A dead man has no heart

A dead man has no heart and because of his lack in lack the dead man will be because the dead have no life and for the dead having no life thus the dead will not be reborn to have life in double the abundance and because of that double abundance, feels forever new and feels as in the very heavens even though here on the very earth where one is born for more and where one is reborn also for more.

And the double abundance truly consists of five portions for being true abundance and it will truly belong or it will truly be of every man, woman and child that already understands or knows how to say father that is reborn or revived and once reborn or revived, enter and take the five portions of life, the true peace because of his struggle to be able to be reborn or of reviving; the true knowledge or the acknowledgement because truly entering in peace; the true gladness and the true joy because of achieving true knowledge or acknowledgement and the abundance of true salvation.

And no dead will ever have the double abundance because of his lack of life because the double abundance truly is in life to save life or the living that not only desire her but also for her do so that by her be saved and enter as new into the world and that the world because of them also become new and become new forever.


The servant of vanity

He that is in affliction or afflicts himself to serve or to pretend to serve some image of some god of the earth, he truly is serving the god of obligation and the god of obligation is a god of vanity or a god of nothing. And there is tomb in obligation and to die is obligation and once dead for dead the dead is forever obligated to death and death is vanity because he that dies, dies for vanity and for vanity he becomes.

But where truly is the spirit or the contention for the truth of God, thus soon there will truly be the peace of God and also the knowledge of God and so that through the peace of God and also through the knowledge of God one enters into the loving grace of God and one knows that there is God and the only obligation that exists of God is of God where God desires to do for one if one does for God.

But one is not obligated by God to do for God nor to do for oneself, but to not do is to do for vanity and for vanity die.

But if one wants to do for God even though one is not obligated, thus God will depart from one so that one can do for God! But that departure from God from one truly will bring to one much affliction because one will no longer be in the loving grace or the presence of God. And even though that affliction truly is not on purpose, it is a true affliction because of the separation or because of the departure of God from one!

Now then, where the true affliction is thus also there is true contention and because of the true affliction will come the true peace of God and also the true knowledge of God which God Himself will truly grant by the request of the afflicted so that the afflicted with true affliction no longer is afflicted and enters a greater state in where he will not be obligated to anything because the obligation truly will be of God.

The wisdom of God

The philosophy of man hides behind the skirts of dead wise men, but death is lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of God.  The lack that is death is not to complete the law, the natural law.  The law is fulfilled or is completed through understanding or recognition.  But to recognize or to acknowledge, one has to first know or understand; and one needs to know to understand to recognize or to acknowledge, which is to revive in life or which is illumination or which is complete understanding of God or complete acknowledgement of God.

The science of man has a great inferiority complex of proving that which really is with that which is not.  Science starts right without knowing, but when science gets to understand or learn, science finishes very wrong or badly.  That is to say, the science of man started as a very simple tool for good, but science ends as a tool for wrong; wrong because the science of man will never illuminate mankind or will never make mankind revive in life.

And the religion of man is also not complete.  God the Creator is the Best and the Greatest Philosopher alive that yes exists alive.  And the wisdom of God makes God every time greater and greater, and every moment the wisdom of God makes God more alive in life.  And that is the philosophy alive in life that every conscious being should look for because the wisdom of God simply is, yes, eternal as God; and yes the wisdom of God is illuminating as God.