No one can see through the eye of another

No one can ever see through the eye of another, but if he could see thus he would only see what is in his mind or according to his own knowledge, but never ever according to the mind or the knowledge of the other.

In the same manner, no one can do with the faith or with the belief of another, because to truly believe one must do for the belief or for the faith to take the true form of the belief or of the faith.

Thus, one truly must do for one’s faith because through one is the royal salvation of one and never ever one’s royal salvation is through another or through the belief or through the faith of another which one adopts or accepts as one’s.

In other words, one was born into the world because of one doing for oneself in the womb of a woman and in the womb which is the world thus one must do for faith because to believe is done through movement or through one’s search so that one can understand as to how faith or one’s belief works so that through her do for one’s royal life or for one’s royal salvation or rebirth to later receive from above from the heavens by God Himself royal life or royal salvation as savior or be reborn into royal life as prince of salvation…


To come to believe was to come to adopt

Every man that truly comes to believe or to have true faith of God is as that man that truly came to adopt. And that man cannot remain quiet because that man truly has to give maintenance, which truly is to give loving consul and which is also to give knowledge because through his adoption, that man has put the adopted in desolation.

Thus, to come to truly believe or to come to have true faith of God is only the first brick of so many.

Now then, the only ones that truly can rename are those that came to truly adopt or to believe and to rename oneself is not an adoption or is not true believe or is not to be chosen by someone greater and neither is to have true power nor true authority.

Now, every man that gives a good acknowledgement that is what truly he will have! Because every man that has come to believe or to have true faith of God, thus that man truly has adopted God as his Creator! And without knowing it, that man truly has renamed or truly has revived God as Creator!

Faith and search

True faith truly is presented or truly comes with search or with struggle or fight so that one can truly know or so that one can truly understand the true things of God. Interestingly, that with that search or with that struggle or fight one begins to feel true peace and true peace one also comes to receive true knowledge in the form of a grandiose promise which one hears with a grandiose voice saying, grandiose because even though one has never heard that voice but one does not fear it because the grandiose voice calms one or is a calming voice. And even though the grandiose voice does not say that it is God or something similar, one believes that it is God and there begins the true faith of one of God.

Also in that grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near of one with God, one feels a true gladness and a true joy every time that one feels true peace and the grandiose voice once again repeats the grandiose promise or gives knowledge of God with that grandiose promise. That is to say, that the promise is the knowledge. And the grandiose voice may repeat that very same knowledge or that very same promise for four or five times before staying silent and one no longer feels the peace and neither feels the gladness nor the joy. But before the departure, one also feels in true abundance, so much abundance that one feels that one does nothing until the feeling of abundance is gone. And also one feels true fear of God and so one truly fears to say or to think something that might offend God.

But once God has departed from one, then everything which one felt from God also departs from one and what truly has remained was the grandiose memory of the grandiose encounter or of the grandiose drawing near and that now one has true faith and that never the things of one will ever be the same because one truly prefers the true things of God.

The curious thing is that one truly does not know where to begin even though with true faith, but the truth is that one has to do another search, another search in where the faith of one of God will be constantly tested or put on trial no only by one very self but also by all of those that one tells of the grandiose encounter or drawing near.

And what once one truly had done without faith, to draw near to God, thus now is practically impossible. But the next grandiose encounter or grandiose drawing near truly is as near as the very mouth of one and what comes out from her that has to do with true knowledge of God so that God carries out the knowledge or the grandiose promise with one which truly is God Himself but God Himself as much more than God.

A false spirit

An evil or a false spirit in a man is a false belief or a false doctrine or a false idea that does not allow that man to truly believe or have true faith and thus that man becomes that false belief or that man becomes disfigured. And even though that man may say that he believes, his belief is false because not only one becomes the true belief or the true faith, if the belief is true, but also the belief or that faith speaks for one when one is reformed or transformed into that belief or into that faith.

Interestingly, that without bad belief in man there is no bad spirit or there is no bad breath or there is no disfigurement on or in man because true belief or true faith is true knowledge and true knowledge gives true form and true knowledge gives true acknowledgement which in turn gives true reform which never is disfigured or which never loses its form or shape.

