To remember

To remember, one must first do and through doing be recognized. But one really is recognized with what one presented oneself at birth and that recognition really is a confirmation that one will continue on in life as a contender because every man or woman that is born alive and confirmed to life that man or woman is born a contender. And as a contender that man or woman will not only contend for knowledge of the earth to survive but also as a contender that man or woman will also contend for knowledge of the heavens to revive or be saved and thus not only become a savior of the earth but also become a savior of the heavens and the earth will be as in the heavens and the heavens as if other heavens.

Now, to survive is a memory implanted into every living creature even plants and trees. But to revive or become saviors only is implanted into conscious living beings and if they want to live on or revive or become saviors they must act as saviors and contend with the heavens so that the heavens can act as saviors and grant the knowledge or the acknowledgement of salvation and they both become saviors of one another.


The voyage of the Son of God

The ancient world as time was transformed into a new world as time through the great discovery of Columbus.  The natives of the ancient world as time, now the new world as time, were transformed with the mind as with the lives of the Europeans.

That is, the natives adopted or were transformed into the mind as the lives of the Europeans; that is the reason the natives survived as revived alive to continue in life.

But, why the world as time was not transformed or adopted not the mind as the life of the living Son of God?

The world as time enjoyed or benefited with the voyage of Columbus.  However, the world as time in reality has not benefited from the voyage of the Son of God.

Because only God the Creator is the One Who can give in life the mind as the life of Son beloved of God!