Dust and female knew not that they were naked

Dust and female knew not that they were naked for they had no knowledge or the understanding or they had not the need to know of being naked. But when they came into a higher consciousness their body did not react with brilliance and thus not covering their natural nakedness. And instead of Dust and female both becoming a vase of pleasure thus they both became a vase of shame.


Everything began in one

Many, and many that they are, say what one can do so that one feels attracted to them, the many that are. And when one seeks them, the many, they let one understand that one cannot do as one without them, when in reality they are the ones that cannot do without one.

One is not capable with another or as another. One truly is capable with one as two are capable with two or as two. Everything, no matter for how much more or for how much small it may be, truly began with or in or through one.

Thus, one is the grandiose beginning of a grandiose totality which truly began in one and one also is the continuation or the renovation of that grandiose totality which will be completed by one and she will be even so much more grandiose as the same as one.

The Tent of God

The grandiose tent of God cannot be seeing, but it is felt and it is forever when one truly comes to enter in her through request. The grandiose tent of God truly is as the thought or truly is as the understanding, which truly is felt when it enters.

But if there is no thought or understanding of God in one, thus neither there is space for one to be able to be renewed or revived or reborn and through that renewing or that reviving or that rebirth, become as if one forever were in the grandiose tent of God.

Now, when things or the forms of life do not renew or are not reborn or do not revive thus it is for lack of thought or for lack of understanding or for lack of knowledge. Because in truth, there is no life or continuation of life if there is no request to keep her and life truly is maintained when one enters into the grandiose tent of God through request and that request truly is granted.

Now then, if there is no life neither will there be to revive nor there will be to be reborn and if there is no rebirth neither will one to be able to enter into the grandiose tent of God and if one does not enter into the grandiose tent of God neither there will be nation nor kingdom of God.

When there is good understanding

When one teaches the son the things that he truly must do, thus one doesn’t have to tell him the things not to do.  Because in truth, with the act of the son or what the son will do thus good understanding truly will be.  And a good labor has become or a good labor has being done and when that good labor has being done, also one has imitated the father and the father has become for father beloved and the son also has become for son beloved of the father.

Thus, a good understanding is a good labor and a good labor is to be reborn. That is, the good labor always was to be reborn. And to understand the things of God truly is to enter into the very grandiose tent of God and be reborn and become as if one never were outside of her for one truly forgetting that one did or that one fought.

He that is able to enter

No one enters in the presence or no one comes to the presence of God without knowledge of God or without understanding of God. Now then, he that has died he truly has stopped from having knowledge of God or he has stopped from having understanding of God and even of himself.

Interestingly, that if one has achieved understanding of God thus one is as God and as God, one has the knowledge to be reborn or renew and continue with the figure of one without one having to lose that figure of one, because one truly dies because of one losing the figure of one.

Now, one is true knowledge of one as God is true knowledge of God as also everything that exist is true knowledge of everything that exist. And one truly did for the knowledge of one as also God did for the knowledge of God as existence also did for the knowledge of existence. And when one was born to the world, the knowledge of one truly spoke for one and even one was confirmed by the world through that knowledge of one which truly spoke for one. And when God truly created the world, the knowledge of God as Creator spoke for God as Creator.

But now one very self has to truly speak with the very lips of one to request God to grant one knowledge or acknowledgement of God so that one can be able to grant to God also knowledge or acknowledgement so that not only one be for much more than one or for more than creation of God but also that God be much more than Creator so that God as more than Creator grants to one knowledge or acknowledgement and one be formed or one be reformed in that knowledge or in the acknowledgement of God and God also be formed or God also be reformed much more than Creator.

Once one has received that knowledge or that acknowledgement of God, one has entered into the presence of God. That is, one truly has understanding of God.


Without contention or without struggle or without movement one truly cannot achieve peace and through the peace achieve knowledge to be able to overcome and enter into understanding so that once in understanding thus to be formed in peace into the very knowledge done for or achieved for and once completely formed, present oneself with form so that that form be truly confirmed by those that wait for one. But one will only be truly confirmed according to how one presented oneself. If one presents oneself dead after birth, then one will be confirmed dead and forgotten as dead for dead. And if one is born alive, then one will be confirmed alive and remembered as a contender that will content for life to life have.

