The joy of God

The joy of one is not in another or in two or in three; but the joy of one is in one; but the joy of one can be multiplied in another as in two or as in three or more; but if one does not feel as one, it is because the joy of another will never be of one.

But the joy of God truly is that one becomes joyful in God or for God because one truly will feel that joy in one as God also will feel that joy of God in one and one will never be the same because of that joy and neither there will be joy that one seeks that is not the joy of God in one as in God.

Now then, even though the joy of man makes man renew o refresh and become as if he never suffered or cried, the joy of God in man does not only make that man revive or be reborn but also the joy of God in man makes God to be reborn and both, man as also God, become truly as one, where the joy of one truly is the joy of the other.


To listen and to respond

Every man that truly lends knowledge or that presents himself, thus every man truly listens to respond again and be able to recognize so that with that very recognition or with that answer every man feels for something more.

Now then, every man that does not respond after presenting himself, thus every man will be but nothing until every man is called again and if every man as of yet does not respond, he will be called once in a while until death calls him and death takes him. And once death calls and death takes him, never every man will be called in life toward life.

The lack of God

As long as God lacks in man, man will have lack and for lack man will die and even though man dies, forever man will lack God. Fortunate is every man that truly has come to know God and because of that knowledge of God that man also has come to truly know that here on the very earth is more with God.

Everyone that truly has come to know God, everyone truly came to know God in peace of God and because of that peace of God also everyone had knowledge of God because God presented himself to everyone with a grandiose promise. After listening to the grandiose promise from God, everyone also felt gladness and joy and also felt a grandiose abundance, as if everything everyone was not lacking.

Also, everyone felt the true love of God and if everyone truly had some pain of loneliness or felt alone or useless, thus no longer he had it or he no longer felt it!

Now then, God truly has shown to everyone that had an encounter with God how truly the life of everyone would be with God, a life filled with true peace, so true that also would bring true knowledge, so true that also would bring true gladness and true joy, so true that man would be reborn through them as the same as God also would be reborn through them.

Now, everyone that truly desires to be reborn and take that wonderful life which God truly has for everyone, everyone has to truly do for God so that God truly does for everyone. Thus, everyone for his search of God made God Creator and for that God became compromised with everyone without God truly requesting everyone something from everyone, but if everyone desires the life of God thus everyone has to do for that life and one does for that life of God granting to God all knowledge or acknowledgement as Father beloved so that God as Father beloved grants to one the knowledge of son beloved of God and through that knowledge granted of son beloved of God, one will be savior of God as God will also be savior of one. And once one has received the knowledge of son beloved of God, thus one also has received the wonderful life of God!

A dead man has no heart

A dead man has no heart and because of his lack in lack the dead man will be because the dead have no life and for the dead having no life thus the dead will not be reborn to have life in double the abundance and because of that double abundance, feels forever new and feels as in the very heavens even though here on the very earth where one is born for more and where one is reborn also for more.

And the double abundance truly consists of five portions for being true abundance and it will truly belong or it will truly be of every man, woman and child that already understands or knows how to say father that is reborn or revived and once reborn or revived, enter and take the five portions of life, the true peace because of his struggle to be able to be reborn or of reviving; the true knowledge or the acknowledgement because truly entering in peace; the true gladness and the true joy because of achieving true knowledge or acknowledgement and the abundance of true salvation.

And no dead will ever have the double abundance because of his lack of life because the double abundance truly is in life to save life or the living that not only desire her but also for her do so that by her be saved and enter as new into the world and that the world because of them also become new and become new forever.

Through the naked skin

God truly with all knowledge and with all gladness and with all joy of God as good and as loving Creator and as much more than God and as much more than Creator perfected the human body through nakedness, but man sees nakedness through lack but through the lack of man.  To truly be able to see the perfection that is, one must truly become naked and look at oneself and do not feel ashamed because to feel ashamed through nakedness truly is for lack of knowledge.

Through the skin things are truly seen and once things are truly seen, things are truly known and truly are renowned.  Even the very rocks truly have their skin as the same as the water and the clouds as also the earth, but the night, space or emptiness or even the very heavens truly lack the skin and through their lack thus they will never be known and since they will never be known, thus they will never be seen and since they will never be seen thus in them will never be entered.

Through the naked skin one truly does before one is born and through that fact before of being born, one overcomes and one truly begins to take form also through the naked skin.  And after the form of one is completely formed as one, one also does in complete nakedness and also in complete nakedness one truly is received and one is truly dressed with the very color of gran knowledge, which truly is of white or silver for being victorious!

And through the skin one truly grows and one truly does to be able to see and be able also to know and even recognize to be able to be reborn in a renew skin, a renew skin that truly will renew because it will be the very skin of God and God will truly be seen and also God will be felt through the very skin of one.

And he that has died truly has lost his skin and because of losing his skin, he also lost the very grandiose opportunity of being reborn and of truly recognizing and of truly seeing and even also of truly feeling God in his very own naked skin.

