Ignorance is the worst of diseases

Ignorance is the worst of diseases, for ignorance kills more than death until one finally dies. Death is no reward. Death is the end of life and the end of any other possibility which came with life. Death was the failure of one not reaching rebirth and with rebirth one having a greater or a higher or a taller opportunity to new life and the greater or the higher or the taller abundance which comes with that new life.

Now, new life has to do with knowledge, knowledge from above from the heavens. One cannot go up to heaven but one can make the heavens come down or one can make the heavens humble to one through praise or through request or by simply presenting the heavens as more and the heavens will come down and humble to one with a great or high or tall reward, which is truly the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities not only for one but also the beginning of greater or higher or taller opportunities for the heavens.


One and reality

In truth there only is one that can give everything that one does not have and can even give much more and that one is one, one very self in truth!  If there is no God as Creator, thus neither there is creation of God!  But if there is no one, thus neither there will be reality or without one the truth cannot be known!  Through one all things are and through one all things can even be much more because through one reality is and through one reality can be even more.

The human being or the conscious being truly is a gran cell of reparation or of surpassing to not only repair or surpass the creation of God or to repair or to surpass the reality of God or the existence of God but also the human being or the conscious being is a gran cell to repair or to surpass God or make or make God much more than God and at the very same time make the existence of God or the reality of God or the existence of God much more better or greater.

Obviously, without God as Creator the human being or the conscious being is useless as a gran cell because it would be a cell without any purpose as a single snowflake or as a single drop of water has no purpose because cells are for repairing or for surpassing and the water truly is for refreshing or for maintaining life.  But in the gran case of a human cell or of a conscious being, that human cell or that conscious being can repair, surpass or refresh what a single snowflake or a single drop of water will never be able to repair, to surpass or to refresh.

What really has happened with the human being or with the conscious being as cell of reparation or of surpassing or even cell of salvation is that the human being or the conscious being truly has lose all identity as cell of reparation or of surpassing or of cell salvation.  The human being or the conscious being truly is like a cell that has fallen from the body and that is lost and waiting to die because it has become without some purpose.

But the human being or the conscious being has to seek or to reestablish his identity of one but that identity of one is only with God because only God can grant to the human being or to the conscious as one the grandiose power and the grandiose authority of reparation or of surpassing or of salvation so that the creation of God, the reality of God or even the very existence truly becomes for much more as the same as the human being or the conscious being because the human being or the conscious being truly will become for much more.

So that one can truly have identity as one and even an identity as much more thus one must first give or grant identity of one to God as Creator and even also as much more than Creator.  And once one has given or one has granted identity of one to God as Creator thus God as Creator will react with one as one and if God as Creator reacts with one as one thus one truly is beloved of God and God also is beloved of one.  Thus, now one must truly do for that love of God that one felt with that reaction of God with one as one that not only made one beloved of God but also made God beloved of one.

Now then, beloved is the identity not only of one but also beloved is the identity of God as one or as Creator.  And through that identity of beloved thus one does as beloved so that one can truly enter in a grandiose identity and come out from the present identity or come out from the state of beloved, which is desolation, desolation because all beloved enter into desolation!

That grandiose identity or that renewed state truly is as savior beloved of God as God also will be savior of beloved of one.  In that grandiose state of savior or in that grandiose identity, one will have the grandiose power and the grandiose authority or one will the grandiose power and the grandiose knowledge to repair, to surpass or to save creation.

Man and life

Man sins or deviates from the road to rebirth because man lets himself be carried or deceived by life.  Life is a road or a guide to truly help man to add to the creation of God his rebirth in life for life, but only and when man says and not when life says.

To sin simply was because of lack of knowledge or for because of not understanding the knowledge given to one and because of not understanding that knowledge thus that knowledge is not transformed in the grandiose form of life which truly belonged to one and because of one not transforming thus one dies because everyone that sins to die is what he gets or what is left.  That is, to die was the cause of not transforming into a new form by the knowledge given or granted to one.

When one comes to have true faith, one now has one of two possibilities when before without faith there was only one possibility and that only possibility was to simply die and because of dying thus truly lose every possibility to any other possibility.

But he that comes to have true faith still has the possibility of dying and of losing life, but also he has the very grandiose possibility or opportunity of remaining with life and continue with life without having to die because he that came to have true faith, he truly have it because of an encounter with God and God promised him a grandiose promise, that if through her he does as once he also did for true faith, for the labor of her for her will he be rewarded and will truly be rewarded as savior beloved of God!

Now then, God was not very specific with his grandiose promise but the grandiose promise has to do everything with God and with knowledge of God and also with the peace of God or with the rest of God.

Now, just as the knowledge of God made God or transformed God or revived God to Creator and later God rested as Creator and truly becoming as a new God for God becoming for Creator and taking the grandiose form of Creator, thus through the knowledge or through the promise one also has to do to receive new knowledge to be able to be transformed or be formed into the form that can truly receive or accept the grandiose promise, which truly is God Himself as much more than Creator!

And that form or reform which one will truly have is the grandiose form of savior of God as God also will be Savior of one.  With that knowledge of one as savior of God and God as Savior of one, will come peace or rest so that both can take the very form of the grandiose promise of God.

Thus, life is more than just be born and then to only die!  Life is to be born and in her do to not die but to revive or to be reborn, but to revive or to be reborn has everything to do with life and with life alive and with God as much more then God and one as much more than one.

Something wrong in the way one believes!

There is nothing wrong with believing, but there is something wrong in the way one believes.  To say there is life after the grave is to deny that life was, that life is and that life will always be before the grave, and that the grave came after life simply because life denied itself.

Death or the grave came after the simple denial as hate of life or the simple rejection of life alive.  Death or the grave is not a second chance for the already dead or the already in the grave, but that second chance is for those who still remain alive!

Death is no reward.  Death was never a reward.  And death will never be a reward.  Death is capital punishment for denying life alive, for life is of God and God is alive and lives among the living.  And denying God after knowing God is but eternal death!

No dead man can learn or can recognize as understand and thus is not able to choose to change his mind as his heart and thus cannot take a second chance to life.

Death is, therefore, the result of not taking that second chance, that second chance to live life alive and not seeking God to find God alive and then to humble oneself to God alive as God alive has done to life alive, for only God alive can give life to those alive so that they as God alive can continue in life alive in abundance and in illumination!