When the sun or the light is born

When the sun or the light is born, things are known; when the sun or the light rests as if in the waters or the grace, the things known now hide, creating chaos in darkness. But when the sun or the light is refreshed or reborn and exit the waters or the grace, things are recognized and most are recognized as if new and the chaos that was as if it never was.


Creation was inspiration

Creation was inspiration. Creation was truly inspired by a yet unborn son, although already predestinated to be reborn if born alive. Once born alive, that son was destined to be beloved of the father if that son did the will of the father. And once that son truly did or was completed as the will of the father, that son would become savior beloved of the father as the father was already the savior beloved of the son and they both are now as if one, but both in complete or perfect harmony as one was one with one’s father before one’s birth.

As one is born one is reborn

The very peculiar thing about life or about birth alive is that when one is about to come or one is about to be born, no matter the pain one is going to cause, she, life, comes out or is born; but according to the knowledge give or granted to life or to that very knowledge, the great pain caused or done was as if it never were done or as if it never were.

Thus in truth, the same as being born into the world is done but with the life of one to be able to be reborn in the world and once reborn in the world, one become as if there were never any pain or contention in the world because the world also has become as new.

In other words, when one is ready to be reborn in the world, one truly is found in contention and in much pain not only because of the rejections of the world toward one because of one desiring new life but also for the rejections of the very life of one which now denies to one with lack of consul and with lack also of knowledge of that life, which truly is the very same life but saved in abundance.

But when the life of one gives birth to one or one is reborn of her with all gladness and with all joy, all the pain or all the painful lack has become as if it never were!

When there is good understanding

When one teaches the son the things that he truly must do, thus one doesn’t have to tell him the things not to do.  Because in truth, with the act of the son or what the son will do thus good understanding truly will be.  And a good labor has become or a good labor has being done and when that good labor has being done, also one has imitated the father and the father has become for father beloved and the son also has become for son beloved of the father.

Thus, a good understanding is a good labor and a good labor is to be reborn. That is, the good labor always was to be reborn. And to understand the things of God truly is to enter into the very grandiose tent of God and be reborn and become as if one never were outside of her for one truly forgetting that one did or that one fought.

He that is able to enter

No one enters in the presence or no one comes to the presence of God without knowledge of God or without understanding of God. Now then, he that has died he truly has stopped from having knowledge of God or he has stopped from having understanding of God and even of himself.

Interestingly, that if one has achieved understanding of God thus one is as God and as God, one has the knowledge to be reborn or renew and continue with the figure of one without one having to lose that figure of one, because one truly dies because of one losing the figure of one.

Now, one is true knowledge of one as God is true knowledge of God as also everything that exist is true knowledge of everything that exist. And one truly did for the knowledge of one as also God did for the knowledge of God as existence also did for the knowledge of existence. And when one was born to the world, the knowledge of one truly spoke for one and even one was confirmed by the world through that knowledge of one which truly spoke for one. And when God truly created the world, the knowledge of God as Creator spoke for God as Creator.

But now one very self has to truly speak with the very lips of one to request God to grant one knowledge or acknowledgement of God so that one can be able to grant to God also knowledge or acknowledgement so that not only one be for much more than one or for more than creation of God but also that God be much more than Creator so that God as more than Creator grants to one knowledge or acknowledgement and one be formed or one be reformed in that knowledge or in the acknowledgement of God and God also be formed or God also be reformed much more than Creator.

Once one has received that knowledge or that acknowledgement of God, one has entered into the presence of God. That is, one truly has understanding of God.

Gladness and joy

Without gladness and without joy there is no movement so that with the movement be able to seek for true peace and seek for true knowledge so that with true knowledge take the true form while one rests in true peace.  And once completely formed in that true peace, become as if in a very great desolation because that new form once again requires more true knowledge and more true peace.  Thus, one once again is filled with gladness and with joy to be able to enter into the world and into the world enter so that in the world to one is giving or to one is granted peace and knowledge and with that peace and with that knowledge grow with gladness and with joy and with gladness and with joy be reborn into the same world with complete peace and also with complete knowledge or acknowledgement.

Now then, just as gladness and joy are truly essential to move the living being or the conscious being so that the living being or the conscious being seeks knowledge and through that very knowledge takes form to continue with form of life, thus that way also is with existence, is with creation or is with the very universe.  But what existence uses to reform or to renew itself in new knowledge is the attraction or the forces of the magnetic field or what is called negative and positive.  That attraction of the magnetic field or of negative and positive moves existence so that existence can be able to renew and existence renews eternally and never existence is the very same existence.

Now then, every living being and conscious being has the power of attraction in gladness and in joy so that he can multiply and he can continue with life.  But only the conscious being or only the human being can achieve true gladness and true joy by achieving true peace and through true peace, thus achieve true knowledge which will bring him true gladness and true joy, that if the conscious being or the living being does through true gladness and through true joy thus the conscious being or the living being will be reborn through true gladness and through true joy!

Because in truth, only through true gladness and through true joy the conscious being or the human being will be reborn!  That is to say, from true gladness and from true joy will come the true salvation.  Gladness and joy truly give birth or give rebirth to the conscious being or to the human being in double abundance of salvation.

When a man is reborn son of God

When a son is born, that birth is also a rebirth for it changes or renews the world and the times.  Now a man is completed as father; a woman is competed as mother; another man is completed as grandfather; another is completed as uncle; another as brother and another as godfather.  And another woman is completed as grandmother, while another as aunt; and as sister and still another as godmother. All of that and even some more really is done when a son is joyfully recognized as son.  But when a man alive is truly reborn son beloved of God through the adoption of God of that man, all the times change, even creation is renewed and God is much greater also as Father beloved!