One cannot see without first knowing

One cannot see without first knowing or believing. When one was in the womb of a man one was in harmony and one was in harmony because one felt it and that feeling was how one new that one was in harmony even though one knew not were one was.

When one exited the womb of that man and one entered the womb if a woman one did so with gladness and with joy and with the feeling of abundance. And when one overcame in that womb one rested in abundance and one began to take shape or form in harmony until one’s shape or form was complete and thus ready to receive the other five portions of abundance.

When one was complete one once again was filled with gladness and with joy and did the movement to exit the womb and enter into the womb of the world. The womb of the world also received one with gladness and with joy and with abundance and the chaos that one created by breaking the waters and causing also physical pain as if it never had happened. But as one grew and with growth one achieved conscious thought the world no longer was a harmony because the truth is that one was born a contender when one was born a conscious being and now one has to not only contend against the earth or against man but also one has to contend against the heavens or against God as one once had contended in the womb of a woman to thus feel the harmony that one once had felt in the womb of a man. But the difference here is that one is conscious and one knows where one is. But when one overcomes the heavens by presenting the heavens for more for more the heavens will do the movement to transform one into one’s harmony.


God and knowledge

God is true knowledge and since God is true knowledge, then everything else around God is also true knowledge.  And since God is true knowledge, God is true and since God is true, God can be truly seen by those that God grants the true knowledge of God because only God can see God.  And God truly grants knowledge to all of those that seek God so that God they can know as God and once they know God as God, God will acknowledge them so that they can have knowledge of God and through that knowledge of God they can have a good feel of God because the only way to begin to know God is through the feeling of God. God is truly known through feeling or through the grace of God and once God is known through feeling or through the grace of God, God will acknowledge once again so that God can be seeing this time but only because God has acknowledged one greater or great enough to see God.

Now, without the acknowledgement of God, God cannot be seeing no matter the true knowledge of God that one may have of God. In other words, God cannot be seeing unless God says so and one has the acknowledgement given to one by God. Thus, man knows and is known by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. But God is known through the feeling of God in one and once one begins to feel God, and God is felt with gladness and joy, one begins to hear voices of God and one also begins to see visions of God and one also begins to have dreams of God or dream of things dealing with God or feel peace and abundance and at times all of the above. But in the very moment that one fears one of the above, such as a vision or an unexpected joy or gladness or even a dream, God will stop using that method of communication.

The interesting thing about God is that God truly communicates with one with what one already knows, but sometimes one does not know that one knows and when one sees a vision never seeing before, one may be very frightened because the vision is very real and one does not have the knowledge or the acknowledgement of that vision or the reason for it. And since one was frightened by the vision, no longer the vision method will be used as communication. And so the next best thing is through the ears, but if God calls, and when God calls, God does not say that it is God calling, if one does not respond then one must request for further callings or for knowledge of God so that God can begin again to communicate with one so that one can know God again but God truly is according to the knowledge of God one has of God or one gives to God.

Interestingly, that at this stage or point in time, God is no longer the same God that one knew in the very beginning. And so one has to grant God greater knowledge so that through that greater knowledge, God can acknowledge one as also greater than one… So, therefore, God is truly knowable and since God is truly knowable thus everything else is also knowable. That is, if everything else is true…

Loneliness and he that can remove it

Loneliness truly is a very sad and a very painful state, so sad and so painful a state that truly makes he that is found in her cry with all weeping.  Loneliness not only makes he that feels her feel alone but also loneliness makes he that feels her to be alone or to do so that he can be alone because loneliness truly is an enormous emptiness and because of being an enormous emptiness thus enormous emptiness lonely seeks.  Loneliness also makes he that has her to feel useless or incapable of overcoming no matter how he tries to do to avoid that enormous and very painful emptiness of loneliness.

Loneliness also is a state of desolation where the loner knows not as to the reason that he feels so painfully sad and so painfully lonely and because of feeling lonely or alone he seeks loneliness because the friendship and the family do not fill him or do not make him happy.  Also, loneliness makes the loner do things or to even seek friends that may do him more harm than loneliness her very self.  But to cry alone and to cry for nothing also makes no sense and any friendship or any companionship is more than enough even though wrong and even though it may cost him a lot of money just to past the time.

Now then, loneliness as also is desolation truly is because of lack of true knowledge of one or lack of the reality of one.  Loneliness as also is desolation truly is lack of identity of one and no matter what one truly learns, understands or even knows outside of loneliness as also outside of desolation, loneliness continues as also the very desolation continues.

That loneliness or that desolation truly because of the lack of true knowledge of love not only of the fathers but also of brothers as well as other family members that show the love or caring or friendship and thus there is no identity and that lack of identity is the lack that causes the very loneliness or the very desolation.  In other words, that loneliness is because of lack of the identity of son or of some other.

But even though the fathers or the rest of the family members or even the friends begin to show love and even though the loner can truly be adopted by a very loving family as their son, the lack of identity already is or loneliness truly is and only a rebirth in life for new life can truly remove that lousy lack of identity or can truly remove that lousy and very profound loneliness or remove that lousy desolation because of that rebirth truly giving a new identity!

Now, loneliness or desolation simply is because of lack of knowledge, because of lack of true knowledge.  But true knowledge is truly because true act because through true act of true knowledge thus every being truly is formed or reformed and once every being is formed thus every being truly presents himself with complete form and with that form is truly given or is truly granted identity or is given or is granted knowledge through that very knowledge or is confirmed through his knowledge.  But if he is not given identity or is not given knowledge through his very knowledge or is not confirmed through his knowledge, thus every born as also reborn enters into loneliness or into desolation.  Even God as Creator truly enters into loneliness or into desolation when God is not known or is not given the knowledge of Creator or is even not given an identity!

In other words, when a son is born and to that son is not given or is not granted true knowledge of son and is neither treated as a son thus that son truly will grow up in loneliness or truly will grow up in desolation.

That is the very reason that one truly has to do a new and a very grandiose search as one once truly did a very grandiose search when one came out from the grace of a man with all gladness and with all joy and with all gladness and with all joy truly one entered into the womb of a woman or into the grand desolation of a woman.  In the womb or in the great desolation of a woman truly one did the very grant gesture or the very grandiose movement to seek true knowledge of life and true knowledge of life receive and because of receiving true knowledge of life through knowledge of life truly thus be formed or be transformed into that very knowledge of life.

That new search truly will give or truly will grant new knowledge of life, but that new search truly has to do with God and with God as Creator.  And once that God as Creator allows one to draw near and illumination, one truly will be reborn as beloved of God and God also will be reborn as beloved of one and one truly will have a new identity as the same as God will have a new identity.

And that new identity as beloved of God truly will remove that lousy loneliness or that lousy emptiness, but as beloved of God one will be in the desolation of beloved of God as also God will be in the desolation of God as Creator.

But if one once again does to come out from that desolation thus also one will come out and one will also come out by knowledge by knowledge requested so that it can be knowledge granted and through that knowledge granted, one will be again reborn and will be reborn as beloved savior of God with true love of God, a true love that is not seeing but that is a love that is felt and that is love that is forever.

Now then, those that truly feel sad and painfully lonely or that feel in the lousy loneliness and the vanity or the chaos that she causes, without knowing it they truly not only seek a very grandiose hug from God filled with true love but also they are seeking a grandiose call from God to come out as beloveds of God from that lousy loneliness that is a desolation, a desolation where there is no identity of one and of any one and everything is vanity, nothing but vanity!