The pleasure of one’s father

The pleasure of one’s father brought one forth into life, but not before one’s mother was one’s father’s pleasure. Thus, without pleasure or without attraction or without contention there is no making or taking the form of life to be able to continue with life. And once in life if there is no pleasure or gladness or joy or there is no contention for life or to continue alive thus there is no salvation to continue with life but continue with life in abundance. Thus, as contention in the womb brought one life to keep one alive and thus be born with form thus one also must contend while alive for rebirth so that one can be reborn with reform or as if with another form but an incorruptible form or reform.


Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained

Sometimes the greater lost is what was gained. And sometimes the greater gain was what was lost. Life can be the greater lost gained if one knows not how to keep or maintain life beyond food, water and shelter. Man seeks action or adventure or pleasure away from himself because he does not know any better. He fantasizes about death or about life beyond because it is easier or practically effortless. But man is a conscious being and as a conscious being man is a contender and should contend for conscious knowledge just as he contends for food, water and shelter. In fact, food, water and shelter are all knowledge but knowledge to maintain the body long enough so that the conscious being can gather the conscious knowledge needed to keep life going in abundance and without ever having to know end or death.

As one is born one is reborn

The very peculiar thing about life or about birth alive is that when one is about to come or one is about to be born, no matter the pain one is going to cause, she, life, comes out or is born; but according to the knowledge give or granted to life or to that very knowledge, the great pain caused or done was as if it never were done or as if it never were.

Thus in truth, the same as being born into the world is done but with the life of one to be able to be reborn in the world and once reborn in the world, one become as if there were never any pain or contention in the world because the world also has become as new.

In other words, when one is ready to be reborn in the world, one truly is found in contention and in much pain not only because of the rejections of the world toward one because of one desiring new life but also for the rejections of the very life of one which now denies to one with lack of consul and with lack also of knowledge of that life, which truly is the very same life but saved in abundance.

But when the life of one gives birth to one or one is reborn of her with all gladness and with all joy, all the pain or all the painful lack has become as if it never were!

Contention and salvation

Salvation is not only to save life and keep life alive but also salvation is to save that life and keep that very life in double the abundance and the double abundance truly are five portions which never finish because they are five portions which forever renew themselves or become as if new for being true portions.

But without contention or without the movement or without the humiliation of presenting oneself alive and presenting oneself alive for much more so that for much more is truly granted to one, thus there will not be life to take the grand form of her and through her thus one be born into the world. But if one is born dead, thus there is no more to do or there is no longer to contend for life because she has stopped from living and because of stopping from living she has lost her grand form and because of losing her grand form, life has stopped existing.

But if one is born with life into the world, for her one does or contends for so that with her one takes the form of one and once one has taken the form of one, seek or do or contend once again in the world for knowledge so that one is able to reborn in the world and through that rebirth of one, remain with life and life now maintain just as she maintained one even though through the very effort of one very self.

Now then, the only way of saving life and of maintaining the grand form of her truly is through rebirth or through reviving. And rebirth or reviving truly is through knowledge or through acknowledgement and once one has that knowledge or that acknowledgement, thus one not only will become forever as if new and the form of one as if a new form but also one will become as if one never had lack or deform and one will also become into a grandiose abundance that forever will also renew as the same as one because one truly has become for double the abundance, which truly are five eternal portions. Thus, one truly will become for five when one truly is reborn or one is granted the knowledge or the acknowledgement of rebirth or of salvation to continue with life in abundance and life also be able to maintain in abundance, in double the abundance.

To listen and to respond

Every man that truly lends knowledge or that presents himself, thus every man truly listens to respond again and be able to recognize so that with that very recognition or with that answer every man feels for something more.

Now then, every man that does not respond after presenting himself, thus every man will be but nothing until every man is called again and if every man as of yet does not respond, he will be called once in a while until death calls him and death takes him. And once death calls and death takes him, never every man will be called in life toward life.

One as More

The true purpose of life or of eve or even of being born is so that one can believe through seeing more. And as one believes through seeing more, one also believes as if many because one truly becomes as another while still remaining as one but one in abundance of one.

And just as one did for one to receive life for one and after taking the form of one thus be born as one for one, now in life one also has to do for one to receive rebirth or be renewed to stay forever renewed and as much more than one but for one.

Now then, one is never for another as other is never for one. Whatever one does for birth or for rebirth one does for one and never for another. In the same manner, whatever some other does for birth or for rebirth, that some other does for himself and never for any other. No one comes to understand through the mind of another as no one is born for another or as another. And for one to be more than one or as more as another, one must do to understand or to enter into rebirth or into salvation and only then one is as if another while still remain as one but in the abundance of one which will never end because it is an abundance of one which renews as one renews.

Thus, no one can renew for one except one and only one is the abundance of one when one is truly renewed as one. To pretend to live for another or that it was already done for one so that one can live as another, is not only a waste of good memory and a waste of time but also is to remember another that did not at all because if that other truly had done his true labor, that other would had truly being for more than just a memory and would be in the very memory of himself and not in the fade memory of some other that cannot even do for himself to be more through his rebirth and put end the notion that some other already did for him and that he is already saved with less life every day.

From servant beloved to son beloved

The first step toward rebirth or toward life truly is knowledge. Just as one truly did in the womb of a woman to achieve knowledge thus now also one has to do in the very world to also achieve knowledge or acknowledgement of life. And once that one achieves that knowledge or that one achieves that acknowledgement of life thus take that very form because through her one truly will be called. And when one is called, and called one will be, and if one does not respond thus it is because one is not yet formed in the form of beloved to be able as beloved present oneself and be able to respond!

But once one truly is formed as beloved of God, thus one once more will be called and if one this time responds to that call, one truly will have the grandiose opportunity of being savior of the Master God that to one calls for being beloved of God.

But if one does not respond this second time even though already formed as beloved of God, one will be called until the death of one. But once one is dead, there will no longer be any more calls…