It is easier to know the things of the son

It is easier to know the things of the son then to know the things of the father, because the son imitates the father that the son knows, and to imitate is to simply recognize. In the same manner, no man can know the will of God unless that man becomes servant beloved of God but evens so that man as servant beloved of God only knows the will of God as servant beloved but the will of God which God has for that servant as beloved of God. But when that will of God has come to be completed or established, God will have another will for that servant beloved but as long as that man remains a servant even though beloved of God, he will not know God’s greater will for him until God adopts or renames that servant beloved to son beloved of God. And as son beloved of God he will know God’s greater will for him as son beloved.

Interestingly, that the will or the promise of God may be the same one declared or stated or reveled through all the stages or states of his beloved. That is to say, if God declared or stated to his servant beloved that he will lack nothing, that may be the same declaration or revelation that God would declare or state or revel to the servant beloved once he becomes son beloved of God. However, the will or the promise or the declaration or revelation is not really the same because as son beloved there will be more meaning to the will of God that he will lack nothing and as son beloved he will know more of the will of God.


Not until one has the need of God

Not until one has the true need of God, one will not look of God or one will do to believe in God. But once one does the true search for God, God will allow one to find God and allow one also to draw near and be illuminated with peace, knowledge, gladness, joy and the grandiose feeling of abundance or of a grandiose presence. And when God departs, departs because depart God will, one will wonder how one did without God in the first place because now what was before the knowing of God is vanity and one will do the search or the research for God in the hope and trust that God once again will allow one to find him and allow one once again to draw near and never ever depart again.

The joy of God

The joy of one is not in another or in two or in three; but the joy of one is in one; but the joy of one can be multiplied in another as in two or as in three or more; but if one does not feel as one, it is because the joy of another will never be of one.

But the joy of God truly is that one becomes joyful in God or for God because one truly will feel that joy in one as God also will feel that joy of God in one and one will never be the same because of that joy and neither there will be joy that one seeks that is not the joy of God in one as in God.

Now then, even though the joy of man makes man renew o refresh and become as if he never suffered or cried, the joy of God in man does not only make that man revive or be reborn but also the joy of God in man makes God to be reborn and both, man as also God, become truly as one, where the joy of one truly is the joy of the other.

The Tent of God

The grandiose tent of God cannot be seeing, but it is felt and it is forever when one truly comes to enter in her through request. The grandiose tent of God truly is as the thought or truly is as the understanding, which truly is felt when it enters.

But if there is no thought or understanding of God in one, thus neither there is space for one to be able to be renewed or revived or reborn and through that renewing or that reviving or that rebirth, become as if one forever were in the grandiose tent of God.

Now, when things or the forms of life do not renew or are not reborn or do not revive thus it is for lack of thought or for lack of understanding or for lack of knowledge. Because in truth, there is no life or continuation of life if there is no request to keep her and life truly is maintained when one enters into the grandiose tent of God through request and that request truly is granted.

Now then, if there is no life neither will there be to revive nor there will be to be reborn and if there is no rebirth neither will one to be able to enter into the grandiose tent of God and if one does not enter into the grandiose tent of God neither there will be nation nor kingdom of God.

Everything is put in one

Everything truly is put in one. Existence as also God truly reacts through one as one and never as another through another. Do not wait for impulses of others or of no one, because the great majority prefers to envoy and not to help not even for grace. Furthermore, everything already is put in one, only react through one and never react through another because truly one will become for nothing.

Because in truth, God has given everything to one so that one resolves or one truly does the very grandiose will of God and one truly becomes for much more as the same as God. But if God has already given more as lack to one before of one doing, God will remove the lack of one so that with less one can do for much more the grandiose will of God.

From gladness and from joy

With one truly seeking the true peace of God thus truly will come to one also the true knowledge of God and once the true peace of God is achieved by one thus also the true knowledge of God will be achieved and through the true knowledge of God also will be achieved the true gladness and the true joy of God which truly will give birth to one as beloved of God. And according to what one truly does as beloved of God, thus one truly can come out or one truly can be reborn as son beloved of God, becoming one savior beloved of God as God also becoming savior beloved of one.

Because in truth, from the servant beloved will come out or will arrive the son beloved of the Master beloved. But the servant beloved truly will come out with all gladness and with all joy as son beloved of the Master beloved when the Master beloved calls his servant beloved from his desolation and renames him son beloved of the Master and both will be for much more and there will neither be servant beloved nor Master beloved, but here will be son beloved and Father beloved, both united as if one beloved!

God and knowledge

God is true knowledge and since God is true knowledge, then everything else around God is also true knowledge.  And since God is true knowledge, God is true and since God is true, God can be truly seen by those that God grants the true knowledge of God because only God can see God.  And God truly grants knowledge to all of those that seek God so that God they can know as God and once they know God as God, God will acknowledge them so that they can have knowledge of God and through that knowledge of God they can have a good feel of God because the only way to begin to know God is through the feeling of God. God is truly known through feeling or through the grace of God and once God is known through feeling or through the grace of God, God will acknowledge once again so that God can be seeing this time but only because God has acknowledged one greater or great enough to see God.

Now, without the acknowledgement of God, God cannot be seeing no matter the true knowledge of God that one may have of God. In other words, God cannot be seeing unless God says so and one has the acknowledgement given to one by God. Thus, man knows and is known by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. But God is known through the feeling of God in one and once one begins to feel God, and God is felt with gladness and joy, one begins to hear voices of God and one also begins to see visions of God and one also begins to have dreams of God or dream of things dealing with God or feel peace and abundance and at times all of the above. But in the very moment that one fears one of the above, such as a vision or an unexpected joy or gladness or even a dream, God will stop using that method of communication.

The interesting thing about God is that God truly communicates with one with what one already knows, but sometimes one does not know that one knows and when one sees a vision never seeing before, one may be very frightened because the vision is very real and one does not have the knowledge or the acknowledgement of that vision or the reason for it. And since one was frightened by the vision, no longer the vision method will be used as communication. And so the next best thing is through the ears, but if God calls, and when God calls, God does not say that it is God calling, if one does not respond then one must request for further callings or for knowledge of God so that God can begin again to communicate with one so that one can know God again but God truly is according to the knowledge of God one has of God or one gives to God.

Interestingly, that at this stage or point in time, God is no longer the same God that one knew in the very beginning. And so one has to grant God greater knowledge so that through that greater knowledge, God can acknowledge one as also greater than one… So, therefore, God is truly knowable and since God is truly knowable thus everything else is also knowable. That is, if everything else is true…