One cannot see without first knowing

One cannot see without first knowing or believing. When one was in the womb of a man one was in harmony and one was in harmony because one felt it and that feeling was how one new that one was in harmony even though one knew not were one was.

When one exited the womb of that man and one entered the womb if a woman one did so with gladness and with joy and with the feeling of abundance. And when one overcame in that womb one rested in abundance and one began to take shape or form in harmony until one’s shape or form was complete and thus ready to receive the other five portions of abundance.

When one was complete one once again was filled with gladness and with joy and did the movement to exit the womb and enter into the womb of the world. The womb of the world also received one with gladness and with joy and with abundance and the chaos that one created by breaking the waters and causing also physical pain as if it never had happened. But as one grew and with growth one achieved conscious thought the world no longer was a harmony because the truth is that one was born a contender when one was born a conscious being and now one has to not only contend against the earth or against man but also one has to contend against the heavens or against God as one once had contended in the womb of a woman to thus feel the harmony that one once had felt in the womb of a man. But the difference here is that one is conscious and one knows where one is. But when one overcomes the heavens by presenting the heavens for more for more the heavens will do the movement to transform one into one’s harmony.


From gladness and from joy

With one truly seeking the true peace of God thus truly will come to one also the true knowledge of God and once the true peace of God is achieved by one thus also the true knowledge of God will be achieved and through the true knowledge of God also will be achieved the true gladness and the true joy of God which truly will give birth to one as beloved of God. And according to what one truly does as beloved of God, thus one truly can come out or one truly can be reborn as son beloved of God, becoming one savior beloved of God as God also becoming savior beloved of one.

Because in truth, from the servant beloved will come out or will arrive the son beloved of the Master beloved. But the servant beloved truly will come out with all gladness and with all joy as son beloved of the Master beloved when the Master beloved calls his servant beloved from his desolation and renames him son beloved of the Master and both will be for much more and there will neither be servant beloved nor Master beloved, but here will be son beloved and Father beloved, both united as if one beloved!


Victory is what truly did and forever will do the light for the light presenting as light as light was requested to present herself and thus for light the light presented herself, truly making God the Creator because of his grandiose request! And the very light for much more than light truly the light became!

Victory is what truly did and forever will do everyone that came out from the grace of a man and with all gladness and with all joy everyone entered into the grace of a woman and even though in her everyone was in desolation, everyone truly fought or truly made contention for peace and for knowledge to peace achieve and also knowledge and once achieved peace and also achieved knowledge, through peace everyone form or transform into the knowledge achieve by everyone.

Victory is what truly did and forever will do everyone that after completing his form in a woman, everyone also took the form or the position of humbleness and came out from that woman and entered into the world. And if everyone was born alive, alive everyone was confirmed into the world but everyone was confirmed by the very knowledge everyone brought into the world. But if everyone was born dead, dead everyone was confirmed into the world and returned for dead to the earth from where for dead came out.

Victory is what truly does everyone after of being born alive to thus revive or be reborn to truly become forever more as the same as his Master beloved…

When God acts as a child

When one looks upon or knows a child and makes that child smile, that very smile also refreshes one’s very gladness and also refreshes one’s very joy and also refreshes one’s very heart, making one smile with the smile of a child! And the very same thing truly happens with God when one looks upon or when one knows God as Creator and God acts as a child so that one can continue with the adoption of God, because to look upon or to know is to truly adopt, even if that adoption is through the eyes!

But once one has looked upon or once one has known and even once one made smile, one waits for a respond from that which was looked upon by one or was known so that when it calls one, one can respond at once and do not wait and see to see what is calling and leaves because one did not responded at once!

But the only way to know God is to feel God because one is blind to God or God one cannot see until one knows God within and God grants one the knowledge to see God but God grants sight through the one’s ear; so give heed when a voice calls even though one does not know that voice because that voice calls to make one smile and if one answers, one will forever smile as a child!

When one is filled

He that fills the vase, he truly fills it for a good purpose and usually he himself is the one that going use it. And in the very same manner, God as much more than God truly will put in the very lips of one the very words that God would like with all gladness and with all joy to hear from one very self, but only and when God truly becomes the gladness and the joy of one very self.

