Everything is put in one

Everything truly is put in one. Existence as also God truly reacts through one as one and never as another through another. Do not wait for impulses of others or of no one, because the great majority prefers to envoy and not to help not even for grace. Furthermore, everything already is put in one, only react through one and never react through another because truly one will become for nothing.

Because in truth, God has given everything to one so that one resolves or one truly does the very grandiose will of God and one truly becomes for much more as the same as God. But if God has already given more as lack to one before of one doing, God will remove the lack of one so that with less one can do for much more the grandiose will of God.


The lack of God

As long as God lacks in man, man will have lack and for lack man will die and even though man dies, forever man will lack God. Fortunate is every man that truly has come to know God and because of that knowledge of God that man also has come to truly know that here on the very earth is more with God.

Everyone that truly has come to know God, everyone truly came to know God in peace of God and because of that peace of God also everyone had knowledge of God because God presented himself to everyone with a grandiose promise. After listening to the grandiose promise from God, everyone also felt gladness and joy and also felt a grandiose abundance, as if everything everyone was not lacking.

Also, everyone felt the true love of God and if everyone truly had some pain of loneliness or felt alone or useless, thus no longer he had it or he no longer felt it!

Now then, God truly has shown to everyone that had an encounter with God how truly the life of everyone would be with God, a life filled with true peace, so true that also would bring true knowledge, so true that also would bring true gladness and true joy, so true that man would be reborn through them as the same as God also would be reborn through them.

Now, everyone that truly desires to be reborn and take that wonderful life which God truly has for everyone, everyone has to truly do for God so that God truly does for everyone. Thus, everyone for his search of God made God Creator and for that God became compromised with everyone without God truly requesting everyone something from everyone, but if everyone desires the life of God thus everyone has to do for that life and one does for that life of God granting to God all knowledge or acknowledgement as Father beloved so that God as Father beloved grants to one the knowledge of son beloved of God and through that knowledge granted of son beloved of God, one will be savior of God as God will also be savior of one. And once one has received the knowledge of son beloved of God, thus one also has received the wonderful life of God!

A dead man has no heart

A dead man has no heart and because of his lack in lack the dead man will be because the dead have no life and for the dead having no life thus the dead will not be reborn to have life in double the abundance and because of that double abundance, feels forever new and feels as in the very heavens even though here on the very earth where one is born for more and where one is reborn also for more.

And the double abundance truly consists of five portions for being true abundance and it will truly belong or it will truly be of every man, woman and child that already understands or knows how to say father that is reborn or revived and once reborn or revived, enter and take the five portions of life, the true peace because of his struggle to be able to be reborn or of reviving; the true knowledge or the acknowledgement because truly entering in peace; the true gladness and the true joy because of achieving true knowledge or acknowledgement and the abundance of true salvation.

And no dead will ever have the double abundance because of his lack of life because the double abundance truly is in life to save life or the living that not only desire her but also for her do so that by her be saved and enter as new into the world and that the world because of them also become new and become new forever.

When one is filled

He that fills the vase, he truly fills it for a good purpose and usually he himself is the one that going use it. And in the very same manner, God as much more than God truly will put in the very lips of one the very words that God would like with all gladness and with all joy to hear from one very self, but only and when God truly becomes the gladness and the joy of one very self.

And once God fills one very self with all gladness and with all joy because of the desire of one very self with all gladness and with all joy of God, one will lack nothing, not even the very lack will be lacking because the lack will serve for something and not for nothing. Because in truth, here in the very earth there is more with God but with god as much more than God and one as much more than one!

Union and separation

Separation creates chaos but the union makes forget the chaos and makes also become as if new and as if there were never separation or chaos.

Separation creates chaos because that separation truly has put one in a new state where one truly has no knowledge or one does not consul to be able to be in that new state and feel part of that new state or even come out from that new state because that new state causes affliction. But the affliction truly is because of the lack of knowledge.

Now then, knowledge takes out from the chaos or takes out from the separation or takes out from the affliction but only and when that chaos or that separation or that affliction is true. If what afflicts one, one can reject it or one can ignore it thus it is not true.