Faith is a blue print

True faith is a blue print before the foot print. True faith is the concept before the reality. True faith is true knowledge and true knowledge will give or will grant or take the true form of what is believed through true faith.

Now then, true faith comes through truly doing to truly know and because of truly knowing, truly seeing and because of truly seeing, truly acknowledging or truly recognizing what was known through faith but was not seeing because it was not done for.

And just as one did through faith through faith do and because of doing, see and because of seeing, know and acknowledge, thus the very same way is with true salvation because true salvation is known but true salvation can be done for so that true salvation can be truly seeing and because of truly being seeing, truly be acknowledged.

Only as son beloved one enters

He that does not enter into the grandiose tent of the loving Father beloved of Fathers, of the loving Father of laughter, of the loving Father of grace, thus he will not be saved no matter how gran is his doctrine or is his faith.

That is to say, he that does not enter as son beloved into the grandiose tent of the loving Father, the loving Father of Fathers, the loving Father of laughter and the loving Father of grace, and humbles for much more thus he will not be saved no matter the doctrine or no matter the faith that he may have.

Now, he that believes or that accepts doctrine thus he is trying to enter into the holy kingdom any other way necessary except through the narrow door and not through invitation.  Only one enters the holy kingdom through one and because through what one has truly done for one very self!

Now then, to be able to enter or come to enter into the grandiose tent of the loving Father of Fathers, of the loving Father of laughter and of the loving Father of grace, is truly to understand or to overcome and to overcome is truly to rest in the gladness and in the joy which truly is God as Father beloved.

Thus, one truly enters into the grandiose tent of the loving Father through understanding or through knowing the grandiose will of the loving Father and doing the grandiose will to the grandiose will thus understand and because of understanding the grandiose will, one will be called and when one responds one will be offered a lesser position, that if one accepts or one takes her, one will be saved through that lesser position and one also will be savior beloved of the loving Father beloved!

Man and life

Man sins or deviates from the road to rebirth because man lets himself be carried or deceived by life.  Life is a road or a guide to truly help man to add to the creation of God his rebirth in life for life, but only and when man says and not when life says.

To sin simply was because of lack of knowledge or for because of not understanding the knowledge given to one and because of not understanding that knowledge thus that knowledge is not transformed in the grandiose form of life which truly belonged to one and because of one not transforming thus one dies because everyone that sins to die is what he gets or what is left.  That is, to die was the cause of not transforming into a new form by the knowledge given or granted to one.

When one comes to have true faith, one now has one of two possibilities when before without faith there was only one possibility and that only possibility was to simply die and because of dying thus truly lose every possibility to any other possibility.

But he that comes to have true faith still has the possibility of dying and of losing life, but also he has the very grandiose possibility or opportunity of remaining with life and continue with life without having to die because he that came to have true faith, he truly have it because of an encounter with God and God promised him a grandiose promise, that if through her he does as once he also did for true faith, for the labor of her for her will he be rewarded and will truly be rewarded as savior beloved of God!

Now then, God was not very specific with his grandiose promise but the grandiose promise has to do everything with God and with knowledge of God and also with the peace of God or with the rest of God.

Now, just as the knowledge of God made God or transformed God or revived God to Creator and later God rested as Creator and truly becoming as a new God for God becoming for Creator and taking the grandiose form of Creator, thus through the knowledge or through the promise one also has to do to receive new knowledge to be able to be transformed or be formed into the form that can truly receive or accept the grandiose promise, which truly is God Himself as much more than Creator!

And that form or reform which one will truly have is the grandiose form of savior of God as God also will be Savior of one.  With that knowledge of one as savior of God and God as Savior of one, will come peace or rest so that both can take the very form of the grandiose promise of God.

Thus, life is more than just be born and then to only die!  Life is to be born and in her do to not die but to revive or to be reborn, but to revive or to be reborn has everything to do with life and with life alive and with God as much more then God and one as much more than one.