The pleasure of one’s father

The pleasure of one’s father brought one forth into life, but not before one’s mother was one’s father’s pleasure. Thus, without pleasure or without attraction or without contention there is no making or taking the form of life to be able to continue with life. And once in life if there is no pleasure or gladness or joy or there is no contention for life or to continue alive thus there is no salvation to continue with life but continue with life in abundance. Thus, as contention in the womb brought one life to keep one alive and thus be born with form thus one also must contend while alive for rebirth so that one can be reborn with reform or as if with another form but an incorruptible form or reform.


It is easier to know the things of the son

It is easier to know the things of the son then to know the things of the father, because the son imitates the father that the son knows, and to imitate is to simply recognize. In the same manner, no man can know the will of God unless that man becomes servant beloved of God but evens so that man as servant beloved of God only knows the will of God as servant beloved but the will of God which God has for that servant as beloved of God. But when that will of God has come to be completed or established, God will have another will for that servant beloved but as long as that man remains a servant even though beloved of God, he will not know God’s greater will for him until God adopts or renames that servant beloved to son beloved of God. And as son beloved of God he will know God’s greater will for him as son beloved.

Interestingly, that the will or the promise of God may be the same one declared or stated or reveled through all the stages or states of his beloved. That is to say, if God declared or stated to his servant beloved that he will lack nothing, that may be the same declaration or revelation that God would declare or state or revel to the servant beloved once he becomes son beloved of God. However, the will or the promise or the declaration or revelation is not really the same because as son beloved there will be more meaning to the will of God that he will lack nothing and as son beloved he will know more of the will of God.

When there is good understanding

When one teaches the son the things that he truly must do, thus one doesn’t have to tell him the things not to do.  Because in truth, with the act of the son or what the son will do thus good understanding truly will be.  And a good labor has become or a good labor has being done and when that good labor has being done, also one has imitated the father and the father has become for father beloved and the son also has become for son beloved of the father.

Thus, a good understanding is a good labor and a good labor is to be reborn. That is, the good labor always was to be reborn. And to understand the things of God truly is to enter into the very grandiose tent of God and be reborn and become as if one never were outside of her for one truly forgetting that one did or that one fought.

Life and knowledge

One gives life or one gives rebirth to knowledge acknowledging that knowledge. One gives life or one truly revives a thought recognizing the thought or making the thought as a new thought. One give life or one gives rebirth to a first born recognizing him or granting him knowledge in life as beloved because from beloved truly will come or will arrive the salvation of not only the son beloved but also will come or will arrive the salvation of the father.

Now then, death to the first born is to truly give death to knowledge or to a belief or to a doubt or to a lack and the knowledge or the belief or the doubt or the lack was not to know how to humble for beloved. And because of not humbling for beloved thus died even though beloved and was forgotten even though beloved because death is not only to forget oneself but also death is to forget God for all the times because with death there no longer is knowledge or life.

Thus in truth, one only forgets or one knows what one already knows or what one already knew as one only do not remember what already is remembered as one only recognize what one already knows. That is, from life truly comes out more life as from birth comes out rebirth and from knowledge comes out acknowledgement and from acknowledgement truly comes out life revived.

Therefore, one has to give knowledge to the known and life also because if not the known and the lived will give death to one for not acknowledging and for not reviving the known…

The servant and the will of the Master

Those that say that they are servants also say that they are slaves, but the slaves truly do not know or do not understand the will of the Master even though they do movement of her.  But he that truly understands the will without doing the will thus he is the son beloved and because of being the son beloved also is free.

But because the grandiose love that the son feels for the Father as also the Father feels for the son beloved, the son beloved will not free himself from the Father because the will of the son beloved is the Father beloved as the will of the Father always was the son, the son beloved that truly will come from the servant, the servant beloved.

Now then, the will of God was to be Creator and because of God truly coming to be Creator thus God became into the will of Creator.  But the will of God as Creator was to be Father beloved and that will of Father beloved can only be done or truly granted by a son, a son beloved.  But God truly cannot be Father without a son and even though God may create a son, that son will only see God as his Creator and will not see God as Father no matter how as Father God behaves and no matter how much as Father God makes His love be felt in that son.

Because in truth, when one receives love without doing for that love thus both parts truly do not enjoy that love no matter how true that love is felt because it is an obligated love by he that loves even though the other part does nothing for that love.  And even though that part that is beloved receives or accepts that love, that part that is beloved does not make that part beloved of he that loves because truly to be beloved, it must be done for that title of beloved.  In the very same manner, one has to do to be son and for son be born and with that birth of son thus a man became for father if that son that man came to know that son as son.  And once that son is known as son thus according to what that son does toward his father, thus that son can become son beloved of the father as also the father can become the father beloved of that son beloved of the father and they truly have become the will of the other.

But with the Master Creator things are different because the Master Creator does not desire to impose or to obligate anyone, but the Master Creator truly desires to be Father.  But only a son born and not a son created can make that grandiose desire or that grandiose will truly possible.

But from creation can only be taken out slaves or servants that will not know the grandiose will of the Master Creator.  But if they do the grandiose movement to come to truly know or to truly understand that grandiose will of the Master God, the Master God will draw near and will truly illuminate them as servants beloved of God.  And according to how they now truly do as servants beloved of the Master Creator, the Master Creator one again will draw near and one again will illuminate them as the sons beloved of the Master Creator that now also has become as Father beloved of the servants beloved of the Master Creator.

