The earth swallows the smart

The earth swallows the smart or the wise man to make room for the humble; but the humble eventually die no matter what the doctrine is, turning death into a further lie to entice the living to do nothing and accept death as their savior. But the truth is that he that does in life for life thus receives more life or salvation as savior beloved and he receives that identity as savior beloved with all the power and with all the authority and all the riches of the heavens.

But he received that identity because he truly humbled alive to life and life granted or rewarded him with more life as savior beloved. And he will receive even more life but according to how he truly does as savior beloved with all the power and with all the authority and with all the riches of the heavens to make the earth as if in the heavens. And because of that very act of making the earth as in the heavens, the heavens once again will reward him with even more life and he will be the plenitude of the earth as he has become the plenitude of the heavens.


The lack of God

As long as God lacks in man, man will have lack and for lack man will die and even though man dies, forever man will lack God. Fortunate is every man that truly has come to know God and because of that knowledge of God that man also has come to truly know that here on the very earth is more with God.

Everyone that truly has come to know God, everyone truly came to know God in peace of God and because of that peace of God also everyone had knowledge of God because God presented himself to everyone with a grandiose promise. After listening to the grandiose promise from God, everyone also felt gladness and joy and also felt a grandiose abundance, as if everything everyone was not lacking.

Also, everyone felt the true love of God and if everyone truly had some pain of loneliness or felt alone or useless, thus no longer he had it or he no longer felt it!

Now then, God truly has shown to everyone that had an encounter with God how truly the life of everyone would be with God, a life filled with true peace, so true that also would bring true knowledge, so true that also would bring true gladness and true joy, so true that man would be reborn through them as the same as God also would be reborn through them.

Now, everyone that truly desires to be reborn and take that wonderful life which God truly has for everyone, everyone has to truly do for God so that God truly does for everyone. Thus, everyone for his search of God made God Creator and for that God became compromised with everyone without God truly requesting everyone something from everyone, but if everyone desires the life of God thus everyone has to do for that life and one does for that life of God granting to God all knowledge or acknowledgement as Father beloved so that God as Father beloved grants to one the knowledge of son beloved of God and through that knowledge granted of son beloved of God, one will be savior of God as God will also be savior of one. And once one has received the knowledge of son beloved of God, thus one also has received the wonderful life of God!

The servant of vanity

He that is in affliction or afflicts himself to serve or to pretend to serve some image of some god of the earth, he truly is serving the god of obligation and the god of obligation is a god of vanity or a god of nothing. And there is tomb in obligation and to die is obligation and once dead for dead the dead is forever obligated to death and death is vanity because he that dies, dies for vanity and for vanity he becomes.

But where truly is the spirit or the contention for the truth of God, thus soon there will truly be the peace of God and also the knowledge of God and so that through the peace of God and also through the knowledge of God one enters into the loving grace of God and one knows that there is God and the only obligation that exists of God is of God where God desires to do for one if one does for God.

But one is not obligated by God to do for God nor to do for oneself, but to not do is to do for vanity and for vanity die.

But if one wants to do for God even though one is not obligated, thus God will depart from one so that one can do for God! But that departure from God from one truly will bring to one much affliction because one will no longer be in the loving grace or the presence of God. And even though that affliction truly is not on purpose, it is a true affliction because of the separation or because of the departure of God from one!

Now then, where the true affliction is thus also there is true contention and because of the true affliction will come the true peace of God and also the true knowledge of God which God Himself will truly grant by the request of the afflicted so that the afflicted with true affliction no longer is afflicted and enters a greater state in where he will not be obligated to anything because the obligation truly will be of God.

When one is filled

He that fills the vase, he truly fills it for a good purpose and usually he himself is the one that going use it. And in the very same manner, God as much more than God truly will put in the very lips of one the very words that God would like with all gladness and with all joy to hear from one very self, but only and when God truly becomes the gladness and the joy of one very self.

And once God fills one very self with all gladness and with all joy because of the desire of one very self with all gladness and with all joy of God, one will lack nothing, not even the very lack will be lacking because the lack will serve for something and not for nothing. Because in truth, here in the very earth there is more with God but with god as much more than God and one as much more than one!

Seeking a joyful dwelling

Where ever is the Spirit or the breath of God also there is God and if the Spirit or the breath of God is hovering over the waters, thus also there is God and God is truly seeking true peace and true knowledge to dwell in a glad and joyful dwelling with true understanding of God so that that dwelling truly takes the true form of God because the Spirit or the breath of God for being true knowledge of God thus gives form of God to every dwelling that has true understanding of God.

Now then, without earth there are no heavens and even less there are three heavens.  Without creation there is no God and even less there is Creator.  Without contention or without struggle there is no life to life take to in life be formed and into life be born.  And without birth and birth alive, in life there is no son and even less there will be fathers.  And if one is not born, one cannot be reborn.  And without rebirth, one cannot continue with life.  And because not being able to continue, one dies.  And if one dies, one was born in vain.

Obviously, life has a true purpose other than only living until 120 years and later dies and become for nothing or for vain.  But many do not come to live 120 years because they move forward to death.  And those that came to that gran age, and yes there were quite a few, did not understand what to do which truly was to simply be reborn in life, but they also died and also entered into nothing or into vanity!

But he that truly understands for what are those 120 years and put on a girdle and struggles for the peace and the knowledge of God, God will grant them and he will be united to God for much more and his time will no longer be limited because he truly will be the eyes and the voice of God until eternity.

Now then, even though no man is an island and even though times passed really were not better times, every man truly is his own kingdom as also every man is his own time.  And when man dies, thus man stops from being his own kingdom as also man stops from being his own time.  But man truly does not have to die to stop from being his own kingdom as neither man has to stop from being his own time.

But so that man can surpass 120 years, man has to seek a king that reins in the kingdom which is truly man.  But that king has to truly be eternal king and king almighty.  It will be a king that will not be seeing through the eye, but he will be known within and also through ear, one in truth will feel united to the eternal king!

And through that union or unity one will do more for more one truly become and the king eternal comes and forever stays in the kingdom alive that truly is man and every time that man opens the mouth to speak, man truly will be speaking for God for man truly being the living kingdom of God.