All of existence truly is a great contention that not only contents against herself but also all of existence contents with emptiness or with space or with lack to overcome and through emptiness or through space become for more or contents to be able to renew to be able forever continue for more, because if all existence does not do for more in emptiness or in lack or in space, thus all of existence will not be able to renew and forever all of existence truly will become for less and the lack or emptiness or space truly would be for more when it could be for less but a less greater for space allowing itself to be overcome or humbling for greater.

And space also makes contention to maintain as space or as emptiness or as lack, and every time that something enters into the vacuum of space, space contends to make it into nothing and that something be as nothing or as if lesser in the vacuum of space or in lack.

But when light enters into the vacuum of space, light contends with the vacuum of space so that the light truly becomes for more and because of the light truly becoming for more, the light truly overcomes and for more the light truly becomes, so much the light becomes that not only the light has become forever new but also the vacuum of space or the lack that was has become lesser but at the very same time has become for more for being able to be used for vacuum or for emptiness or for lack.

Now then, just as all of existence truly is, contention, thus that very same way also is with man, contention! But man makes contention or struggles for life to life achieve and through life revive so that with life man continues.

Interestingly, life truly has everything so that through her truly live because he that is born alive truly is born in abundance of life, even though he may divert from that abundance after be born and grow up. And even life also truly has to revive or to be reborn and thus become for more and that grandiose part of reviving or of being reborn truly makes it very possible understanding or acknowledgement, which truly is granted from above from the heavens through the act of the contention of one or one contending with one.

Now, to make contention was to make the grandiose effort or the movement of coming to the grandiose tent and in her enter and in her accept the very grandiose position offered and in her take it and in her become as if new for all the times.

That contention or that grandiose effort or movement of coming to the grandiose tent and enter into her truly is made with the simple movement of the lips. And that contention truly is to request that it be granted to one the peace and the knowledge of son beloved so that through the very peace, take the form or the reform of son beloved and for ever become for new and for much more even though in a lesser position.

Seeking a joyful dwelling

Where ever is the Spirit or the breath of God also there is God and if the Spirit or the breath of God is hovering over the waters, thus also there is God and God is truly seeking true peace and true knowledge to dwell in a glad and joyful dwelling with true understanding of God so that that dwelling truly takes the true form of God because the Spirit or the breath of God for being true knowledge of God thus gives form of God to every dwelling that has true understanding of God.

Now then, without earth there are no heavens and even less there are three heavens.  Without creation there is no God and even less there is Creator.  Without contention or without struggle there is no life to life take to in life be formed and into life be born.  And without birth and birth alive, in life there is no son and even less there will be fathers.  And if one is not born, one cannot be reborn.  And without rebirth, one cannot continue with life.  And because not being able to continue, one dies.  And if one dies, one was born in vain.

Obviously, life has a true purpose other than only living until 120 years and later dies and become for nothing or for vain.  But many do not come to live 120 years because they move forward to death.  And those that came to that gran age, and yes there were quite a few, did not understand what to do which truly was to simply be reborn in life, but they also died and also entered into nothing or into vanity!

But he that truly understands for what are those 120 years and put on a girdle and struggles for the peace and the knowledge of God, God will grant them and he will be united to God for much more and his time will no longer be limited because he truly will be the eyes and the voice of God until eternity.

Now then, even though no man is an island and even though times passed really were not better times, every man truly is his own kingdom as also every man is his own time.  And when man dies, thus man stops from being his own kingdom as also man stops from being his own time.  But man truly does not have to die to stop from being his own kingdom as neither man has to stop from being his own time.

But so that man can surpass 120 years, man has to seek a king that reins in the kingdom which is truly man.  But that king has to truly be eternal king and king almighty.  It will be a king that will not be seeing through the eye, but he will be known within and also through ear, one in truth will feel united to the eternal king!

And through that union or unity one will do more for more one truly become and the king eternal comes and forever stays in the kingdom alive that truly is man and every time that man opens the mouth to speak, man truly will be speaking for God for man truly being the living kingdom of God.