I have arrived to an almost unending point

I have arrived to a point in where my wounds have their wounds, my blows have their blows and my scratches have their scratches.

Even my plagues in the form of friends and families have departed from me but no before marking.

But nothing, I have real faith because of searching and contention because of wanting to overcome and become better or taller as also in a better or taller place.

And I know that I will overcome. There is for me no march back because back there is nothing more and what never was and what never will be.

With me there is only one. He has hungered with me in salience. As the same as me he has also spend nights without sleep and because of lack of even a place to rest my feet and my head.

But when the spoils arrive, the spoils so much will be for him as so much will be for me because the spoils will be one, oneself as also the spoils will be himself because of everyone doing for the spoils oneself.

Now then, without contention or without friction or even without desolation thus there will never ever be overcoming or transformation or there will never ever be a higher place and much less a spoil which will be one oneself.


The brain does not grow old

The human brain does not grow old nor it dies, but only fades always because the most important thing of the human brain, the conscious mind, denies herself a higher or a taller awareness or a higher or taller mental consciousness and thus keeping herself from dying and the brain from fading away…

The lonely road to a higher or taller consciousness

A short auto bio


A funny thing happened to me on the lonely, narrow and unbeaten road to rebirth or to life renewed, which really is to a higher or to a taller consciousness or an expansion of mental consciousness.

At first, and this was even before I took that first step on the lonely, narrow and un beaten road or path to a higher or a taller consciousness, I wanted to be known. I wanted to attract countless friends. I also wanted to be popular and perhaps get free lunches or dinners.

But once I took that first step to a higher or taller consciousness, my so called life became lonely, especially when I turned to my so called friends and family.

They marked me, but not before laughing or making jokes. Some of them even recommended me to professional help.

And so I discovered that one cannot share one’s finds with just anyone. But the irony was that there was not anyone for being something new or the start of a new life.

Most people like to hear of things that they already know about and share or speak of thing that are common or simple, such the news of the day, the weather or social or family events as long as they do not require too much conscious effort from their part.

And so I entered alone into the lonely, narrow and unbeaten road or path to a higher or taller mental consciousness…


The reason that I walk alone

After trying to share my life improving findings with the people that I liked and even loved, I decided to keep quiet and walk alone but not lonely or feeling alone or even sad on the unbeaten road or path to a higher o taller mental consciousness.

Interestingly, that when I first started my grandiose search and research, I began to feel gladness and joy and even also I felt abundance or a presence…

At that moment I realized that there was more in the world and more to life and so I began to believe or to have faith. I also realized that I needed to acquire or achieve that higher or taller mental consciousness or intelligence.

At first I did not know that I had entered into a higher or taller mental consciousness, but when I began to think of greater or taller things in the world and to see people as they really are, I knew then that I had entered into a higher or taller mental consciousness or state…

I also began to study and read as many books as I could on the subject of a higher or taller mental consciousness, but the close that I ever got was that after life or after death was the answer or the truth.

But I totally rejected that notion or idea or rumor that death was the final frontier…and that more was beyond the grave or after death…

I had read so many books that I realized that most of them were inter connected to each other and that their only purpose was to make someone rich and famous and also to waste one’s limited time…

But the books were not the only things wasting one’s limited time. Unfortunately, everything else was, from smart cell phones and computers and televisions and eves so called news to even friends and family members!

However, there is no problem with the above matters if one draws a limit or a line and one sets oneself a purpose or a goal to go beyond one’s present mental capability.

And that was what I did. I put a limit to everything that did not take me to my purpose or goal, which was to the next consciousness or further into the unbeaten or untraveled road or path.

I even began to physically exercise and take vitamins and to eat as healthy as I could. I lost a lot of weight, mostly fat around by belly. My waist size went down from 40 inches to 36 inches. My bad cholesterol went down from 300 to 100. My sugar level in my blood before breakfast was 80!

People asked me if I was in love. I answered that there was nothing wrong with that, even though my only love was with my soon to be life renewed.

And some others called me youth or young and smiled at me. They even told me that I may get a speeding ticket for running so fast!

To be continued…

Self-compassion can be dangerous

Self-compassion can be dangerous because it really drowns one in vanity if one already is in the dumps.

Just tell yourself that you are not that guy, for example for being overweight or left behind by your love ones, and begin to do the motion or movement to move into a higher or taller place.

And that higher or taller place is you when you love yourself and you begin to do something about it, such as to treat yourself to a higher or taller life, which will begin to manifest not only in your new physical appearance but will also manifest in your new thoughts and also in your new but useful or valuable emotions.

You will know if you are on the high or tall road or path when people begin to ask you if you are in love…

The Black Hole

The Black Hole is a giant hole or a round rupture or tear or breakage in the fabric or the foreskin which really is the vacuum of space.

But the hole or the tear or the breakage in the vacuum of space moves along the vacuum of space sucking up or removing or destroying all matter, including all the stars and all planets and even all forms of life, to clear the universe or the vacuum of space for new matter or for another beginning which will appear as if the very first beginning because there will not be any trace that there was ever a first beginning…

But no need to worry because the above matter will happen billions of years in the future. By the time that our galaxy is intersected by a black hole for destruction, our sun has extinguished for lack of fuel or energy and life on our planet has also stopped from existing because of lack of illumination…

The Universe as a Neutral Point

The universe was a neutral point, but it became positive when matter entered it. And once matter loses her energy, matter becomes negative and thus now making the universe negative and the universe inversing or collapsing on itself.

And since matter cannot leave the universe not even as dust, black holes begin to pop-up from the large stars when the stars are dying or extinguishing from lack of energy and the black holes begin to suck-up like a vacuum cleaner all the matter whether negative or not.

Once all the matter is gone, the black holes will disperse as if a storm.

Now, the universe is neutral again to receive new matter from outside of the universe…

But there will never ever be any trace or proof that there was ever a first beginning because any other beginning will forever be as if the very first beginning or only beginning, which really is a continuation of things that were but that are now as if they really never ever were…

But not to worry because most living things as also most conscious beings will be dead before the above matter…

But those conscious beings fortunate enough to overcome death through rebirth or through an expansion of conscious mind will have the power to overcome the death of the universe and they will shine brighter than the stars that once were before them…

God is about a Greater Consciousness

A true believer really is a greater or taller conscious person. God is really about a greater or taller consciousness and that that truly believe in God as a greater or taller consciousness have put themselves in a greater or taller path.

In other words, they have accepted or presented themselves to a greater or taller consciousness and that greater or taller consciousness will begin to do or to act for them.

God has nothing to do with heaven and hell, because the creator of them both is man. God the all mighty is not looking down on the earth and drawing figures as a child in the dust or in the mud and them blowing them away with His mighty breath.

Now, an atheist, even though he may not deny God or simply does not believe in God because of the lack of true knowledge of God, is as a mind without a brain or a train without tracks or as an electron without a nucleus.

That is to say, his base as an atheist is a useless one or pointless or void.

Ironically, the atheist is denying himself a greater or taller consciousness or identity.

Interestingly, the greater or taller part of atheist is God…