And once God fills one very self with all gladness and with all joy because of the desire of one very self with all gladness and with all joy of God, one will lack nothing, not even the very lack will be lacking because the lack will serve for something and not for nothing. Because in truth, here in the very earth there is more with God but with god as much more than God and one as much more than one!

Through the naked skin

God truly with all knowledge and with all gladness and with all joy of God as good and as loving Creator and as much more than God and as much more than Creator perfected the human body through nakedness, but man sees nakedness through lack but through the lack of man.  To truly be able to see the perfection that is, one must truly become naked and look at oneself and do not feel ashamed because to feel ashamed through nakedness truly is for lack of knowledge.

Through the skin things are truly seen and once things are truly seen, things are truly known and truly are renowned.  Even the very rocks truly have their skin as the same as the water and the clouds as also the earth, but the night, space or emptiness or even the very heavens truly lack the skin and through their lack thus they will never be known and since they will never be known, thus they will never be seen and since they will never be seen thus in them will never be entered.

Through the naked skin one truly does before one is born and through that fact before of being born, one overcomes and one truly begins to take form also through the naked skin.  And after the form of one is completely formed as one, one also does in complete nakedness and also in complete nakedness one truly is received and one is truly dressed with the very color of gran knowledge, which truly is of white or silver for being victorious!

And through the skin one truly grows and one truly does to be able to see and be able also to know and even recognize to be able to be reborn in a renew skin, a renew skin that truly will renew because it will be the very skin of God and God will truly be seen and also God will be felt through the very skin of one.

And he that has died truly has lost his skin and because of losing his skin, he also lost the very grandiose opportunity of being reborn and of truly recognizing and of truly seeing and even also of truly feeling God in his very own naked skin.

Thinking and believing

Thinking and believing is not the same thing.  Thinking truly is a thought which can be lost in the vacuum which truly can be the conscious mind or the human soul.  Also, thinking can be a thought which can be converted into gladness and into joy and used temporarily to truly revive him that thinks.  Also, a thought can bring much sadness and much weeping until tiring the body and making it rest.  But any thought which is not added to a belief, even though it may be a false belief and for being false be vain, that thought is lose.

And belief truly is to do or to believe truly is to accomplish the grandiose promise that was truly promised to one in life and that already is.  Because in truth, every one alive that believes and that truly believes, one truly is the grandiose promise promised in life!  Belief or what one truly believes thus truly is for one, but when another accepts the belief of one as his very own belief, the other truly converts it into confusion or into chaos because the belief or the faith of one has not as of yet being formed or it has not being transformed into the grandiose promise promised to one for one for what one did.

And that way also in that confusion or in that chaos or in that lack of true knowledge, because confusion or chaos truly is for lack of true knowledge of one, does not allow that one very self as the same as the other enjoy or is transformed into his very own belief or faith or be truly adopted by her or because of her.  Because in truth, true belief or faith truly is to bring up or is form or reform because belief or true faith truly was an adoption of oneself because of the knowledge which brought that belief or that faith because of the grandiose promise promised to one because of the fact or the labor of one and not because of the fact or the labor of another.  And no one truly adopts one so that another brings one up and the promise is achieved through that other, a grandiose promise that the other will never come to complete for being a grandiose promise.

Now then, after one comes to truly believe, the great majority of the thoughts which enter into the mind or into the soul of one have to do with that belief or with the true faith of one because that belief or that true faith of one truly is true knowledge of one and through thought of one is added to the true knowledge of one or to the true faith of one so that one through the faith or through the knowledge of one, one truly begins to transform into the faith of one or into the knowledge of one or into the grandiose promise which is through one.

He that truly comes to have true faith, he also came to enter into another mental or spiritual state and what he lacks in that new state is true knowledge, a true knowledge which cannot be found in the former state but that neither can be found in that new state because one has to do, as it was truly done for true faith, for that true knowledge to be able to truly come out from that state and take the grandiose form of the grandiose promise promised to one.

That is the reason that one must be careful with the thought because the thought which enters can only be true knowledge to be able to come out from that state.  But be very careful because also it can be a thought of oneself that can divert and not take one from that state.

Also, one has to be very careful with beliefs that are not of one very self because beliefs not belonging to oneself or beliefs outside of one can bring down one after one was being completed in the grandiose form of the grandiose promise.