Now, when one comes out from the loving grace or come out from the glad and from the joyful presence of the Master, thus one truly entered into a new state in where one has no knowledge or in where one has no consul and one thus feels in chaos because of the separation that now there truly is. And that separation or that new state cannot be rejected or cannot be ignored for being true.

Interestingly, that separation or that chaos or that new state is giving form to one or will give form to one so that one can come out from that separation or from that new state, but he that has control of that exit truly is one by the knowledge that one requests the Master to grant to one.

One must remember or must recognize that the Master of one is also in separation or is in chaos or in a new state also without knowledge or without consul of one, his beloved. And when one makes the request so that it be granted to one exist from the separation or exist from the chaos or exit from that new state, thus that request of one also has to be with the exist or with the arrival of the Master of one.

That request of one so that it be granted to one exist from the separation or exist from the chaos or exit from that new state truly has to do with peace and with knowledge because already the form of one is formed as beloved but one as beloved needs the confirmation of peace and of knowledge or of acknowledgement so that one is reformed with that peace and with that knowledge just as one once was confirmed with peace and with knowledge at one’s birth.

Now then, once one truly takes the reform with that peace and with that knowledge, one once again will be united to the Master through the loving grace and that union is as if one never was in separation or one never was in chaos or one never was in a state without knowledge because of the gladness and because of the joy that truly will be.

Thus in truth, there will no longer be a union or a drawing near of Master and servant and neither will there be consul or illumination from Master to servant because it will truly be a complete or a perfect union through the loving grace and both united through one or as one.

When mistrust is at mist!

When mistrust is at mist, mistrust comes to be! To mistrust is not only a test to the mistrusted but also to mistrust is a test to he that mistrusts. To mistrust is not only lack of confidence of the mistrusted but also to mistrust is lack of confidence in he that mistrusts.

Now, lack of confidence in oneself is lack of knowledge of oneself and because of the lack of knowledge of oneself thus one is not complete or one lacks true form and because of that very lack of true form thus one mistrusts, but one mistrusts because one truly depends on another to complete what one cannot.

Interestingly, if one were complete, one would never mistrust because one would never depend on some other because for one being complete, one will renew in abundance and nothing would ever be lacking, not even lack for lacking!

When to want is not to know

Even though the whole world can be rich, abundant or can truly be in true peace, there will always be one that does not want to be rich, that does not want to be abundant or even that does not want to be in true peace!  But many times to not want is truly not to know or is not to have the true confidence to truly do for more and for more truly become.

Every being that lives, was born not only of abundance and peace and through the peace was formed but also every being that lives, added to the world with his birth alive.  And the great abundance, the peace, the birth and the form were made possible by true knowledge.  Without true knowledge there is no existence, but only will be lack, a lack that will not be known that it exists and that it will be useless because there will be nothing to remove it with!

Thus there are many living beings that truly prefer lack or that prefer vanity even though they are beings born of peace and of abundance.  They use all their efforts to not learn or to not achieve the true knowledge and the true abundance that not only they will truly benefit but also the very world will truly benefit.  Furthermore, they also will have a life filled with gladness and with joy that if they truly do for gladness and for joy thus they truly will be renewed or refreshed daily in all abundance.

But he that does not do to surpass or to overcome is because some pleasure he has or he takes out from what he does not have or from what he denies himself even though that pleasure is not true or is not real.  And if he is asked to do something beneficial to himself, thus he protests or even fights as part of his false or his vain pleasure.  And if he is accustomed to receiving everything, thus nothing he will do because for doing nothing he has, even though very little.

Interestingly, that all of existence not only is based in knowledge and in true abundance but also existence is based in true gladness and in true joy and existence also is constantly renewing as part of surpassing or overcoming because existence has no choice but to exist or existence cannot stop existing but it surpasses or overcomes to become for new and never for the same or for less.

And just as existence is thus also is and even much more the living being or is the conscious being!  But even though existence can truly continue without renewing or with surpassing, the living being or the conscious being cannot continue because the living being or the conscious being will die if the living being or the conscious being truly does not do for that first renovation or for that first rebirth in life to surpass or to overcome and thus to continue in life with double abundance.