The Plus Zero Negative Factor

Those that accept an idea blindly or without trying or testing that idea, thus they unknowingly become liars. But nonetheless, liars they are and as liars they live and will lie to others to convince them to accept or believe and they will keep on lying until death herself and death herself will close their lying trap.

Now, when one does the movement or gets interested for knowledge, thus one truly becomes that knowledge. When the universe came to exist, the universe came to exist because of knowledge. The proof is in the numbers or in matter which is composed of elements and the elements in turn are really numbers, real numbers.

In other words, matter is knowledge because matter is composed of elements and the elements are composed of numbers and the numbers are composed of positive, neutral and negative states, thus the, (+ 0 -), plus zero negative factor.

What this means is that knowledge can become neutral or void or useless and then become negative or contra productive if at first nothing was done with that knowledge, such as converting knowledge into acknowledgement or a positive or useful respond.

In the same manner as above, the universe or the vacuum of space becomes positive when matter enters the universe or the vacuum of space. But as matter begins to burn out, the universe or the vacuum of space begins to turn neutral until it turns negative, negative because of the black holes which now rule the universe or the vacuum of space which they now also suck up any remaining dust or matter to make space for another beginning. But this new beginning is as if the very first beginning because there will not be any trace that there was ever a first beginning.

But the above matter would only be a theory or an idea if the conscious being, which is also knowledge, did for acknowledgement and the conscious being would have the power and the authority over matter to refresh matter and thus keep the universe always positive and refreshing.


Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained

Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained. And sometimes the greater gain was what was lost. Life can be the greater lost gained if one knows not how to keep or maintain life beyond food, water and shelter. Man seeks action or adventure or pleasure away from himself because he does not know any better. He fantasizes about death or about life beyond because it is easier or practically effortless. But man is a conscious being and as a conscious being man is a contender and should contend for conscious knowledge just as he contends for food, water and shelter. In fact, food, water and shelter are all knowledge but knowledge to maintain the body long enough so that the conscious being can gather the conscious knowledge needed to keep life going in abundance and without ever having to know end or death.

Ignorance is the worst of diseases

Ignorance is the worst of diseases, for ignorance kills more than death until one finally dies. Death is no reward. Death is the end of life and the end of any other possibility which came with life. Death was the failure of one not reaching rebirth and with rebirth one having a greater or a higher or a taller opportunity to new life and the greater or the higher or the taller abundance which comes with that new life.

Now, new life has to do with knowledge, knowledge from above from the heavens. One cannot go up to heaven but one can make the heavens come down or one can make the heavens humble to one through praise or through request or by simply presenting the heavens as more and the heavens will come down and humble to one with a great or high or tall reward, which is truly the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities not only for one but also the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities for the heavens.

To listen and to respond

Every man that truly lends knowledge or that presents himself, thus every man truly listens to respond again and be able to recognize so that with that very recognition or with that answer every man feels for something more.

Now then, every man that does not respond after presenting himself, thus every man will be but nothing until every man is called again and if every man as of yet does not respond, he will be called once in a while until death calls him and death takes him. And once death calls and death takes him, never every man will be called in life toward life.

The Army of God

Those men that become annoy or those men that kill for simply killing, those men truly cannot enter ever in the grandiose army of God because the battle or the will of God is done with all gladness and with all joy, all gladness and all joy which bring true peace and bring also true knowledge of God. Thus in truth, nothing good is done in being annoyed. And furthermore, the very annoying is saying no and eye! Now then, those men that kill are not of God because those of God truly are as God and God has not a need of killing or of seeing dying and man kills and man dies because man wants to kill and man wants to die. And furthermore, those men that truly fight or that truly do, those men truly will be called by God and by God those men will be called saviors of God and those men truly will be the army of God which truly saves in life. And those men that do not want to be part of the army of God, thus those men will serve forever death for dead when those men die and lose all opportunity of being saviors and of saving life.

When one is born alive

When one is born alive, one truly has one of two options or one has one of two opportunities of slavery. One of those options or opportunities is to die and forever be an eternal slave of death and death will speak for one for one not being able to speak for oneself for one being a slave of hers.

The second option or opportunity is to be a slave of life and through life live until one is able to speak not only for one but also one is able to speak for life so that it be granted to one more life and one truly is able to continue with life. And once one truly has the grand option or the grandiose opportunity of speaking for one or of speaking for life, one truly will be freed of live as the same as one will be freed from death. And to be freed of life thus one has to truly be reborn or be revived in life so that death as well as life free one because of being reborn or because of being revived and death as well as very life no longer have control over one for one being truly freed from death and from life.

Now then, to be truly reborn or to be truly revived truly is through knowledge or truly is through acknowledgement granted from above from the third heaven by God as good and loving Creator and Master beloved. But that knowledge or that acknowledgement truly is granted from above from the third heaven by God as good and loving Creator through the request from oneself as beloved of God. In other words, to be reborn or to be revived or to be relived truly is granted to one through the request of one but request as beloved of God so that one as beloved of God be truly granted that request, which truly is a request of salvation of life.