The humiliation which is the salvation of God

Man gets naked in humiliation and God dresses man with the favorite colors of God, but God as son beloved dresses man from the inside and those colors reflect toward the outside the glory of God, that way also hiding the nakedness which is man.

When a man humbles through shame, God dresses man of skin; because every man that becomes ashamed becomes ashamed in the skin.  But the man that truly humbles to God because that man knows the will of God, God truly will dress that man with the color of the son beloved of God.

But to see nakedness or to see that the skin as naked is because of lack of knowledge and because of lack of knowledge thus there is shame because shame is because of lack, because of lack of true knowledge because true knowledge gives form or reform and the skin is no longer seeing naked or no one is shamed even though the skin is naked.

Now then, the only humiliation that God desires from man is the humiliation for much more or the humiliation for the salvation of God because God truly was for much more for God truly humbling to the creation of God and because of the humbling of God to the creation of God thus God was truly for much more than God for God becoming as Creator.

Now, with every search of man for God, God will dress that man with the favorite color of God so that man does not feel naked, empty or ashamed.  In the first encounter with God, God will dress man firstly with peace and secondly with knowledge, perhaps with a grandiose promise or with an emotional relief and even with a physical relief.  Thirdly also God will dress that very fortunate man with gladness and with joy and fourthly also God will dress that man with the very grandiose feeling of abundance.

Now then, that very fortunate man now truly is dressed with the grandiose colors of beloved of God or now that very fortunate man truly is in the state of beloved or in the skin of beloved and according to how that man does in those grandiose colors of beloved of God or in that state or in that skin of beloved of God, thus that man beloved of God will be again rewarded or will be dressed for the fifth time with the color of the salvation of God and that man now truly will be savior of God and will be in the skin or in life.

The very curious or the very interesting thing about this grandiose dressing of God toward that man beloved of God is that just as God was dressing that man, thus God also was dressing with those very colors!  That is the reason that man with his grandiose encounter with God felt what he felt because God also felt it.  In other words, God practically undressed to dress that man with the favorite colors of God as Creator.

And if God truly did all of the above for the salvation of that man, what man will not do the same for the salvation of God?

Interestingly, God never humbled for less but for much more because every time that the man was dressed with the color of God thus God was also a better being.   For example, when God dressed man as beloved of God thus God also was dressed of beloved and when that man does for the salvation of God and God grants the salvation of God not only God will dress that man beloved of God with the color of savior but also God will dress with that color of savior.

In other words, every time that man is reborn from man to beloved of God thus God also is truly reborn from God to Creator or as beloved of that man.  And when that man beloved of God again is reborn as savior beloved of God thus God also is reborn as savior and the earth for that man as savior of God will be as in the heavens and for God as savior beloved the heavens truly will be as some other heavens and that man as savior beloved of God and God as savior beloved will be as one and as one will be united to the skin or to the living body of that man.

The Father will be seen through the son beloved

To do or to humble to the minor or for less, never will take one to beloved of God and from beloved of God to son beloved of God because God one must put for much more so that one truly can humble for much more to what is more than one.

That is, to take as servant the gladness and the joy of God and make them greater or do with gladness and with joy the best of one as servant, truly will take one to servant beloved of God and after doing the gladness and the joy as servant beloved of God, because to servant beloved of God one will truly come to, one will also come to son beloved of God and the son beloved of God will do all the rest or through him one will truly rest after one comes out from the state of servant beloved.

Thus in truth, he that does not humble to God with all gladness and with all joy of God, thus he will never see the grandiose face of God as much more than God and as more than Creator and one as son beloved of God, because only one very self as son beloved, one will truly see God as Father.

Now then, he that truly humbles with all gladness and with all joy of God is because he already knows the gladness and the joy of God and through them, he truly will do as beloved of God so that through them, he as beloved of God truly be reborn as the same as God because God also will be reborn from Creator beloved to Father beloved of him that is beloved of God.  And once that both have being reborn, he beloved as also God, the grandiose face of God truly will be seeing in he beloved of God that was reborn son beloved of God!

Therefore, truly fight for the truth before it is too late because of death!  Fight so that the truth truly grants freedom with true faith and because of having true faith; truly be fighters that fight with all gladness and with all joy to be saviors beloved of God as also God will truly be Savior beloved of the glad and the joyful fighter beloved.

To sum up, true salvation of God truly will arrive or truly will come out from oneself or will truly come through one or truly will come through what oneself truly does for God and for the true salvation of God.  One will never be saved or one will never be savior beloved of God as God will never be Savior beloved of one through another or through what another did because another will never do for one that is not God Himself.  What the other did if he did, he did for the other himself and never did for one and since he did not do thus he is not for himself and neither is he for anyone.  For true love of God, do not let yourselves be lied to even to death because death was because of disobedience and death never was, never is and will never be reward no matter the belief!

Because in truth, disobedience or the deviation truly was because of not coming to understand or because of not coming to know how to truly come to be reborn or revived and because of not coming to truly reborn or because of not coming to truly revive the Creator God to Creator Father beloved!

Thus, godly luck for your grandiose fight or for your grandiose contention because through her not only you will be saved but also you will be savior of God.