No one can see through the eye of another

No one can ever see through the eye of another, but if he could see thus he would only see what is in his mind or according to his own knowledge, but never ever according to the mind or the knowledge of the other.

In the same manner, no one can do with the faith or with the belief of another, because to truly believe one must do for the belief or for the faith to take the true form of the belief or of the faith.

Thus, one truly must do for one’s faith because through one is the royal salvation of one and never ever one’s royal salvation is through another or through the belief or through the faith of another which one adopts or accepts as one’s.

In other words, one was born into the world because of one doing for oneself in the womb of a woman and in the womb which is the world thus one must do for faith because to believe is done through movement or through one’s search so that one can understand as to how faith or one’s belief works so that through her do for one’s royal life or for one’s royal salvation or rebirth to later receive from above from the heavens by God Himself royal life or royal salvation as savior or be reborn into royal life as prince of salvation…


Immortality revisited

What is common seeks what is common or easy to find or of less resistance and if it is not common it converts it into something common, but the common passes or leaves with history or with change or with the expiration of time, which also has its time.

What is common nothing knows of immortality and much less does for her and neither is interested in her even though the common or what is mortal is the greater part of immortality.

But he that gets interested in her, from her he will know and she will present to him so that he can take her or know her as his eternal wife and in her or through her he becomes eternal and savior of her because of refreshing her or because of making her as if eternally new and not having to begin again and in the process of beginning, terminate or put end to what is but will become as if it never was because of the brand new that will come.

The Plus Zero Negative Factor

Those that accept an idea blindly or without trying or testing that idea, thus they unknowingly become liars. But nonetheless, liars they are and as liars they live and will lie to others to convince them to accept or believe and they will keep on lying until death herself and death herself will close their lying trap.

Now, when one does the movement or gets interested for knowledge, thus one truly becomes that knowledge. When the universe came to exist, the universe came to exist because of knowledge. The proof is in the numbers or in matter which is composed of elements and the elements in turn are really numbers, real numbers.

In other words, matter is knowledge because matter is composed of elements and the elements are composed of numbers and the numbers are composed of positive, neutral and negative states, thus the, (+ 0 -), plus zero negative factor.

What this means is that knowledge can become neutral or void or useless and then become negative or contra productive if at first nothing was done with that knowledge, such as converting knowledge into acknowledgement or a positive or useful respond.

In the same manner as above, the universe or the vacuum of space becomes positive when matter enters the universe or the vacuum of space. But as matter begins to burn out, the universe or the vacuum of space begins to turn neutral until it turns negative, negative because of the black holes which now rule the universe or the vacuum of space which they now also suck up any remaining dust or matter to make space for another beginning. But this new beginning is as if the very first beginning because there will not be any trace that there was ever a first beginning.

But the above matter would only be a theory or an idea if the conscious being, which is also knowledge, did for acknowledgement and the conscious being would have the power and the authority over matter to refresh matter and thus keep the universe always positive and refreshing.

The Grace and the Glory

Element Onei17The Grace and the Glory, the presentation and the illumination, the drawing near and the illumination or the consul or the comfort, the birth and the confirmation, the rebirth and the reconfirmation or the consul or the comfort, the peace and the knowledge, the knowledge and the acknowledgement or zero plus one or ( 0 + 1) or more like 0 + 118, which is 01, the request and the grant, the praise and the grace, the question is the answer and one will always be the answer as long as one is or as long as one makes the question because to make the question is confirmation by one that yes there truly is much more of what can be seen.Thus, physical existence presents or draws near to the existence which is not seen but which truly is greater and if the existence which is not seen confirms the presentation or the drawing near of the physical or minor existence thus there truly will be illumination or grace and glory of the greater existence toward the minor but the greater will become for much more as well as the minor will become for much more.

God is the reality known

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God is the reality known plus one’s very own believe or one’s point of view plus three times or more the doubt or the reality unknown. The more of God is known, the more God or the more reality really is or is seen or known and the less the doubt or the less the reality unknown and the greater one becomes or remains because now one is as if one was forever new.

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Without hands there is no trap

Without hands there is no trap as without feet there is no kick as without eyes thus darkness does not exist. But the eyes are not to see darkness with but the eyes are to see the light with and in the light recognize or acknowledge a greater existence so that that greater existence in return recognizes or acknowledges one as the light and one can now see existence’s glory through one’s light.

The pleasure of one’s father

The pleasure of one’s father brought one forth into life, but not before one’s mother was one’s father’s pleasure. Thus, without pleasure or without attraction or without contention there is no making or taking the form of life to be able to continue with life. And once in life if there is no pleasure or gladness or joy or there is no contention for life or to continue alive thus there is no salvation to continue with life but continue with life in abundance. Thus, as contention in the womb brought one life to keep one alive and thus be born with form thus one also must contend while alive for rebirth so that one can be reborn with reform or as if with another form but an incorruptible form or reform.