The humiliation which is the salvation of God

Man gets naked in humiliation and God dresses man with the favorite colors of God, but God as son beloved dresses man from the inside and those colors reflect toward the outside the glory of God, that way also hiding the nakedness which is man.

When a man humbles through shame, God dresses man of skin; because every man that becomes ashamed becomes ashamed in the skin.  But the man that truly humbles to God because that man knows the will of God, God truly will dress that man with the color of the son beloved of God.

But to see nakedness or to see that the skin as naked is because of lack of knowledge and because of lack of knowledge thus there is shame because shame is because of lack, because of lack of true knowledge because true knowledge gives form or reform and the skin is no longer seeing naked or no one is shamed even though the skin is naked.

Now then, the only humiliation that God desires from man is the humiliation for much more or the humiliation for the salvation of God because God truly was for much more for God truly humbling to the creation of God and because of the humbling of God to the creation of God thus God was truly for much more than God for God becoming as Creator.

Now, with every search of man for God, God will dress that man with the favorite color of God so that man does not feel naked, empty or ashamed.  In the first encounter with God, God will dress man firstly with peace and secondly with knowledge, perhaps with a grandiose promise or with an emotional relief and even with a physical relief.  Thirdly also God will dress that very fortunate man with gladness and with joy and fourthly also God will dress that man with the very grandiose feeling of abundance.

Now then, that very fortunate man now truly is dressed with the grandiose colors of beloved of God or now that very fortunate man truly is in the state of beloved or in the skin of beloved and according to how that man does in those grandiose colors of beloved of God or in that state or in that skin of beloved of God, thus that man beloved of God will be again rewarded or will be dressed for the fifth time with the color of the salvation of God and that man now truly will be savior of God and will be in the skin or in life.

The very curious or the very interesting thing about this grandiose dressing of God toward that man beloved of God is that just as God was dressing that man, thus God also was dressing with those very colors!  That is the reason that man with his grandiose encounter with God felt what he felt because God also felt it.  In other words, God practically undressed to dress that man with the favorite colors of God as Creator.

And if God truly did all of the above for the salvation of that man, what man will not do the same for the salvation of God?

Interestingly, God never humbled for less but for much more because every time that the man was dressed with the color of God thus God was also a better being.   For example, when God dressed man as beloved of God thus God also was dressed of beloved and when that man does for the salvation of God and God grants the salvation of God not only God will dress that man beloved of God with the color of savior but also God will dress with that color of savior.

In other words, every time that man is reborn from man to beloved of God thus God also is truly reborn from God to Creator or as beloved of that man.  And when that man beloved of God again is reborn as savior beloved of God thus God also is reborn as savior and the earth for that man as savior of God will be as in the heavens and for God as savior beloved the heavens truly will be as some other heavens and that man as savior beloved of God and God as savior beloved will be as one and as one will be united to the skin or to the living body of that man.

The empty vase and the full vase

The vase which cannot be filled is that vase which is already full or the vase that is believed to be already full even though the vase is not.

Now then, the vase which is truly full is that vase which will never be able to become empty because she keeps filling herself for being truly full.  That vase could truly be man if man would let himself truly be filled with the very truth.  But man believes that he believes or man believes that he is already filled and because man believes that he already believes or man believes that he is already full thus man will never be able to be filled with the truth no matter how empty that man is.

Moreover, even though a vase such as man maybe completely full, forever can be added more to by he himself that makes the vase empty.  And he that made the vase empty thus truly made her to fill her and not to fill her, obviously, with vanity as does man because vanity is a vase without form and forever empty and forever purposeless.

Now, to believe for simply believing or for simply to say that it is believed does not fill or to believe for simply believing is not fact.  To truly believe one truly has to do so that with the fact of doing, one has true knowledge and because of that true knowledge, one takes true form.  In other words, to truly believe or have true faith transforms one or gives the form to one of that belief or of that true faith because true faith is true knowledge.  And if the belief or if the faith of one is vain, thus one will end in vanity.

Once again, man truly is an empty vase of mud which will never fill her very self, but even so, he that made her as an empty vase for his grandiose pleasure cannot touch her until she, yes she because vase she is, so desires it and with her mouth so requests it.  That is, no until the vase says so through humbling for much more, he that made her for much more will not be able to touch her even though she is his!

But no man as empty vase can call the one the that made her without first that man truly knowing the one that made her and even though she may know that she was made and that she was made with a grand purpose, that does not make her know the one that made her and less the one call without knowing.

Now then, by looking one sees and one knows and after knowing thus one understands.  But to have true faith and through her see, thus one has to truly do.  And that doing is to truly seek the one that can truly fill the vase so that she never becomes empty no matter how much comes out of her.  And that search will not be in vain because the gran desire of he that made the vase empty is to let himself be found before it is too late and to fill her completely with his true love and also to dwell in her.

But so that that grandiose desire truly becomes possible, man not only has to truly contend with himself, contend with himself until he has true faith, but also man has to truly contend for the true peace and for the true knowledge of God so that God man can truly see and can truly know for much more than God.