The wisdom of God

The philosophy of man hides behind the skirts of dead wise men, but death is lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of God.  The lack that is death is not to complete the law, the natural law.  The law is fulfilled or is completed through understanding or recognition.  But to recognize or to acknowledge, one has to first know or understand; and one needs to know to understand to recognize or to acknowledge, which is to revive in life or which is illumination or which is complete understanding of God or complete acknowledgement of God.

The science of man has a great inferiority complex of proving that which really is with that which is not.  Science starts right without knowing, but when science gets to understand or learn, science finishes very wrong or badly.  That is to say, the science of man started as a very simple tool for good, but science ends as a tool for wrong; wrong because the science of man will never illuminate mankind or will never make mankind revive in life.

And the religion of man is also not complete.  God the Creator is the Best and the Greatest Philosopher alive that yes exists alive.  And the wisdom of God makes God every time greater and greater, and every moment the wisdom of God makes God more alive in life.  And that is the philosophy alive in life that every conscious being should look for because the wisdom of God simply is, yes, eternal as God; and yes the wisdom of God is illuminating as God.


To law is to fault

The defender as the accuser argues the written law and proves the law with the books of the law or argues the law with examples of works already done.  If the law were not written, thus the law would not be argued.  The defender as the accuser knows that the law is but fault.  And the law has to be renewed or make effort to remember the law.  Even more, the law is because of the few evil who hurt or who injure or who even murder the many who are good.  Thus, he who argues the law as the word is because the arguer as the accuser believes the law as the word as law and as fault, and believes not through faith of God or the love of God toward the rest.

He who argues the law argues the law for fault as he who argues the word argues the word because he believes the word to be written law, and does not believe the word through faith of God or love of God.

The purpose of life alive

The very simple and single purpose of life alive!  Dust as Dirt was among the animals.  In fact, Dust as Dirt was still part animal, perhaps mixed with some vegetables and even some fruits and nuts.  The purpose of life was to separate the animal from man.  Life was now the human mind.  Life was consciousness, but life used conscious through man to sin or to change or to even break the unwritten law, although heard from above.

By sin, it is meant to give wrong information or to pretend to know or imitate when not.  In other words, the human conscious mind was used for bodily or for animal pleasures and not for spiritual pleasures; and therefore, separating the man from creation or from the spiritual, which is adoption.  That is, separating the conscious mind, which was life, from the brain, which is really creation or adoption through understanding.

Thus, the purpose of life alive is to know creation and once creation is known, creation has been adopted and thus making creation now a new creation.