Thinking and believing

Thinking and believing is not the same thing.  Thinking truly is a thought which can be lost in the vacuum which truly can be the conscious mind or the human soul.  Also, thinking can be a thought which can be converted into gladness and into joy and used temporarily to truly revive him that thinks.  Also, a thought can bring much sadness and much weeping until tiring the body and making it rest.  But any thought which is not added to a belief, even though it may be a false belief and for being false be vain, that thought is lose.

And belief truly is to do or to believe truly is to accomplish the grandiose promise that was truly promised to one in life and that already is.  Because in truth, every one alive that believes and that truly believes, one truly is the grandiose promise promised in life!  Belief or what one truly believes thus truly is for one, but when another accepts the belief of one as his very own belief, the other truly converts it into confusion or into chaos because the belief or the faith of one has not as of yet being formed or it has not being transformed into the grandiose promise promised to one for one for what one did.

And that way also in that confusion or in that chaos or in that lack of true knowledge, because confusion or chaos truly is for lack of true knowledge of one, does not allow that one very self as the same as the other enjoy or is transformed into his very own belief or faith or be truly adopted by her or because of her.  Because in truth, true belief or faith truly is to bring up or is form or reform because belief or true faith truly was an adoption of oneself because of the knowledge which brought that belief or that faith because of the grandiose promise promised to one because of the fact or the labor of one and not because of the fact or the labor of another.  And no one truly adopts one so that another brings one up and the promise is achieved through that other, a grandiose promise that the other will never come to complete for being a grandiose promise.

Now then, after one comes to truly believe, the great majority of the thoughts which enter into the mind or into the soul of one have to do with that belief or with the true faith of one because that belief or that true faith of one truly is true knowledge of one and through thought of one is added to the true knowledge of one or to the true faith of one so that one through the faith or through the knowledge of one, one truly begins to transform into the faith of one or into the knowledge of one or into the grandiose promise which is through one.

He that truly comes to have true faith, he also came to enter into another mental or spiritual state and what he lacks in that new state is true knowledge, a true knowledge which cannot be found in the former state but that neither can be found in that new state because one has to do, as it was truly done for true faith, for that true knowledge to be able to truly come out from that state and take the grandiose form of the grandiose promise promised to one.

That is the reason that one must be careful with the thought because the thought which enters can only be true knowledge to be able to come out from that state.  But be very careful because also it can be a thought of oneself that can divert and not take one from that state.

Also, one has to be very careful with beliefs that are not of one very self because beliefs not belonging to oneself or beliefs outside of one can bring down one after one was being completed in the grandiose form of the grandiose promise.


A good knowledge

A good praise or a good knowledge benefits one as two in one or in a very instant.  Everything which comes out from the mouth of one not only is heard by oneself but also it is heard by he which one was and by he which one could be if what came out from the mouth of one is truthful and by being truthful could take true form.

The words which come out from one’s mouth are sounds of symbols which one in the road of life one has seen and that has made them part of one’s life and since they are part of one’s very life thus they are recorded in one’s memory.  And they are recorded as one’s real facts or as one’s very reality because one truly is not only part of reality but also one truly is reality or one is one’s reality because of one being or one’s reality is because of one existing and one existing physically.

Now, the chaos is when one does not know reality because reality has not being seen or not known to keep memory of her.  And chaos truly is lack of form or is truly a lack of symbols of reality and since there does not exist the symbols of reality thus neither there exist the words to confirm that reality or to truly lift the chaos, which truly is a foreskin of lack or which truly is a curtain of lack.

Thus, one cannot give a good praise or one cannot give a good knowledge or even one cannot do a good request so that one also can be praised through grace or one can be confirmed or even one through one’s good request one’s request to one thus be granted.

Interestingly, that one is the reality of one and through the reality of one, one will be praised or one will be confirmed or even one will be granted one’s request of the reality of one.  Therefore, know or see your reality before opening your mouth so that what comes out from your mouth not only is confirmed by your very ears but also is confirmed by the lips of him to who was directed what came out from your very mouth.

Finally, a good praise or a good knowledge or even a good request not only will revive one but also a good praise or a good knowledge or even a good request will revive he that hears it and that responds or that grants and every one truly will become as if two.

The voyage of the Son of God

The ancient world as time was transformed into a new world as time through the great discovery of Columbus.  The natives of the ancient world as time, now the new world as time, were transformed with the mind as with the lives of the Europeans.

That is, the natives adopted or were transformed into the mind as the lives of the Europeans; that is the reason the natives survived as revived alive to continue in life.

But, why the world as time was not transformed or adopted not the mind as the life of the living Son of God?

The world as time enjoyed or benefited with the voyage of Columbus.  However, the world as time in reality has not benefited from the voyage of the Son of God.

Because only God the Creator is the One Who can give in life the mind as the life of Son beloved of God!

The wisdom of God

The philosophy of man hides behind the skirts of dead wise men, but death is lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of God.  The lack that is death is not to complete the law, the natural law.  The law is fulfilled or is completed through understanding or recognition.  But to recognize or to acknowledge, one has to first know or understand; and one needs to know to understand to recognize or to acknowledge, which is to revive in life or which is illumination or which is complete understanding of God or complete acknowledgement of God.

The science of man has a great inferiority complex of proving that which really is with that which is not.  Science starts right without knowing, but when science gets to understand or learn, science finishes very wrong or badly.  That is to say, the science of man started as a very simple tool for good, but science ends as a tool for wrong; wrong because the science of man will never illuminate mankind or will never make mankind revive in life.

And the religion of man is also not complete.  God the Creator is the Best and the Greatest Philosopher alive that yes exists alive.  And the wisdom of God makes God every time greater and greater, and every moment the wisdom of God makes God more alive in life.  And that is the philosophy alive in life that every conscious being should look for because the wisdom of God simply is, yes, eternal as God; and yes the wisdom of God is illuminating as God.