The Grace and the Glory

Element Onei17The Grace and the Glory, the presentation and the illumination, the drawing near and the illumination or the consul or the comfort, the birth and the confirmation, the rebirth and the reconfirmation or the consul or the comfort, the peace and the knowledge, the knowledge and the acknowledgement or zero plus one or ( 0 + 1) or more like 0 + 118, which is 01, the request and the grant, the praise and the grace, the question is the answer and one will always be the answer as long as one is or as long as one makes the question because to make the question is confirmation by one that yes there truly is much more of what can be seen.Thus, physical existence presents or draws near to the existence which is not seen but which truly is greater and if the existence which is not seen confirms the presentation or the drawing near of the physical or minor existence thus there truly will be illumination or grace and glory of the greater existence toward the minor but the greater will become for much more as well as the minor will become for much more.


Something wrong in the way one believes!

There is nothing wrong with believing, but there is something wrong in the way one believes.  To say there is life after the grave is to deny that life was, that life is and that life will always be before the grave, and that the grave came after life simply because life denied itself.

Death or the grave came after the simple denial as hate of life or the simple rejection of life alive.  Death or the grave is not a second chance for the already dead or the already in the grave, but that second chance is for those who still remain alive!

Death is no reward.  Death was never a reward.  And death will never be a reward.  Death is capital punishment for denying life alive, for life is of God and God is alive and lives among the living.  And denying God after knowing God is but eternal death!

No dead man can learn or can recognize as understand and thus is not able to choose to change his mind as his heart and thus cannot take a second chance to life.

Death is, therefore, the result of not taking that second chance, that second chance to live life alive and not seeking God to find God alive and then to humble oneself to God alive as God alive has done to life alive, for only God alive can give life to those alive so that they as God alive can continue in life alive in abundance and in illumination!

The wisdom of God

The philosophy of man hides behind the skirts of dead wise men, but death is lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of God.  The lack that is death is not to complete the law, the natural law.  The law is fulfilled or is completed through understanding or recognition.  But to recognize or to acknowledge, one has to first know or understand; and one needs to know to understand to recognize or to acknowledge, which is to revive in life or which is illumination or which is complete understanding of God or complete acknowledgement of God.

The science of man has a great inferiority complex of proving that which really is with that which is not.  Science starts right without knowing, but when science gets to understand or learn, science finishes very wrong or badly.  That is to say, the science of man started as a very simple tool for good, but science ends as a tool for wrong; wrong because the science of man will never illuminate mankind or will never make mankind revive in life.

And the religion of man is also not complete.  God the Creator is the Best and the Greatest Philosopher alive that yes exists alive.  And the wisdom of God makes God every time greater and greater, and every moment the wisdom of God makes God more alive in life.  And that is the philosophy alive in life that every conscious being should look for because the wisdom of God simply is, yes, eternal as God; and yes the wisdom of God is illuminating as God.