at the very same time has become for more for being able to be used for vacuum or for emptiness or for lack.

Now then, just as all of existence truly is, contention, thus that very same way also is with man, contention! But man makes contention or struggles for life to life achieve and through life revive so that with life man continues.

Interestingly, life truly has everything so that through her truly live because he that is born alive truly is born in abundance of life, even though he may divert from that abundance after be born and grow up. And even life also truly has to revive or to be reborn and thus become for more and that grandiose part of reviving or of being reborn truly makes it very possible understanding or acknowledgement, which truly is granted from above from the heavens through the act of the contention of one or one contending with one.

Now, to make contention was to make the grandiose effort or the movement of coming to the grandiose tent and in her enter and in her accept the very grandiose position offered and in her take it and in her become as if new for all the times.

That contention or that grandiose effort or movement of coming to the grandiose tent and enter into her truly is made with the simple movement of the lips. And that contention truly is to request that it be granted to one the peace and the knowledge of son beloved so that through the very peace, take the form or the reform of son beloved and for ever become for new and for much more even though in a lesser position.

That which comes out from the foresters

Foresters are son of strangers, but foresters filled with gladness and with joy are sons beloved of God because foresters filled with gladness and with joy contend for the peace of God and for the knowledge of God.  Thus, he that contends or that seeks for a better place or for a better dwelling even though it is in himself thus he truly has become a forester or has become a stranger because of his contention or because of his search for the peace and for the knowledge of God.  And because of his search for peace and of knowledge of God, thus he also made all the others, be it family or be it friends, foresters or strangers or even enemies of he, an involuntary result of his search for the true peace of God and for the true knowledge of God!

But it will be worth every grief, every pain, every frustration and even every enmity that truly presents in his search because he truly will find and will be victorious, victorious!  And because of his victory, God Himself as Creator will truly reward him with true faith of God and with a grandiose promise without asking him anything.

But he again will find himself but as forester beloved in another but very grandiose contention for the peace and for the knowledge of God.  So grandiose will be his contention that his true faith will be tested, will be tempted and even will be put on trial and no matter what he does as beloved for her, she will deny him!  And he as beloved through her will call, but no one will respond when once to he truly was responded to even though he had no true faith!

But it will be worth every grief, every pain, every frustration and it also will be worth every enmity which truly presented in his grandiose search of the true peace of God and also for the true knowledge of God because God will call him just as he called God and God will grant him the peace and the knowledge of God so that not only he will revive or will be renewed and he becomes forever as new but also God will revive and will be renewed and God will become forever as new and all the tests, all the temptations and even all the trials that he as beloved went through as if he never went through them for being reborn for the peace and for the knowledge that God granted to he as beloved without even God asking anything of he!

Because in truth, to seek the father of peace and of knowledge will make one fathers and because of fathers, one truly will be known and will truly be illuminated as prince or as captain with luck and with rest, so much luck and so much rest that one truly will become as if one never searched because of one truly becoming for new!



Existence truly consists of two major parts or of two principal parts which make contention or which contend where those two parts are united.  And in that point of union or of unity there is found a minor or a lesser part which finds herself making contention or which contends with herself because she is truly composed of the two major or two principal parts.

Now then, one of the major or principal parts is what is physical or is solid, such as matter or the light.  And the natural instincts of the light besides illuminating or to shine is truly to expand the fastest way possible through all parts as free light or as light without contention.

But the other major or principal part is emptiness or space and although that part is empty or is space, that part also makes contention or contends to remain empty or to remain as space or even to remain as vanity or as nothing.  And every time that the physical or the solid or even the very light enters into emptiness or into space, emptiness or space makes contention or contends to overcome or to compress the physical or the solid or even the very light into nothing or into vanity or even into emptiness or into darkness.  But light does not allow to be overcome or does not allow to be humbled no matter how enormous the compression of space, of emptiness or even of darkness because light truly is granting the grandiose request of God to dress or to illuminate God as Creator and she becoming also for much more for her truly becoming or overcoming for savior.

And just as the light and space make contention or contend one with the other, thus that way also are truly with the living beings and the conscious beings.  But the conscious beings also make contention or contend against themselves not only for space but also make contention or contend for matter or for the light or even for knowledge because they believe that the more space or that the more matter they have thus the more they can overcome.  But the truth is that the more is at hand, thus the more one must have to be able to keep what one has!  That is, to be able to have more thus one must have it all!  But that concept of having more truly makes contention or is to contend with oneself and he that makes contention or that contends or that even fights against him very self thus only comes into vanity, which truly is emptiness and darkness!

Now then, without contention or without contending or without struggle there is only nothing and nothing more!  And the living being only overcomes through contention or through struggle before being born because the living being knows through natural instincts that if he does not contend or if he does not struggles or does not make the movement to come to receive the true knowledge of life, thus the living being dies and thus becomes for nothing.  And once the living being is born after taking the form through the true knowledge which he received, thus now his only contentions are for survival and to multiply!

But from those living beings which were born there are also found conscious beings whose contentions or whose natural instincts not only are to survive but also to expand but because of the expansion they make contention or contend among themselves and that way they create chaos or create vanity.  The grand problem is that they believe that their expansion is physical and do not know or do not understand that their expansion truly is mental…

But the only thing which truly can give expansion, space or even true life to the mind or to the conscious being is true knowledge.  And just as true knowledge truly was sought in the womb of a female to find it and to overcome through that knowledge and through that knowledge take the form of the being which one was going to be born in, thus one truly has to make contention or contend with oneself to truly be able to achieve true knowledge to be able to take a new form or reform or be reborn in life and feel in a completely new abundance because the new abundance will truly be with that new form or reform or with that rebirth of life which truly brought that true knowledge.