The Universe as a Neutral Point

The universe was a neutral point, but it became positive when matter entered it. And once matter loses her energy, matter becomes negative and thus now making the universe negative and the universe inversing or collapsing on itself.

And since matter cannot leave the universe not even as dust, black holes begin to pop-up from the large stars when the stars are dying or extinguishing from lack of energy and the black holes begin to suck-up like a vacuum cleaner all the matter whether negative or not.

Once all the matter is gone, the black holes will disperse as if a storm.

Now, the universe is neutral again to receive new matter from outside of the universe…

But there will never ever be any trace or proof that there was ever a first beginning because any other beginning will forever be as if the very first beginning or only beginning, which really is a continuation of things that were but that are now as if they really never ever were…

But not to worry because most living things as also most conscious beings will be dead before the above matter…

But those conscious beings fortunate enough to overcome death through rebirth or through an expansion of conscious mind will have the power to overcome the death of the universe and they will shine brighter than the stars that once were before them…


The plus minus factor

Existence, the universe or physical creation is composed or really made up of three main parts.  The three main parts are reality, neutral reality or point of view and the reality not seen but can be negative or irrational.  Or simply put, existence is t0-.

In other words, existence as reality is plus zero minus.  The greater the plus, the greater the point of view and the greater the point of view, the lesser the negative or less the irrational!

The greater the negative or the more irrational, the less the point of view and thus the less the reality or the less of actual physical creation is thus seen and thus the less of physical creation is understood.  And if physical creation is not understood, then there is no way to understand or even to see the reality not seen, such as God.

Thus, to the end of times, one’s very point of view or faith of God thus determines the true knowledge or the true reality of God.  And the greater the point of view or the faith of God, thus the greater the knowledge or the reality of God!