Everything began in one

Many, and many that they are, say what one can do so that one feels attracted to them, the many that are. And when one seeks them, the many, they let one understand that one cannot do as one without them, when in reality they are the ones that cannot do without one.

One is not capable with another or as another. One truly is capable with one as two are capable with two or as two. Everything, no matter for how much more or for how much small it may be, truly began with or in or through one.

Thus, one is the grandiose beginning of a grandiose totality which truly began in one and one also is the continuation or the renovation of that grandiose totality which will be completed by one and she will be even so much more grandiose as the same as one.


As one is born one is reborn

The very peculiar thing about life or about birth alive is that when one is about to come or one is about to be born, no matter the pain one is going to cause, she, life, comes out or is born; but according to the knowledge give or granted to life or to that very knowledge, the great pain caused or done was as if it never were done or as if it never were.

Thus in truth, the same as being born into the world is done but with the life of one to be able to be reborn in the world and once reborn in the world, one become as if there were never any pain or contention in the world because the world also has become as new.

In other words, when one is ready to be reborn in the world, one truly is found in contention and in much pain not only because of the rejections of the world toward one because of one desiring new life but also for the rejections of the very life of one which now denies to one with lack of consul and with lack also of knowledge of that life, which truly is the very same life but saved in abundance.

But when the life of one gives birth to one or one is reborn of her with all gladness and with all joy, all the pain or all the painful lack has become as if it never were!

Everything is put in one

Everything truly is put in one. Existence as also God truly reacts through one as one and never as another through another. Do not wait for impulses of others or of no one, because the great majority prefers to envoy and not to help not even for grace. Furthermore, everything already is put in one, only react through one and never react through another because truly one will become for nothing.

Because in truth, God has given everything to one so that one resolves or one truly does the very grandiose will of God and one truly becomes for much more as the same as God. But if God has already given more as lack to one before of one doing, God will remove the lack of one so that with less one can do for much more the grandiose will of God.

One as More

The true purpose of life or of eve or even of being born is so that one can believe through seeing more. And as one believes through seeing more, one also believes as if many because one truly becomes as another while still remaining as one but one in abundance of one.

And just as one did for one to receive life for one and after taking the form of one thus be born as one for one, now in life one also has to do for one to receive rebirth or be renewed to stay forever renewed and as much more than one but for one.

Now then, one is never for another as other is never for one. Whatever one does for birth or for rebirth one does for one and never for another. In the same manner, whatever some other does for birth or for rebirth, that some other does for himself and never for any other. No one comes to understand through the mind of another as no one is born for another or as another. And for one to be more than one or as more as another, one must do to understand or to enter into rebirth or into salvation and only then one is as if another while still remain as one but in the abundance of one which will never end because it is an abundance of one which renews as one renews.

Thus, no one can renew for one except one and only one is the abundance of one when one is truly renewed as one. To pretend to live for another or that it was already done for one so that one can live as another, is not only a waste of good memory and a waste of time but also is to remember another that did not at all because if that other truly had done his true labor, that other would had truly being for more than just a memory and would be in the very memory of himself and not in the fade memory of some other that cannot even do for himself to be more through his rebirth and put end the notion that some other already did for him and that he is already saved with less life every day.

One responds through the form already known

With the knowledge which one presented at birth to the world, thus one truly will be known or one will be confirmed to life as the same as to the world and once one was known or one was confirmed to life as the same as to the world thus will one be heard as also one will be responded or granted to.

In the moment that one responds or that one calls contrary to what one presented, thus one will not be responded to because responds or the call does not agree to the very knowledge or to the very form which one presented with and by that very knowledge or by that very form or identity of one, one truly was known or truly was confirmed with.

Thus, to respond or to call away from the knowledge of one or away from the form of one or away from the identity of one already known will not only bring chaos but also will bring lack of identity of one when that identity already was but because of responding or calling contrary to that identity, that identity was lost!

Now, he that had no identity or he hat has lost his identity thus some lack he truly feels and if he truly feels it thus he truly has it and he will only feel comfort and feel part of something and he that comforts or that other part also feels lack because of also having lack of identity.

But he that truly becomes beloved not only he has truly achieved another identity or he truly has achieved another form but also if he had lack of identity or if he had some lack thus he no longer feels it even though his new identity as beloved is not complete and because of that identity of beloved not being complete thus he also feels very afflicted because he lacks the consul or the knowledge to complete that new identity or that new form of beloved. And if he is called thus he will not respond because he knows not who is calling because of not knowing the voice because of not having knowledge or because of not seeing the form before so that through her respond and since he did not respond thus he will not be called again, even though he knew afterward who was calling him, until his form or his identity of beloved truly is complete.

But that form or that identity of beloved will only and truly be completed by knowledge granted by he that took him for his beloved but that knowledge will only be granted if for that knowledge is requested for so that it can be granted.

One is reformed with the word

Only God as Creator can truly give form or reform with the word, but man also can use that very same word of God as Creator to truly renew himself after God as Creator formed or reformed or illuminated man as beloved.

God is knowledge and God as Creator is even more knowledge and the words that come out from the very mouth of God as Creator or as much more than Creator are words filled with knowledge and with illumination.  He that God as Creator allows to draw near no only God as Creator will give or will grant him knowledge and also illumination but also he that God as Creator allows to draw near he will take or he will begin to take the form of that knowledge when he truly understands that knowledge according to the very will of God as Creator and not according to the very will of he even though the knowledge given or granted to he was truly given or granted because of his very knowledge of himself.

Therefore, it is very important that he that was truly allowed to draw near and because of truly drawing near he was illuminated with knowledge or with the will of God, he understands that knowledge or that grandiose will of God not only of God as much more than God even though that knowledge or that grandiose will of God was because of the very knowledge of he which he already had of God as Creator.  And once he truly understands that knowledge or that grandiose will of God thus he truly makes the gran action or the gran movement of requesting so that that knowledge of God as Creator is transformed or takes the form or the reform of acknowledgement of God or the grandiose will be truly granted by God as much more than Creator.

Interestingly, there will no longer be anymore drawing near of God as Creator because the word will truly transform or will reform he that drew near in the very knowledge given to him by God as Creator if he truly understands that knowledge given to him through his very own knowledge that he already had.  That is, he that drew near as also God will be transformed into the grandiose promise or into the grandiose will of God but God more than God and more than Creator and he also that drew near will be transformed as much more than he.

Now then, the next drawing near of God will be for much more than God as well as he that was illuminated and that came to truly understand the grandiose promise of God or the grandiose will of God.  And once he truly understood the grandiose promise of God or the grandiose will of God, thus God as much more than God will call him that was promised the grandiose promise or that came to understand the grandiose will and God as much more than God will allow him a new and a greater drawing near and he will be illuminated with acknowledgement to complete the form or the reform of not only he as much more than he but also to complete the form or the reform of God as much more than God.

One and reality

In truth there only is one that can give everything that one does not have and can even give much more and that one is one, one very self in truth!  If there is no God as Creator, thus neither there is creation of God!  But if there is no one, thus neither there will be reality or without one the truth cannot be known!  Through one all things are and through one all things can even be much more because through one reality is and through one reality can be even more.

The human being or the conscious being truly is a gran cell of reparation or of surpassing to not only repair or surpass the creation of God or to repair or to surpass the reality of God or the existence of God but also the human being or the conscious being is a gran cell to repair or to surpass God or make or make God much more than God and at the very same time make the existence of God or the reality of God or the existence of God much more better or greater.

Obviously, without God as Creator the human being or the conscious being is useless as a gran cell because it would be a cell without any purpose as a single snowflake or as a single drop of water has no purpose because cells are for repairing or for surpassing and the water truly is for refreshing or for maintaining life.  But in the gran case of a human cell or of a conscious being, that human cell or that conscious being can repair, surpass or refresh what a single snowflake or a single drop of water will never be able to repair, to surpass or to refresh.

What really has happened with the human being or with the conscious being as cell of reparation or of surpassing or even cell of salvation is that the human being or the conscious being truly has lose all identity as cell of reparation or of surpassing or of cell salvation.  The human being or the conscious being truly is like a cell that has fallen from the body and that is lost and waiting to die because it has become without some purpose.

But the human being or the conscious being has to seek or to reestablish his identity of one but that identity of one is only with God because only God can grant to the human being or to the conscious as one the grandiose power and the grandiose authority of reparation or of surpassing or of salvation so that the creation of God, the reality of God or even the very existence truly becomes for much more as the same as the human being or the conscious being because the human being or the conscious being truly will become for much more.

So that one can truly have identity as one and even an identity as much more thus one must first give or grant identity of one to God as Creator and even also as much more than Creator.  And once one has given or one has granted identity of one to God as Creator thus God as Creator will react with one as one and if God as Creator reacts with one as one thus one truly is beloved of God and God also is beloved of one.  Thus, now one must truly do for that love of God that one felt with that reaction of God with one as one that not only made one beloved of God but also made God beloved of one.

Now then, beloved is the identity not only of one but also beloved is the identity of God as one or as Creator.  And through that identity of beloved thus one does as beloved so that one can truly enter in a grandiose identity and come out from the present identity or come out from the state of beloved, which is desolation, desolation because all beloved enter into desolation!

That grandiose identity or that renewed state truly is as savior beloved of God as God also will be savior of beloved of one.  In that grandiose state of savior or in that grandiose identity, one will have the grandiose power and the grandiose authority or one will the grandiose power and the grandiose knowledge to repair, to surpass or to save creation.